Brand new Pay-by-Picture Restaurant Lets Patrons Pay money for their Food with Photos

I always thought people taking pictures of their food was kind of silly, but at this new pop-up restaurant in the UK, I’d probably do it too. ‘The Picture House’ is the world’s first pay-by-photo restaurant – you order, click a photo from the food, share on Instagram plus eat for free!

The particular restaurant belongs to frozen meals giant Birds Eye, who created the idea to cash in on people’s obsession with photographing food and sharing the pics online. They conducted the survey and found out that more than half of the Brit population regularly had taken pictures of their meals, nine percent of them on a daily basis. So they realized, exactly what better way to advertize their new dining range than with hashtags?

The pop-up eatery was open in Soho, Greater london for three days in May, and is today moving to other major UK metropolitan areas. They serve two-course meals that will customers don’t have to pay for, if they click and Instagram it. “We desired to tap into this social media trend and create a new reason for people to talk about plus sample our inspirations range, ” said marketing director Margaret Jobling.


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