Uncommon Skin Disease Hasn’t Stopped This Beautiful Young lady from Becoming a Successful Model

19-year-old Chantelle Brown-Young is perhaps the world’s first in support of model with vitiligo , a condition that causes depigmentation of the skin. Vitiligo is the result of a malfunctioning immune system, has no cure plus affects less than one percent of the world’s population. It’s the same disorder that pop icon Michael Knutson suffered from. In Chantelle’s case, the condition almost ruined her life. That is, until she decided to turn it close to.

As a child, Chantelle grew to become an easy target for bullies. “While growing up, I was teased, ridiculed, plus bullied and called names like cow, zebra, and all manner of additional disparaging slurs, ” she said. “The continuous harassment and the lose hope that it brought on my life was therefore unbearably dehumanizing that I wanted to eliminate myself. ” Her mother, Mack Brown, said: “Chantelle is a lovely, beautiful, outgoing teenager and while she was being abused, I didn’t prevent praying that God would assist find a way. ”

Eventually, Lisa’s prayers were answered. Your family moved from Canada to Ca, and Chantelle decided that within her new life, she wouldn’t be limited by her condition. She realized that she was in control of her destiny, if only she was ready to change the way she saw their self. So instead of blaming her skin ailment for all her troubles, she began to embrace the flaw. She furthermore pushed back the negative energies and the negative people who surrounded her.


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