Stalker Filing Cabinet Chases People Close to

You just can’t get away from documents. It follows you around!

Jaap de Maat, a graduate student at the Royal University of Art, United Kingdom, created a filing cabinet that follows people around. The art piece, titled I Know What You Did Last Summer , looks like a run-of-the-mill two-drawer gray filing cabinet, however when you approach it, it comes to life… plus starts chasing you!

De Maat was inspired to produce the stalker filing cabinet to remind people that their online information is basically doing the same thing – just invisibly. " Around the period… Snowden came out with his bombshell and I had been quite shocked people mainly concerned about surveillance, " de Maat informed Wired, " After more analysis I kind of wanted to make the stage not so much people surveying us, but the fact it gets stored permanently. "

" I believed of the example of a lady that wished to be teacher, but at the end of her course she didn’t get a certificate because they’d Googled her plus saw pictures of her consumed on the internet. They said that was inappropriate for a teacher. People need to be aware of on the internet storage. "

Right after acquiring the filing cabinet, sobre Maat installed wheels, distance sensors and an Arduino board to enable the cabinet to follow people throughout its exhibition at the lobby of the RCA building. Check out the video clip:

Wired – via Flowing Information