There can be A 16-Foot Anaconda Hiding In this particular Lake

JEFFERSON, N. M. (AP) — Reports of a 16-foot-long exotic snake — possibly a good anaconda — slithering through Brand new Jersey’s largest lake have stoked fears among residents and resulted in searches and questions about what exactly is in the water.

Barriers have been set in Lake Hopatcong, while animal control officers and a personal reptile expert have been hunting for the snake, first spotted earlier this month.

A spokesman for the state’s Department of Environment Protection said there have been no verified sightings of the snake and no evidence that it’s acutally there.

“We’ve been trying to take this seriously, because if there is a dangerous creature we want to help capture it, inch spokesman Larry Ragonese said. “At this point, we’ve gone a couple weeks today with a growing story of an exotic creature roaming the lake, plus there’s hundreds of eyes now qualified on it. If there was to be something, you would think that that someone would have seen it. ”

Gerald Andrejcak said that he has.

Andrejcak, assistant director of New Jersey’s Common Sense for Animals, says that he spotted the head and component of a body of what he or she estimated as a 16-foot-long anaconda a week ago. He said he cornered this before it escaped by slithering between his legs.

“You can’t miss a good anaconda head. If you’ve ever dealt with any kind of snakes, any type of anaconda, you can never forget that head, ” Andrejcak said. “I know the color and the patterns and everything else. Right off the bat, I knew exactly what it was right when i came across it. ”

Andrejcak said that commotion from boats in the area by onlookers coming to try to place the snake may have led the snake to go elsewhere.

The 4-square mile lake regarding 30 miles northwest of Newark is surrounded by five towns and is the largest freshwater lake within the state.

“I would like to see me get this factor, get it into a zoo safe where someone isn’t going to shoot this, kill it, ” he stated. “The snake can be on display, secure in captivity and the lake community can get back to normal. ”