A mysterious UFO sighting has sparked a social media frenzy following footage of a strange craft moving past a passenger plane window. The incident took place just after take-off in the US city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. A passenger with a window seat filmed the strange object which raced past the window from a distance, leading to numerous conspiracy claims online, including proof of aliens. 

The saucer-like object can be seen moving at extreme speeds through the sky.

In the video, a shiny silver dome-shaped object distanced itself from a passenger plane and raced alongside it in a horizontal path.

Viewers claimed the “authentic” sighting was incredible proof of UFOs.

In the background of the recorded footage, the person behind the camera, Mariah Lyn, can be heard asking: “What is that?”

A mysterious UFO sighting has sparked a social media frenzy

Lyn said the footage was filmed shortly after take-off at around 11:20am on 20 August.

It was later uploaded onto several YouTube channels run by UFO enthusiasts, who described the object as a “fast-moving UFO”.

One YouTuber, The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, remarked: “To me, this object seemed to be traveling pretty fast.

“It looked metallic and dome-shaped, almost like your classic flying saucer”.

Several conspiracy theorists saying the video is “genuine” and a sign of aliens

He continued: “This thing doesn’t look like a drone, it certainly doesn’t look like a plane.

“I mean there’s no wings, there’s nothing.”

The YouTuber pointed out that it appears to be moving at “extreme speeds” due to a “propulsion system of some kind”.

The incident took place just after take-off in the US city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania 

Several conspiracy theorists claimed the video as “genuine” and even as a sign of aliens.

One astonished viewer commented: “It’s almost redundant to say amazing footage in 2020 but brilliant footage.”

Another noted: “In my opinion this is 100 percent authentic footage.”

Others said the UFO was “moving much faster than commercial air traffic”.

This comes after an alleged UFO hurtling towards Earth this week was later identified as a retired NASA satellite re-entering Earth after orbiting in space for 56 years.


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