Meet the World’s First Skateboarding Cop

Joel Zwicky any of those rare creative souls who manage to bring a touch of originality in to everything they do. A former photographer plus musician, Joel has worked as a patrol officer at the Green Bay Law enforcement Department, in Wisconsin, for the past 10 years. Unlike regular officers, however , Joel prefers patrolling the streets on his super-cool skateboard.

“I kind of had the idea, like, two years ago, just because I like to skate and am was trying to figure out how I can do it a lot more at work so that I can – you know, if you do what you love, you don’t work a day in your life, ” Joel said in an interview with HURUF News. The 40-year-old floated the idea to his department, but nobody would take him seriously.

But earlier this year, when the department’s chief was looking for new initiatives to engage more with the community, Joel suggested the idea again. “And I stated, ‘You know chief, I had this crazy idea in the back of my head what would you do if I brought my board to work and started skating it? ’ And he said, ‘Can’t hurt. Just don’t get hurt please. ’ So that’s type of how it started, ” Joel explained.


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