Tisha Cherry’s Pop Culture Food Artwork

Give Tisha Cherry a food item– any food item–and I’ll bet that she can change it into a work of art. But a person would better be well-informed about put culture. Her work references hip hop music, The Simpsons , Star Battles , Banksy, and a lot more.

Frank151 interviewed her about her work. Cherry explains that her work began in an effort to, “enhance the experience of consuming and not just consume for sustenance. inch Although her technical skills as an artist are impressive, Cherry thinks that the first step to creating foods art is to find the right edible moderate for a subject:

It’ s not so much a technical skill as it is being resourceful plus putting “ the pieces” with each other. It’ s about finding the right component to mimic color and the correct utensil to manipulate that ingredient. I use whatever I have in the kitchen: chopsticks, toothpicks, kitchen shears, fruit carving cutlery, etc . And if I make a mistake, I simply eat it!