The planet Cup of Everything Else

The particular Wall Street Journal took a World Cup bracket and used it to illustrate details other than football. At the interactive page, you can select from a list of statistics. Which of the 32 World Cup groups is the tallest? Shortest? Youngest? Whoa, there’ s not much difference between the youngest team’ s average age group and the oldest. Which country has the most water? That’ s easy -the Netherlands is largely below sea level. Which has the most forest? Oh yeah, Brazil. No? What? Japan? Ah. I see, it’ s a percentage of the land. I did not know Japan was 67% forest!

Play around with it yourself. You are not surprised by which country has the best body mass index or the largest drinkers, but which has the most females in government? The most Twitter users? You may be surprised! Shown here is the bracket for the lowest murder rate. -via Digg