Lady Finds IKEA Bags Stuffed with 80 Skeletons

Kicki Karlé n was shocked when she examined inside an IKEA bag among a large number of bags in the basement of her church in Klä ckeberga parish, Sweden, and saw a human skeleton. She counted 80 luggage of bones, and became upset. Folks from the parish told her the bones had been there since 2009. They were the remains of parishioners who had been buried under the floorboards of the church. They were disinterred when the chapel renovated to add a wheelchair ramp.

“I has been on the team called in to seek out the bones five years ago, inch archaeologist Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay told The neighborhood.
“Our objective was to document and rebury the bones, which may be as much as 500 years old. But the reburial was delayed and I have no idea why. The plan has been to rebury them as soon as possible, yet that’s up to the church. The region board said they couldn’t depart church ground, and it became complicated. ”

Papmehl-Dufay said it wasn’ t this individual who put the bones in IKEA bags, but from a preservationist’ h standpoint, it wasn’ t an awful idea. Karlé n calls the luggage disrespectful.   -via Amanda Wills

(Image credit: Bernt Fransson, Lindå s)