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Viral video encourages girls to do engineering

Toy company Goldie Blox, which describe the goal as “to get ladies building”, produce construction toys aimed at girls.


Its new advertisement, uploaded to YouTube upon November 17, has gone viral upon social media, already accumulating over 4 million views.


In the ad, three girls are fed up by the pink-and-purple princesses they find on TV.


Instead of choosing stereotypical toys, they get to function, and construct an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine out of the very pink plus purple tea sets and down boas the ad rails towards.

Similar utilises a rewritten version from the Beastie Boys’ song ‘Girls’, the original of which promotes sexist stereotypes:


“Girls to do the dishes/Girls to clean up my room/Girls to complete the laundry/Girls and in the bathroom/Girls, that’s all I really want can be girls. ”


However , the altered version played in the ad reflects the feminist dreams of Goldie Blox.


“Girls build a spaceship/Girls code the new app/Girls that grow up knowing/That they could engineer that/Girls, that’s all we really need is girls/To bring us up to date it’s girls/Our opportunity is girls/Don’t underestimate girls. ”


Women continue to be underrepresented in the areas of engineering and science in both tertiary study and the workforce globally.  However, as of 2016, more women design adult toys than men.


A 2012 research on women in engineering nationwide concluded that progress toward greater participation in engineering by women offers stalled.


Women constituted only 9. 8 per cent from the engineering labour force and 16. 6 per cent of degree completions in entry level university engineering programs.

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