World’s Most Luxurious Ice Cubes Are Carved by Hand, Cost $325

Most people are happy to use regular, homemade ice cubes in their drinks. But there is actually such a thing like a perfect, ‘luxury’ ice cube, open to those who can afford it. It is supposed be healthier and last longer than those people measly chunks of ice we have lying around in our freezers.

The concept of healthy ice, I need to say, sounds ridiculous. And so really does the price – a whopping $325. fifty for a bag of 50 cubes. That sure is a lot of money for frozen water, don’t you think? But according to the manufacturers, Gläce Luxury Ice Co, these cubes are definitely worth the dough, because they provide ‘minimum dilution and maximum cooling’. Their particular luxury ice is also tasteless, that allows consumers to ‘maximise the beverage experience’ at high profile parties plus events.


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