Meet the NASA Expert Who Smells Factors for a Living

George Aldrich isn’ t a specialist on space travel and constructing shuttles, yet, he holds one of the most important jobs at NASA. The particular agency doesn’t send any item to space unless he’s smelled it first! The master sniffer, also known as ‘Nostril-damus’, has protected numerous astronauts just by smelling the stuff that will be put into spacecrafts.

Aldrich can smell anything and everything, even the things that most of us find unpleasant. He has had a superior sense associated with smell since childhood, but their special talent was discovered just around 40 years ago. He was a firefighter in White Sands back then, and NASA had started to search for sniffing volunteers. So Aldrich used and he did exceedingly well with their calibration test in which he previously to identify the seven primary odors – musky, minty, floral, ethereal, camphoraceous, pungent and putrid.

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