Japan’s Valley of the Dolls – Musician Repopulates Deserted Village with Weird Dolls

Whenever Japanese artist Ayano Tsukimi returned to her village 11 years ago, this wasn’t the place she once understood it to be. There were hardly any individuals around anymore, so she decided to repopulate the place herself – along with handmade dolls. These dolls is visible strewn across the village, on benches, in the street, outside her home, doing work in farms, and even lounging about the ruin school compound. Over a span of 10 years, she has sewn about 350 life-size dolls, each one representing an ex villager.

Nagoro is really a remote village, nestled deep in the valleys of Shikoku Island. It had been once a bustling center with a dam, a big company and hundreds of residents. But the residents moved to bigger towns over the years, in search of better jobs, leaving the village permanently. Its population is dwindling as the residents left out continue to die. Today, Nagoro offers only 37 living inhabitants, and naturally, many times more dolls. And Ayano believes that a time may come when she will have outlived everyone in the village.


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