Cinderella Surgery – Bizarre Toe Reducing Procedure Is Latest Bizarre Attractiveness Trend

Following the alarming ‘engagement ring hand lift’ and ‘picture perfect selfie’ surgeries, cosmetic foot surgery is now the latest bizarre craze in the beauty enhancement industry. Also called ‘Cinderella Surgery’, the controversial treatment involves altering the size and shape of women’s toes to perfectly squeeze into high-heeled designer shoes.

The surgery promises to shorten or lengthen toes, shave away from excess bone to remove lumps and bumps, and even suck off extra fat from big toes. It very first gained popularity in the United States, but the craze is now catching up rapidly in the united kingdom and other countries around the world. Cosmetic treatment centers offering this kind of surgery are taking advantage of the deep yearning that women appear to have for perfect feet.

According to podiatric surgeon Dr . Jason Hargrave, “Cosmetic foot surgical procedure is a rapidly growing trend, fuelled with the popularity of the Sex-And-The-City-style killer pumps. They’re seen as the most glamorous, attractive accessory, and not being able to wear them could be depressing. ” He says that all their patients long to wear open-toed shoes or boots, but can’t because they hate their own feet.


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