nine vital self-editing tips for bloggers

9 Vital Self-Editing Tips for Bloggers

You’ ve done the thinking, you’ ve filled the page, but is it really ready to post?

Most bloggers don’ t possess a staff to proofread every post to make sure it’ s fit to print, and that means it’ s i9000 up to you to make sure every entry can be picture perfect.

Ali Luke of Zen Optimise offers nine modifying techniques to ensure your ideas are being provided in the most polished form feasible, each and every time.

#1: Plan Before You Write

One of the best editing tips takes place before you even write your post.

By spending five to ten minutes creating a plan, you can save yourself hours of frustration aiming to whip your post into shape later…

#2: Avoid Editing While Writing

Have you ever started a blog post, got a paragraph or two in, scrapped your own introduction, started again… and then ended up bogged down mid-way?

A good plan will help a lot here, but you also need to get out of the habit of smoking of trying to perfect every phrase while you’re working on the first draft. It’s an inefficient and often frustrating way to work.

I actually wouldn’t go quite so far as Daniel Scocco, who suggests you should never hit backspace when you are writing – personally, I think it’s simply no big deal if you quickly correct a typo or occasionally restart a sentence. But at least 90% of the time, you should be making forward progress with your first draft, not going back plus rewriting.

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