Jared Leto Is All About His New Tree-Hugging Meme

Jared Leto is just not one to scoff at a good meme, even if he’s the butt from the joke.

Everything began on July 6 once the Oscar-winner posted a photo to Instagram while in the woods, showing himself embracing a tree with a huge smile on his face. “Tree huggin hippy? Guilty! #lovelustfaithdreamstour #dayoff #chicothedogdoyoumissme? ” he wrote.

The Internet caught wind of the snapshot shortly after and apparently had some enjoyable coming up with memes of Jared Leto hugging all sorts of things, like the Eiffel Tower and his own beard. The 42-year-old “Dallas Buyer’s Club” star became a member of in on the fun by expressing the Photoshopped pics on his Instagram with the hashtag “#jaredhugginleto. ”

Jared Huggin’ Leto, ladies and gentlemen: