A remarkable video from China features an incredible scene as traffic on a highway came to a standstill when drivers abandoned their cars to look at a UFO!

Filmed this past April, but only now being seen outside of Asia, the incredible footage was captured by the dashcam of a car in the city of Guangzhou.

As the vehicle approaches the awestruck observers, the couple inside the car exclaim ‘fay de aya,’ which is Chinese for ‘UFO’ according to Taiwan-based researcher Scott Waring.

The man inside the car quickly exits and joins a growing throng of people who have also left their cars to record the amazing event.

Unfortunately, since the video came from a dashcam that only records in small segments, only three minutes of the mass UFO sighting were caught on tape.

Waring noted that incidents like the one in Guangzhou are probably more plentiful than one might suspect, but the video evidence rarely makes it onto the Internet for fear of reprisal by the Chinese government.

For their sake, let’s hope that the daring individual who shared their dashcam footage with the world doesn’t wind up paying the price for it.


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