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Weird News 24 | The Odd News Only We Can Bring

Lady Hit In Face With Slug Reacts Just As You’d Expect

It’s all fun and games till someone gets slugged.

Sam The Missing Russian Tortoise Found After 3 Years As A Renegade

Steve went missing in 2014, and turned up just a mile from his old home.

Tweets Is Already Trolling Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci

Social media users are welcoming him to the job using their own inspiring quotes.

Scuba diving Diver Captures Humpback Whale Getting Some Magnificent Air

Just incredible!

This particular Tour De France Cyclist’s Hip and legs Are A Thing Of Horror Plus Beauty

You can’t unsee this particular.

Physicians Remove 27 Contact Lenses From Female’s Eye

In a word, “Yuck! “

Man Tennis Fan Dons Skirt To try out Wimbledon Women After Shouting Suggestions

The father of three hilariously accepted the invite by Belgium’s four-time Grand Slam winner Betty Clijsters.

Ravens Are Ridiculously Smart, Seem To Be Capable of Plan For The Future

Respect the raven.

A large number of Slime Eels Spill Onto Or Highway In Gross, Gooey Accident

Although no humans suffered major injuries in the crash, there were a high number of hagfish casualties.

Fearless Rats Are Caring For Orphan Kittens At This Magical Cat Cafe

“It seems to be both a self-comfort and a friendship connection. “