Brand new Study Says Eating Apples Might Increase Sexual Pleasure In Women

It’s been said that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but new analysis suggests it can do a lot more than that.

A brand new study published in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics suggests that eating more apples leads to better intercourse for women.

Researchers analyzed 731 sexually active Italian women aged 18 to 43 without history or complaint of intimate disorder. Women taking prescription drugs or suffering from depression were excluded through the study as well.

Individuals were separated into two groups: regular apple consumption (one to two apples a day) with no apple consumption (0 to 0. 5 apples per day). The ladies then filled out the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), which is comprised of nineteen questions about sexual function, intimate frequency, orgasm, lubrication and general sexual satisfaction.

Researchers found that “daily apple use is associated with higher FSFI scores in sexually active woman patients, thus increasing their lubrication and overall sexual function. ”

So why apples?

The researchers hypothesize that apples may improve intimate function because, like red wine plus chocolate, they contain polyphenols plus antioxidants that can stimulate blood flow towards the genitalia and vagina, thus assisting with arousal.

Not just that, researchers says apples contain phloridzin, a common phytoestrogen, that is structurally much like estradiol — a female sex body hormone — which plays a huge role in vaginal lubrication and woman sexuality.

Naturally , the study has its limitations. That is a relatively small sample size and it’s really difficult to separate correlation from causation. However , the researchers note the final results are “intriguing, ” to say the least.

Now excuse us while we go eat several apples.

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