Color The World Cubicle Gray With The Executive Coloring Book

The professional lifestyle is not generally thought of as the colorful lifestyle, in fact , uniformity and a lack of color are encouraged at the office, at least in terms of dress code:

That’ s what makes The Executive Colour Book so special- color adders get to add a bit of color to the world of gray suits and navy blue power ties, and maybe learn a thing or even two about the briefcase luggers who have lord over the cubicle crowd:

This wonderful coloring book/satirical piece of social commentary was created by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman, and Martin A. Cohen, three revolutionary folks who appreciate how important coloring books are to people along with too much time on their hands.

Their color-able commentary on business life came out way back in 1961, when corporations had yet to be people and post-war Americans had been learning how to maintain the status quo, and yet really somehow just as relatable today since when it came out over fifty years ago.

-Via Dangerous Minds