Equine Dies On Highway In The hawaiian islands After Falling Out Of Trailer

One horse owner faced the tragic loss after a horse died in a freak accident on a highway in Hawaii.

The particular trailer, which was carrying a total of five horses, was trying to mix onto Interstate H-1 westbound for the island of Oahu when the bottom part of the trailer broke and one from the horses fell through it, according to KHON2. It became wedged underneath the 40-foot-long trailer, where it died.

Emergency responders and the horse’s owner did what they can to help the horse, but it has been too late. The four remaining race horses were unhurt and the horses’ owner eventually continued west down the freeway.

“I’m amazed it happened, but I’m heartbroken for the horse as well for the owner, ” Diane Cornish with Equine 808 Horse Rescue told KHON2. She reminded local reporters that will trailers made to handle livestock needs to be regularly maintained and inspected more than once a year.

[h/t KHON2]