World’s coolest bookstores

World's best bookstores

I don’ t learn about your town, but my town has a great little bookstore that people did not think would survive the particular arrival of the big box stores. But it has and there continues to be a real culture surrounding this particular little gem in the downtown core. There’ s nowhere better to while aside some time. Actually, the lakeside cafes probably beat it for time-whiling-away (though with book in hand), but suffice it to say that bookstores can survive and can thrive.

CNN has a great photo gallery of what they call, the “ World’ s coolest bookstores”. Integrated is the fantastic Buenos Aires El Ateneo, which is a traditional theatre which has been converted in to a book selling room and features the old theatre boxes that are now reading spaces. Incredible. The photo above is of El Ateneo.

Furthermore making the list is Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal) which CNN claims can arguably be called

the world’ s most beautiful bookstore with neo-Gothic architecture incorporating stained glass, a sweeping staircase and a plaster ceiling imitating wood.

Check out the gallery (with links towards the stores) at the link below.

Full story here: CNN: Travel.

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Picture credit: Flickr’ s longhorndave through Canva. com