Runaway Dog And Loose Cow Business lead California Police On Wild Chases (VIDEO)

Ponch and Steve probably never had to deal with this.

The Ca Highway Patrol and local police force had to contend with both a runaway dog and a loose cow in separate incidents on highways in the Sacramento area this week.

On Tuesday, a stray dog shut down part of Highway 50 near Sacramento. As you can see in the video above, it raced down the road, eluding both cars and police.

“I saw cars pulling over and thought there was the collision, ” California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Bradley told ABC News. “Then a motorist mentioned, ‘There’s a dog running on the freeway. ‘”

The dog ultimately ran off the highway and straight into downtown Sacramento, but avoided being captured.

Upon Wednesday, both the CHP and Elk Grove Police Department chased after a loose cow on Highway 99.

The crafting cow eluded cops for about 4 hours, at one point running to a shopping center, KXTV reports.

A cowboy on horseback was eventually called in to lasso the creature.

“This is everyday things, ” the cowboy, who has the cowboy name of J. L. Hardesty, told CBS13.

You can see video of that occurrence below.