Increasing Children Can Be A Terrifying Ordeal

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Any parent will tell you that raising children can sometimes be a terrifying occasion, they don’ t call all of them the terrible twos for nothing (although they should rename them the horrible two-to-fives), but there’ s a singular joy in surviving the headache and living to see them develop to become terribly moody teenagers.

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While they’ re small you get to take pleasure in lots of messes, household disasters, as well as the occasional broken television set, along with plenty of adorable moments that help you to forget about those other nightmarish days.

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Don’ t let the name of this BuzzFeed article fool you- 26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists is just as much about how fun having a kid can be, despite the nightmarish days of mess and destruction, as it is a tip to those who don’ t have kids what it means to be a parent.