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Here is a List Of Every Single Trump Lie Since He Took Office

It’ s easier to count the days President  Donald Trump hasn’ t humiliated.

A New You are able to Times editorial says the leader has only managed to be falsity free 39 total days in the first sixth months in workplace.

Authors David Leonhardt and Stuart A. Thompson listed  every single lie the leader has said since taking office six months ago. They say Trump started their administration with a 40-day lying streak, only managing to go fib-free for the first time on March 1 .

They set a traditional bar for what constitutes a rest, but say Trump’ s “ long pattern of using untruths to serve his purposes, being a businessman and politician, means that their statements are not simply careless errors. ”

As this Twitter post points out: The font in the article is very, very small.

“ I wasn’ t keen on Iraq. I didn’ t want to go into Iraq, ” states the very first Trump quote listed posted on Jan. 21.   The latest one particular, dated June 21 is  “ Right now, we are one of the highest-taxed nations in the world. ”

Yes, we know. It’ s extremely likely Trump will be adding to this particular list while you’ re going through this collection.

In the meantime, take a look back and at some of the more egregious falsehoods made by the president:

  •   January. 25: “ Now, the target audience was the biggest ever. But this crowd was massive. Look how long back it goes. This audience was massive. ”

  • March 22: “ NATO, obsolete, because it doesn’ t cover terrorism. They fixed that. ”

  • April 18: “ The particular fake media goes, ‘ Jesse Trump changed his stance upon China. ’ I haven’ capital t changed my stance. ”

  • May 4: “ Nobody cares about my tax return except for the reporters. ”


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14 Comics That Will Make Sense If You’re Serious But Also Totally Lazy

It’ s impossible in order to “ do it all” ― especially when you’ re ambitious, but sluggish.

That’ ersus the premise of many of the comics within the Instagram account Yeah, It’ s i9000 Chill, by New York City-based designer Christine.

Christine’ s alter ego “ Krysteen”   attempts to get through the entire process of doing laundry and folding:  

The post shared by Yeah, It' s Chill (@yeahitschill) on

And tries to stay awake during yoga after a good exhausting long work week:  

A post shared simply by Yeah, It' s Chill (@yeahitschill) on

Mainly, though,   she cuts himself some slack when she doesn’ t fulfill small daily jobs:

A post shared simply by Yeah, It' s Chill (@yeahitschill) on

The particular 20-something illustrator told HuffPost that will Krysteen’ s experiences are based on her own life, though the character is a little a lot more dramatic and comfortable in her skin.  

“ Krysteen recognizes that the girl can’ t be perfect all the time and is OK with that, ” she said. “ There are so many expectations for ladies on how to live and be, but the girl knows that life isn’ t that neat. ”

Plus, she said, striving for the perfect life can be stressful.

“ Instead, Krysteen’ s just out there here living her best lifestyle! ” the artist said.

Scroll down for further comics, or head to Yeah, It’ s Chill to follow along.

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Planet’s Dumbest Burglar Loses His Jeans, Then Nearly Knocks Himself Out there

That’ s gotta hurt ― physically and psychologically.  

Palm Beach County Sheriff’ s Office  says this surveillance footage that it released shows two burglars entering an unlocked car parked in a Florida driveway earlier Sunday.

They will stole coins, a phone charger and a stethoscope during the Wellington raid before fleeing when a car approached.

But the get away wasn’ t so easy for one of them. His pants fell down,   causing him to crash headfirst into the door of his escape car so hard that he sits stunned for several seconds.  

Here’ s the unforgettable sequence:  

“ Don’ t be caught with your pants down, ” the sheriff’ h department warned.   “ Locking mechanism your cars. ”

The suspects have not yet been identified, but one of them likely does not have any belt and a bump on his head.  

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O, Michael Phelps Is Racing A real Shark On TV

Michael Phelps, it seems, has lived at least one time of his life like Shark 7 days.

In a plan dubbed “ Great Gold versus Great White, ” the 23-time Olympic gold medalist will be racing a shark as part of the Discovery Channel’ s annual weeklong celebration of cartilaginous fish. The showdown is placed to air July 23.  

“ A celebration so monumental no one has actually attempted it before, ” scans a press release. “ The world’ s most decorated athlete takes on the ocean’ s most efficient predator: Phelps V Shark —   the race is on! ”

While Phelps is known for his superhuman, made-for-swimming wingspan, great white sharks can grow up to 15 feet in length  and reach speeds up to 35 mph  (they generally sail at around 5 mph, though). Phelps’ fastest swim was clocked in by ESPN at six mph, for comparison.  

Still, we have a few questions. Does the shark know the parameters of a race, for example? Will there be a protective cage of types involved? Will Phelps wear flippers in order to make things a little more even? Can the shark actually agree to this particular? What??

Shark Week will return to Discovery Funnel the week of July 23.

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There is A Fancy Masquerade Ball To get Dogs And It Did Not Disappoint

There were no fashion faux  paws  here.

Some of Washington, D. Chemical. ’ s most dapper canines strutted their stuff for the 30th Annual Bark Ball on Saturday night while raising money for a local animal welfare organization (and taking the doggone cutest pictures).

The black-tie gala, which benefited the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA), featured a masquerade theme that allowed guests to create their canine companions as their supper dates.

Not a group to disappoint, the canines were seen wearing their finest coats — as well as adorable bow ties, tutus, hats and at least one mask.

Insider photos posted to social media showed guests of all shapes, dimensions, and breeds.

By the end from the night, an event spokesperson, reached by HuffPost, boasted that they had elevated more than $700, 000. They also received a record-breaking 1, 200 visitors, which included former Sens. Bob (R-Kan. ) and Elizabeth Dole (R-N. C. ).

That money raised will go towards helping “ protect animals, assistance families, and advocate for optimistic change to create a world where all of the animals can thrive, ” the dog welfare group said.

I guess humans know how to toss a good ball after all.

For more photos, look into the following slideshow or scroll straight down for more adorable shots posted upon social media!

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Someone Trolled A GOP Senator Simply by Signing Him Up To Nickelback Email messages

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb. ) is not diggin’ this at all.

On Friday, he tweeted that someone had signed several of his email balances up to Nickelback promotional newsletters.   “ It’ h. Not. Funny, ” he had written:

While signing people as much as spam email is never to end up being condoned, Sasse does have major type in trolling the Canadian rock band himself.

Over the past 16 months, he’ s repeatedly used Twitter to poke fun at the group:

It’ s also not the first time someone has added Sasse to the band’ s mailing list:

Sasse said any office of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was behind the latest prank:

Hatch’ s office hasn’ big t confirmed its role in the joke, but did use the opportunity to enjoy some more trolling:

Sasse saw the funny side, as did many of his Followers on twitter:

Some Twitter users, however , used the exchange to quiz both Sasse and Hatch over the GOP’ s health care reform:

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You most likely Didn’t Hear The White Home Announced Games At E3, Too

On Thurs, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) ― where the video game industry announces their future plans ― covered up and now the gaming globe has a bunch of new titles to appear forward to.

But you probably didn’ t realize that the White House, perhaps as a way to distract from the Trump presidency, furthermore announced some new games at E3. We’ re excited to test them!


Angry Twitter posts

Fire the barrage of offensive tweets from people who stand in your way. Take them down with non-sensical bullying plus made-up facts all while looking to gain the favorites and retweets of your dedicated army of Twitter sheep and bots!


Character Assassin’ s Creed

Slander the good names of your enemies from the shadows of your social media accounts, spokespeople plus children! Use your relationships with seedy characters for personal gains, all whilst delivering intentionally false information to your minions.


Fallout 4 VR

This particular fully immersive 360-adventure takes you in the Trump White House as it implodes on a daily basis. From the president’ s invisible tantrums to Mike Pence’ ersus secret side hugs with women who aren’ t his spouse, you’ ll experience the circus first-hand!    


Frustrating 18

You live in a world with a 24-hour information cycle, each news item a lot more infuriating than the last. Tackle a good unyielding social media landscape and administration whose stance changes every day! Whilst navigating a field of trolls plus pundits, can you preserve your sanity and maintain a healthy personal life along with family and friends?



You’ ve received great power and with that arrives great responsibility. Dodge and weave through news reporters’ tough queries and keep up the charade for as long as you can! How long can you defend utter lunacy while hanging by a thread?


Debtroid 6: Bankruptcies

We’ re under attack by creditors plus bankruptcy lawyers! Your experience with faltering businesses makes you uniquely qualified and the galaxy’ s last remaining wish to defend Earth from the forces associated with debt!


Midwest Planet: Shadow Of Supporters

The world of men who still support your leadership is not being able fast. With a record low acceptance rating, your only solution is to resign, then deliver your fourth wedding ring of power to the fires of Mount Ivanka.

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Miley Cyrus And Jimmy Fallon Go Undercover As Subway Buskers

It was a “ party ― in ― the ― subway. ”

Miley Cyrus joined Jimmy Fallon for a spot of undercover busking for Wednesday’ s “ Tonight Show. ” But the duo’ s disguises for their impromptu gig at 50th Street station in New York City didn’ t fool numerous passersby.

The pair wore hats and tones to perform Dolly Parton’ s “ Jolene, ” before whipping them off for a rousing version associated with Cyrus’ own hit “ Party In The U. S. A. ”

Check out the full section above.

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The particular 8 Biggest Relationship Killers, Based on Divorce Attorneys

Divorce attorneys  have a front-row seat to the kinds of problems that can chip away at relationships. Every single day in their offices, they get a good earful from clients about what resulted in divorce.  

What are some of the most common complaints these people hear? Below, divorce lawyers through around the country share nine of the very prevalent marital issues.  

1 .   My spouse rarely helps away with the kids.

“ When I first meet with people during the consultation, I usually hear that the husband or wife doesn’ t feel like they have an equal partner in their marriage, especially when it comes to the responsibility of caring for their children. It takes time and energy to take care of a family’ s extracurricular actions, doctor’ s appointments and interpersonal activities. Whenever someone feels their own spouse is not pulling their weight, resentment will build. When it requires children, though, it becomes much more complex. When they are in my office, I know they have tried everything and questioned their spouse to step up and help, but they have not been successful. Submitting for divorce is the only method they believe they will get some liberation from it. ” —   Puja A. Sachdev, an attorney within San Diego, California 

2 . We never discuss our problems.  

“ It’ s absolutely nothing that either spouse says ― it’ s what they don’ t say. Complications crop up and no one wants to stone the boat. So no one deals with the problem. No one talks about it. However it doesn’ t go away. This goes underground, then another problem crops up. This time, dealing with it really is even harder because both parties nevertheless hold resentment from the first problem they never dealt with. So they force the second problem under the rug. Then your third. And so on. At some point, they explode over something that seems stupid and silly. Ultimately, they’ re arguing about the   ongoing, unspoken issues they have. ” ―  Karen Covy , an attorney and divorce coach based in Chicago,   Illinois 

3. Our sex life  fizzled out, and so did any kind of intimacy.

“ Honestly, I can go on and upon, but those are two huge complaints I hear. What it boils down to is life has gotten in the way and there is no longer a connection among spouses. Even more than sex, it has to do with a lack of communication and lack of intimacy. What couples fail to realize is that the work of the relationship does not end at ‘ I do’ ― there is work to be performed every day. I know it sounds trite however it is important to connect with and check in with your spouse on a daily basis whether you are discussing a meal or walking the dog. ” ―  Lisa Helfend Meyer , an attorney in La, California

4. My spouse reconnected by having an old flame on Facebook.  

“ I got recently had clients inform me personally that their spouses were getting ‘ addicted’ to social media; moreover, the social media ‘ addiction’ had been merely a symptom of an age-old issue ― cheating. Their spouse clicked the ‘ like’ button on someone’ s Facebook post and yes it escalated into sexual chats, texting and ultimately, face-to-face meetings in which the flame was rekindled. It’ h likely that the person would have searched for some way to cheat even without having social media. So the social media ‘ addiction’ was merely a symptom of the ultimate issue: infidelity. Some couples can work through the issue of infidelity, but most can not ― and that’ s what leads them to my office. ” ― Douglas Kepanis , an attorney in Nyc  

5. We feel more like roommates than spouses.  

“ People often say that their spouse feels like a stranger, not the person they married. Customers often describe themselves as ‘ roommates’ and say they invest little time interacting with their spouse. Additionally, they say that their spouse provides ‘ checked out. ’ ” ―  Carla Schiff Donnelly ,   an attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6. My spouse can be selfish.  

“ Selfishness manifests itself in various ways: stingy with money, not willing to listen and be emotionally present, not sharing responsibility for chores as well as the kids, having an affair instead of trying to work it out or splitting with respect, not being aware of the other’ s needs and wants. The actual form of selfishness varies from case to case, but the theme can be always there in divorce cases. ” ―  Alison Patton, a San Diego-based separation and divorce attorney and mediator 

7. We speak different love languages.  

“ Two people may love each other, but not ‘ feel loved’ if they have a different love language. That means, if one spouse’ h ‘ language of love’ is to do helpful things or purchase gifts, and the other’ s adore language is verbal affirmations, adoring touch, or quality time together, the receiver doesn’ t really feel like, and the giver doesn’ t feel appreciated for the love they’ re giving. When that happens, there isn’ t enough credit in the like bank for them to get through the issues that come with any relationship. They’ re fighting over money or sexual intercourse, when underneath that is the need for easy physical connection or quality time. Find out your love language: It might just keep you out of a divorce lawyer’ s office. ” ―  Dennis A. Cohen, an attorney and mediator in Marina del Rey, California 

8. I feel taken for granted.  

“ This complaint makes sense. When dating each other, there’ s often a great deal of flattery and extra attention spent hearing and pleasing your mate. Yet once the deal is done, once the romantic relationship is sealed with vows, several feel safe and worry much less that their partner is happy. Many people who hire me show me they’ ve been unhappy for years, that they’ ve waited and waited for things to improve before they finally hit their limit. Rarely do I encounter a couple getting divorced because of a sudden or one time event such as a one-night stand or even one ugly argument. With a lot invested in a marriage, it often takes a lot for someone to get to the point associated with no return. But when they get there, it is often because they finally realize they will be happier unmarried to that individual ― or as someone as soon as told me, less miserable. ” — Randall Meters. Kessler, an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

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Katy Perry Ranks Her Lovers, Showing TMI Is A Good Thing

Katy Perry  got cornered by Wayne Corden into ranking her three best lovers ― and ex-husband Russell Brand didn’ t even rate an honorable mention.

While hosting a YouTube livestream  to promote her new record,   “ Witness, ” Perry opted to tell a truth Sunday instead of eating something yucky in the game with the talk show host.

So , Corden asked her to rank her top three men.

And here they are, in order through best to worst:

1 . John Mayer

2 . Orlando Bloom

3. Diplo

(Applaud yourself if you got it right. ) We should note that Perry said they were all incredible ― so no hurt feelings, gents.

And she was somewhat cajoled into the answer. Corden verbalized what he thought the particular order was a first time, and Perry shook her head no . Corden then switched two names plus Perry nodded yes.

Watch the kiss-and-tell enjoyable above.

H/T  People

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