Ny Actually Has a Nightclub Service for Kids under Twelve

New York has got to be the coolest location for kids. First they opened a DJ school for babies, and now they’re welcoming kids into their nightclubs. Fuzipop is a new company that organizes these daytime dance parties pertaining to children aged 6 to twelve and their parents. The three-hour parties happen once a month at Manhattan’s most happening clubs. Entry expenses $20 for a parent and kid, and $60 for a family of four. And here’s the best part – the DJ is nine-year-old!

According to the official website, “Fuzipop is a series of events focused on the celebration of music, dance and neighborhood for the next generation of city children. This new generation has motivated us to provide a proper venue to allow them to experience what was once only available to a select few. ” Fuzipop states provide an answer to ‘all our kids exactly who constantly demand, ‘We want to have a dance party! ’’.

Fuzipop is the brainchild of a couple duo who also happen to be mom and dad, DJs and music executives. Jesse Sprague, who spent years doing work in nightclubs around New York, met Jenny Song while dancing at a membership. And when they had their first kid, they threw a big bash on one of the clubs where Jesse proved helpful. They invited almost all their club close friends along with their kids – the party was a huge hit and no one particular wanted to leave. “All the parents said they would pay to do this, so we made a business out of it, ” said Jesse.


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