Physicians Remove 232 Teeth From Teen’s Mouth In India

Dislike going to the dentist? Probably not as much as Ashik Gavai.

On Monday, the 17-year-old spent seven hours in a dentist’s chair in Mumbai, India, to deal with a rare, abnormal growth in his right jaw. At first, physicians weren’t sure what they might find, yet as the surgery progressed, they were shocked to learn the growth was composed of 232 other teeth, reports the Times of India.

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ashik gavai

“[The teeth] were of varying sizes, some as tiny as a grain of mustard and some almost the size of a marble. ” Dr Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar, the head from the dental department at JJ Hospital, where Gavai was treated, told the paper. “The fact that it had been coming from a single molar was really unique. ”

Based on the BBC, Gavai first noticed the growth 18 months ago, but physicians in his local village couldn’t pinpoint the source of the problem. Last 30 days, he started experiencing severe pain, compelling a journey to Mumbai.

There, doctors diagnosed Gavai with a complex composite odontoma, the benign dental tumor, which, though it isn’t life-threatening, can make eating challenging and cause facial disfigurations.

ashik gavai

“I was worried that it [his condition] may turn out to become cancer so I brought him in order to Mumbai, ” the boy’s dad, Suresh Gavai, told the Mumbai Mirror. State government health insurance paid for the procedure, which otherwise would have been prohibitively expensive for the family.

Doctors expect the boy to create a full recovery. “Now, his face has changed and he will lead a truly normal healthy life, ” Dhivare-Palwankar told the Khaleej Times.