Exactly what Drowning Really Looks Like

It’ s summertime, so people are likely to be stripping down and going out in bodies of water way more than typical, and with the act of swimming, or in some cases floating,   comes the inevitable conclusion that some people are likely to drown.

Drowning people tend to look an awful lot like going swimming people, so how are you supposed to tell when someone is a drowning individual and not a swimming person?

Consult this handy infographic, brought to you by The Art of Manliness, so you’ ll never wonder again whether that person flopping about in the water is a swimming individual or a drowning person, and you’ ll know which facial manifestation is the appropriate response to their problem!

All kidding aside- the point of this infographic is to demonstrate that drowning people don’t at all times look like they’re in distress, so keep your eyes open for indications of danger and swim safe come early july.

-Via Lifehacker