Nightmarish Traffic Jams in China Soon a Reality

The sprawl, the scale, and the rush-hour traffic jam: sights too common in China as it becomes the leading car market in the world, even beating the United States in 2009.

traffic2 500x316 Nightmarish Traffic Jams in China Soon a Reality picture

And with the increasing number of cars hitting the road comes the traffic congestion and all the everyday woes along with it.

This means all bad news for Chinese drivers and commuters, who bear the health risks of vehicle emissions, which are foreseen to increase by 70 percent.

And as global vehicle travel rises to twice as much in 2050 as it is today, even surpassing green technology innovations, China continues to be the largest contributor of greenhouse emissions from vehicles. It is also forecast to face the most widespread traffic jams in the world.

And right next to China is the United States, where traffic jams comparable to those of Labor Day weekends could be a common sight year-round by 2020.


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