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Woman Accused Of Startling Horses Within T. Rex Costume Faces Charges

Horsing about in a T. Rex costume can be fun, but leave the race horses out of it.

A North Carolina woman is facing costs after police in Charleston, South Carolina, said she startled a pair of buggy horses Thursday night while dressed up as a T. Rex.

Nicole Wells, 26, had been allegedly in the dinosaur duds being a carriage passed her on the street, according to Charleston Police Dept. spokesman  Charles Francis.

“ The individual within the costume stopped and began making growling noises at the horses, ” Francis told the Charleston Posting and Courier. “ This spooked the horses and they began copying. The carriage then struck a good unoccupied vehicle and caused small damage to its bumper. ”

The driver, Van Sturgeon, was thrown from the carriage and a wheel rolled over one his legs. He or she told WCIV TV he experienced a broken bone in his left foot and severe bruising in the right leg.

The horses weren’ t injured, nor were any kind of passengers. Still, Sturgeon said the animals weren’ t prepared for that sight of a Tyrannosaurus costume.

He informed WCSC-TV in Charleston that he screamed at the person in the costume to  “ get out of here” three times. Instead, the dinosaur continued to face the horses, which caused them to back up and  jackknife the carriage.

“ Perhaps she did not realize what a threat that appeared to be to my animals, but they responded remarkably well, ” Sturgeon told the station. “ Any animal, you included, are entitled to your airline flight response, the key is how rapidly do you come back under control. If I toss a snake on you and you jump, you’ re entitled to that, but if you can come back and get in control really quickly, that’ s the key in order to emotional control and both from the animals demonstrated that. ”  

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Witnesses said the person in the dinosaur outfit went to a parking garage and drove off in a vehicle.

Bore holes turned herself into police Friday morning.   She had been charged with disorderly conduct and for violating laws prohibiting the putting on of a mask or disguise in public areas, according to the Charleston City Paper.

Charleston’ h WCIV-TV reported that eyewitnesses differed on whether the person in the outfit roared and provoked the horses or simply w as  in the wrong place at the wrong time   and didn’ t intentionally incite the animals.

Tommy Doyle of Palmetto Carriage Works, the company that owns the buggy and the horses involved in the incident, provides his own theory.

He claims  “ radical” animal rights activists are making a dangerous environment for people in addition to the company’ s horses.

“ The city associated with Charleston needs to condemn these tactics and warn groups that encourage this behavior that their rhetoric is fueling this danger, ” Doyle told WCSC.

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Trump Slammed Michelle Obama For Not Covering Hair In Saudi Arabia, But…

Donald Trump’ s old tweets keep coming back to haunt him. On this occasion, they followed him to Saudi Arabia, during his first trip overseas  as President of the United States.

In 2015, fifty percent a year before he officiaannounced he was running for president, Trump criticized then-First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama for not wearing a headscarf more than her hair during a trip to Saudi Arabia.

But when Trump and his family visited the Islamic nation this weekend, people noticed that his wife Melania Trump plus daughter Ivanka Trump did the exact same thing.

Melania Trump wore loose-fitting conservative clothes to the Islamic nation, much like Obama did during her 2015 visit to Saudi Arabia. Trump was noticed wearing a  black Stella McCartney jumpsuit covered most of her legs and arms, and was accentuated with a gold belt and chain-link necklace. Ivanka Trump wore a long-sleeved floral dress that reached above the particular ankles.

Once photos of the Trumps in Saudi surfaced online, individuals were quick to dig up the president’ s old tweet and mention his hypocrisy.

Saudia Persia has a  strict dress code  that requires Saudi women to wear long black robes, known as abayas, and also to cover their hair in public. However , foreign diplomats or politicians aren’ big t required to cover their hair during appointments to the country.

Middle East politics expert Christopher Davidson told NBC News that will it’ s “ perfectly stylish and appropriate” for prominent ladies, including the Trumps and Mrs. Obama, to forego headscarves during their trips to the kingdom.

“ We’ ve now had a number of prominent Western women that have visited Saudi in recent months, Angela Merkel and Theresa May, ” Davidson said. “ Neither of them protected their hair and they both wore trouser suits. ”

Journalist Joyce Karam also pointed out that several other First Ladies and female United states politicians have visited the country sans headscarf in the past, including Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Laura Rose bush.

(Laura Bush briefly wore a head headscarf, which was gifted to her, during a visit to Saudi Arabia, though she did not wear it for the entire visit, according to The Protector. )

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twenty two Father’s Day Cards For Dads Who Don’t Take Themselves As well Seriously

If you inherited a killer sense of humor out of your dad, no ordinary Father’ s Day time card will do. You have to find some thing as silly or snarky ― or honestly, just as bad ― as your dad’ s jokes.

Below, 22 cards worthy of the dad joker in your life.

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Safety Guard Who Masturbated Near NFL Cheerleaders Pleads Guilty (NSFW)

A security guard caught masturbating close to cheerleaders at a Chargers game keep away from pleaded guilty to a a obscene act in public, KGTV reported Wednesday.

The man received three years probation and counseling but will not have to register as a sex offender, KGTV said.

A clip of the incident from the Dec. 18 game between the Chargers and Raiders in San Diego proceeded to go viral  at the time,   resulting in the person being fired by his company, Elite Services, and giving up his security guard license, Deadspin reported. Police launched an investigation as well.

The guard was stationed at the sideline and was captured upon camera apparently pleasuring himself in his pants as cheerleaders performed a routine just feet away.

KGTV and other stores have withheld the man’ s name.  

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Russian Outlet Claims NASA Took An incredible, Totally True Image Of 3 UFOs

Every time a story comes out claiming to show true pictures or video of UFOs, hope springs eternal that maybe, just maybe, this might be that elusive smoking-gun evidence of alien technologies.

Not a day time goes by, either, without something in the news questioning the honesty of certain Americans or Russians. At this point it seems that UFOs have been added to that will media storm.

The innocent image above is certainly from a collection called Pixabay, that provides many free stock photos to make use of for practically anything you’ d like. This one shows our sunlight with a circular black dot, apparently the planet Mercury, making a transit across our home star.

Still, how would Pixabay feel if a Russian news web site, Pravda. ru ― ironically, title means “ truth” ― got that same picture, added 2 more black dots, called them all UFOs and claimed this was, in fact , a picture captured by a NASA “ STEREO spacecraft”?


If you compare the two images, it doesn’ t take long to figure out the sun in the two pictures will be identical and all that Pravda. ru did was finish it away from with two more “ UFOs” and a headline that reads: “ NASA spacecraft captures three huge UFOs silhouetted against the Sun. ”

That should get another “ Wow! ”

When HuffPost reached out to a NASA spokesman to remark about all of this, he said, “ I’ m not aware of this picture being released. Certainly not from NASA. There is no official or unofficial NASA publishing of the image. ”

For what it’ s i9000 worth, this isn’ t the very first time that UFO charlatans have attempted to convince the public that extraterrestrial ships are getting a little too close to our sun.

Here’ h a video of an alleged alien ship refueling, according to a source that is not NASA:

NASA generally has well thought-out explanations for these varieties of “ UFO” incursions into our own solar system.

For its part, Pravda. ru, which is separate from the Communist Party papers, has a history of extremely creative “ journalism. ” But the truth is out there.

Just not Pravda. ru’ s truth.  

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It’s The Hottest Spring Break Video Certainly Ever See, If You’re A Mature Adult

When you get older, springtime break isn’ t the debauchery-filled event it once was. Really, it’ s more a reminder that you have to do your taxes, and that all of your friends are getting married and having kids.

Mel Owens and Teresa Lee of comedy duo Wait, What? possess the adult version of a spring split video. If you’ re in to adult responsibility and generally being mature and sensible,   this video is so hot.

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Donald Trump Tweeted ‘We’ And Started A Movement

Something amazing happened on Twitter on Saturday. The President of the United States, arguably one of the most controversial people within the platform, tweeted one word along with two letters and so much energy.

Donald Trump, or a White House staffer symbolizing Trump,   typed “ All of us, ” then hit the twitter update button, sending the word to the president’ s 29 million followers.

The series of occasions that happened next unraveled quickly. According to BuzzFeed, the operator of POTUS’ Twitter account deleted the particular tweet within minutes, but not just before it was memorialized by the quick-thinking individuals of Twitter.

1st, people tweeted out snarky comments about the two-letter tweet, as individuals have been known to do when someone notable fumbles on Twitter.

Then people began completing the one-word prompt with music lyrics.

Later, people started to rally behind Trump’ s “ We” tweet, which by then acquired long been deleted and replaced using a rather boring promotional tweet  concerning the president’ s interview with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine.

In a rare moment of unity,   people began using the #We hashtag to speak about what they wish for their country. Most tweets targeted the president for a variety of reasons ― missing tax returns, potential ties to Russia, healthcare ― but some contained simple requests for the chief executive to take care of and protect the country the very best he can.

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Katy Perry Is Breaded And Boiled In ‘Bon Appetit’ Music Video clip

Just when you thought you needed your fill of innuendo-heavy, food-related pop songs, Katy Perry’ s i9000 “ Bon Appetit” arrived on the scene in making you feel confused, hungry (in a confused way) and wondering how much she actually knows about the Michelin star system.

On Friday, Perry released an extremely literal visual interpretation of the girl single. In her new music video, the pop star is first lifted out of plastic wrap by a group of chefs. They then proceed to stroke flour on her very elastic limbs, cover her in carrots plus onions, boil her, and do various other stuff. Migos arrives, Perry is certainly laid out on a platter for some really fancy cannibals to consume, and then a pole emerges from the center of the dinner table.

At the end of it all, Perry is left solely, knife and fork in hand, before a pie made of human body parts.

We feel… things, but we don’ t have the words for them just yet.

Watch the video above.  

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Cellino And Barnes, Iconic New York Damage Attorneys, Are Splitting Up

If you’ ve watched television in the tri-state area, then you know Ross Cellino Junior. and Stephen Barnes.

So , prepare your fragile cardiovascular: The duo is breaking up.

The injury attorneys have long been known for their catchy commercials and the accompanying jingle that implores viewers to call them on (800) 888-8888. Want to get that cash money after an accident? Call Cellino and Barnes.

Well, don’ t call them now. They’ re going through a very rough plot.

Civil court papers were filed on Wednesday in New York State Supreme Court indicating that Cellino is suing his lawful partner, Barnes, and their law firm together ― Cellino and Barnes ― in an effort to dissolve the firm.


Cellino’ s attorney, (so meta! ) Terry Connors told a CBS affiliate that he had no comment  on that matter, but Barnes is scheduled to appear in courtroom on May 19.

We’ re not the only ones upset about this heartbreaking information, either. Twitter is distraught as well:

Cellino and Barnes was once a pretty large personal injury firm with law offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Lengthy Island and New York City in Nyc state and Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Diego in California.

RIP Cellino and Barnes. We need to go watch your advertisements on repeat and cry.

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Spectacular Images Show Dozens Of Gigantic Oblong Storms On Jupiter

There’ s been a lot of news lately about what’ s going on in the ringed planet Saturn, including NASA’ s Cassini spacecraft’ s heart-stopping flight through the relatively small gap that separates the planet’ t rings and the top of Saturn’ s atmosphere.

While Saturn was grabbing the particular limelight, we thought, Hey! What about poor little giant gaseous Jupiter? What’ s happening at the biggest planet in the solar system?

On May 5, as seen in the video above, NASA released an enhanced-color view associated with Jupiter’ s south polar region, taken Dec. 11 by the orbiting Juno spacecraft.

Based on initial data transmitted back to Earth, scientists are even more questioned and have more questions than before about the makeup of Jupiter’ t atmosphere and its interior.

“ The whole inside of Jupiter is just working differently than our models expected. I didn’ big t expect all the theories to be wrong, but there’ s motion happening in the planet we did not anticipate, ” said Juno mission principal investigator Scott Bolton, according to New Scientist.

Juno was launched on Aug. 5, 2011, plus reached the planet on July 4, 2016. In addition to discovering how Jupiter’ s giant magnetic field is much stronger and more irregular than previously thought, Juno’ s onboard JunoCam has captured images of swirling cyclones that are as big as Earth, seen in this image:

If you can’ t get enough of Jupiter by just reading about it, why not have your own interactive experience with the king of all the exoplanets in our solar system?

For the rest of this week, Jupiter as well as the moon are performing a celestial “ dance” with each other shortly after sunlight goes down. If you have clear skies in your area, look toward the southeast, where the full moon will make its presence known Wednesday night. Jupiter won’ t be far away, and, in fact , on Thursday, as midnight strategies, ringed Saturn will muscle the way onto the dance ground, glowing to the lower left of the moon-Jupiter couple.

With binoculars, you should have no problem seeing the four main moons associated with Jupiter, and with a medium-power telescope, Saturn’ s rings will be noticeable. Get more info on this week’ h great skywatch at skyandtelescope. com.

Happy observing.

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