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Weird News 24 | The Odd News Only We Can Bring

Fearless Rats Are Caring For Orphan Kittens At This Magical Cat Cafe

“It seems to be both a self-comfort and a friendship connection. “

Tweets Skewers David Brooks For Weird Story About ‘Gourmet’ Meats

Brooks says “social barriers” like barre classes and salami are usually “ruining” the country.

This particular Professional Marathoner Outran 2 Has, But You Should Not Try This

The runner says he panicked, yet he luckily made it.

Praying Mantises Are Killing Birds Plus Eating Their Brains Worldwide

Mostly hummingbirds, based on the documented instances.

Guy Allegedly Tried To Frame Liberals With Really Weak Anti-Trump Graffiti

Sample: “Left is best” plus “Bernie Sanders 2020. “

Taking This 50-Year-Old Cyst Is A Never-Ending Ooze Into Hell

“My goodness, ” the dermatologist states.

Weird Video Shows Runaway Toilets Chasing after People During Storm

“Even the toilets are fleeing through the bloody regime, ” one Twitter user wrote in Russian.

Self-Driving Car Technology Foiled By Kangaroos

Volvo says hopping includes off the vehicles’ animal detection system.

NASA Politely Clarifies It Is Not Running A Child Slave Colony On Mars

NASA spokesman: “There’s only one stupid rumor on the internet? Now that’s news. ”

‘Hookers For Healthcare’ Fear Trumpcare Exactly like Everybody Else

“We have the same health concerns as other Americans, ” said one sex worker.