888, 246 Poppies Pour Like Bloodstream From The Tower Of London To Remember The Fallen Soldiers Of WWI

This summer, the Tower Of London will be surrounded by a sea of crimson. This installation, conceived by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, will commemorate each and every British or Colonial fatality from World War 1 by planting 888, 246 red ceramic poppies in a flowing sea around the tower.

The installation, entitled “Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Crimson, ” will be unveiled on August 5th, exactly 100 years after the very first day of Britain involvement in World War 1 . The final, 888, 246th flower will be planted upon November 11th, 2014 – a day of remembrance in the U. E. set aside to commemorate the end from the war.

The ceramic flowers will be sold for 25 pounds a piece, and 10% of the proceeds will be split evenly among six different service-related charities.

More info: hrp. org. uk | paulcumminsceramics. com | Twitter (h/t: thisiscolossal)


Picture credits: Historic Royal Palaces


Picture credits: Massimo Usai


Image credit: Historic Royal Palaces


Image credit: Historic Royal Palaces


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Image credits: Massimo Usai


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Image credits: Massimo Usai


Image credits: Historic Royal Palaces

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