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11 Women in This Family Have Used the Same Wedding Dress in the Last 120 Many years

When Abigail Kingston got engaged, she almost immediately decided on her wedding attire – a 120-year-old dress that’s been worn by 10 various other brides from her mother’ t side of the family since the past due 1800s.

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Guy Thought He Was Attacked By A Hippopotamus

A man attacked in downtown Madison Friday night told police he thought he had already been assaulted by a hippopotamus.

China’s Vehicle Emission Fraud “Greater Compared to Volkswagen’s”

China’s Vehicle Emission Fraud “Greater Than Volkswagen’s” An expert from a company which usually conducts vehicle emission tests reports that Chinese companies are tampering with diesel vehicle emissions data much more so than Volkswagen has. Tiongkok Qiyan’s Vehicle Emissions Department vice minister Li Wei said that the raising of Chinese emission requirements has increased costs, thus making the temptation to cheat irresistible. Rigorous test conditions can easily be adapted to in order to create more favorable yet unrepresentative emissions data. Also, several garages can be bribed to rig annual service checks. One netizen said vehicles churning out black smoke was a common sight.

Source: Netease

The Backwoods War On Nudity

.. And exactly how about Your Brother?

Norwegian show “Karl Johan” This bit consistently kills me, they dress up as accidental strangers and play their “brother” behind their back.

They actually bring a large wardrobe vehicle and try and find clothes that match people they see on the street.

Cooked Yams with Dill – A person Suck at Cooking

Twerking Tube Man

Abe Reports Passing of New Military Costs, Netizens Unhappy

Abe Reports Passing of New Military Bill, Netizens Unhappy

Japanese perfect minister Shinzō Abe has made a visit to his grandfather’s grave in order to report the passing of a new security bill. The visit to Oyama in Suntō District also noticed him clean the grave associated with his grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, was formerly Prime Minister of The japanese and is reported as a “grade The war criminal” in Chinese press. The bill allows Japan’s military to participate in foreign conflicts, for which Abe has previously cited the particular ISIS beheading of two Western hostages as grounds for. Many netizens believed the move to become a threat to China, with 1 calling for the boycott of Western goods.

Source: qq

Curvy Yogi Proves You Don’t Have to Lose Weight to Stay in Shape

Busting the myth of the perfect-bodied yoga poster girl is San Francisco plus-sized yogi Valerie Sagun. For the past three years, she has been photographed performing a range of complicated yoga poses, including headstands and handstands.

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Australian Couple Experience Life with Almost No Money for a Year

In this day and age, living without money sounds almost impossible, but that’ s exactly what this Australian couple has been doing for almost a year. It’ s been anything but easy, but they’ ve somehow made it work.

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