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Samantha Bee’s ‘In Memoriam’ For Roger Ailes And Bill O’Reilly Made Us Cry (Laughing)

Roger Ailes resigned from Fox Information last summer, following allegations that he sexually harassed multiple female co-workers. Then last week,   we noticed the shocking news: Bill O’ Reilly was no longer employed by Fox News, also in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Oof… sorry, just a little choked up right now.

Samantha Bee dedicated a portion during her Saturday “ Not really the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” to Ailes and O’ Reilly ― two media titans who seem to were  “ taken from us far, far too late. ”

Watch it above.

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Drinking water Skier Smacked In Crotch By Flying Fish (You’ll Feel It, Too)

Since viral videos go, this one is usually nuts.

Last week, a collegiate  water skier in Japan was smacked within the crotch by a flying fish that will jumped out of the water as he emerged by.

The skier, known as Miroku, is a member of the Waterski Team with Waseda University, according to RocketNews twenty-four.

Miroku was filmed skiing when this individual suffered the type of groin injury that can help anyone cringe.

Let’ s not keep up the particular suspense, since he posted the painful clip on Twitter.

Miroku left a comment on the Twitter post in Japan, but Google translated his remarks into one succinct sentence: “ The particular fish hit the crotch straight. ”

Google Translate isn’ t always 100 percent accurate, but we’ ll give it the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Despite the unexpected plus painful-looking injury, Miroku looks like this individual managed to stay on his skis.

Meanwhile, fans of the cringeworthy have made it into a GIF to be enjoyed for posterity.

Roll that being-beaned video:


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Comedians Trick TV Show Into Booking All of them As ‘Fitness Experts, ‘ Obtain Sued

It’ s serious: The owners of a   Wisconsin TV station are suing two comedians who pranked the particular morning news show by posing as fitness experts.

Back in November, New York-based comedians  Joe Pickett plus Nick Prueher appeared as a “ strongman duo” named Chop and Steele on “ Hello Wisconsin, ” a news program on WEAU-TV in Eau Claire.

As  “ Joe ‘ Chop’ Shopsin” and “ Nicholas ‘ Steele’ Stelling, ” the duo provided a variety of bizarre fitness tips which includes: Tennis racket sword fights.


Karate-chopping stays.


Stomping on straw baskets.


And whatever the heck this is.


Atlanta-based Grey Television, which owns WEAU-TV, will be suing Pickett and Prueher for using fake names and components to fraudulently convince station producers to book them on the show, based on the Mercury News.

They “ performed ridiculous bits and provided false information to WEAU viewers, ” the complaint states.

The two comedians don’ t deny that.

“ We resented doing promotional appearances on morning shows as ourselves so we thought it would be funny and interesting to see if we could book fake people on these morning shows, ”   Prueher informed the New York Daily News.

“ Cut and Steele” managed to get booked on seven morning shows. Prueher thinks the segments were more fun compared to if they just promoted their regular gig: The Found Footage Event, a touring show  of strange and unusual videos.

The sections were supposed to be funny, but there exists a higher purpose, according to P rueher.

“ Our prank determines the point about how easy it you should put forth fake news, ” he or she told CleveScene. com.  

Attorneys for Grey Television aren’ t commenting around the suit, but the complaint alleges the particular duo infringed on the copyright of the Nov. 29 episode of “ Hello Wisconsin, ” and is more likely to do so again unless the courtroom issues a permanent injunction, according to the Mercury News.

The suit also asks for the judgment against the  Found Footage Festival “ for any income or gains attributable to the infringement, along with compensatory and punitive problems, costs and attorneys’ fees incurred in pursuing the action plus interest. ”

Prueher told the newest York Daily News that WEAU bears at least some responsibility meant for allowing the prank to go through.

“ A simple Google search could have vetted this, ” he said.

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Cop Called To End Kids’ Dance Event Ends Up Teaching Them How To Salsa

This police officer within San Antonio, Texas, has certain got some smooth moves.

When a neighbor called cops out to shut down a children’ s dance club event that was being held in a backyard late Saturday, the unidentified officer went off script — and ended up teaching the attending youngsters tips on how to dance salsa.

See how it went down here:

Leslie Sapp, whose daughter was attending the Next Generation Dance Crew occasion, shared the above footage of the heartwarming moment to Facebook. It’ s i9000 now going viral.

“ Rather than shutting it down or even interrupting, the officer asked to play the song and then his song arrived on, and well, the video talks for itself, ” Sapp told KSAT.

The officer danced with several children and posed with all the crew once the song had ended.  

Sapp said the official had helped alter her daughter’ s perception of law enforcers.   “ As a parent, especially these days, there is a wide range of negativity in the world when it comes to cops, and he broke that stereotype, ” she said.

HuffPost has reached out for comment.

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This particular Flying Vehicle May Be Coming To A Lake Near You

As engineers tinker away at perfecting self-driving cars, Google co-founder Larry Page is preparing to release a personal traveling vehicle.

A good ultralight aircraft called the Kitty Hawk Flyer has been unveiled in a Youtube-video that shows it zipping more than a lake while commandeered by a one rider.

The particular electric, propeller-driven prototype is the function of Page’ s Silicon Valley startup company, Kitty Hawk, which announced that the vehicle will go on sale afterwards this year.

“ As you can see it’ s a bit rough around the edges, but i was so excited to show you its features that we didn’ t want to wait until we finished its style. The consumer version will be available right at the end of this year, ” the company states on its website.

The prototype can fly up to 15 feet in höhe and can land vertically, eliminating a need for a runway, according to the press release by the company.   The brand new York Times, which got the sneak peek at the aircraft, explained the Kitty Hawk Flyer as sounding like a “ speedboat. ”

No pilot’ s license or registration is needed to operate the aircraft, according to the corporation citing the Federal Aviation Administration’ s ruling on Ultralight automobiles.   The Flyer’ s use is limited to “ uncongested areas” over freshwater, however. (Yes, this means no flying over lanes of stalled traffic. )

As for a price, a number has yet to be released. People who sign up for Kitty Hawk’ s Flyer Discovery Membership do receive a $2, 000 discount and placement on the product’ s wait list, according to Kitty Hawk’ s website.

Many other queries remain unanswered, including how fast it can go and how long the battery’ s charge would final. The Times reported that today’ ersus batteries are unable to support trips up to 30 to 50 miles.

A Kitty Hawk spokesperson, reached by HuffPost simply by email on Monday, said they’ re unable to release more details at the moment.

The final store product is promised to have a different design than the prototype seen in the video released this week. The Times reported that it will also be a bit quieter.

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Cute Portraits Explore The Lives Of Big-City Shop Cats

Tamar Arslanian knows that shop cats aren’ t just cute, they can play a vital role in a city like New York that can really feel a bit cold and brutal at times.

It all began when she started posting pictures of two shop cats in her neighborhood — Jack, who lives at a wine shop and Kitty, who resides at a pilates studio — on social media, plus was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm plus interest of her fellow New Yorkers. Many of them had favorite local shop cats of their own.

“ It’ s i then began to realize how pervasive store cats were in the city, and the important role they played in including a touch of warmth – a sense of neighborhood even – in a place that can sometimes feel overwhelming and impersonal, ” she told HuffPost within an email.

That realization inspired Arslanian to write “ Shop Cats of New York, ” a book that explores the lesser-known lives of the city’ s many adored felines. She teamed up with photographer Andrew Marttila, who shot gorgeous portraits of the book’ t furry stars.

Arslanian had some important criteria for which cats she incorporated.

“ First and foremost, I wanted to to feel assured the cats were well looked after and beloved, ” she said.

As it ends up, she was pleasantly surprised by just exactly how great the cats’ lives appeared to be.

“ Our biggest ‘ ah ha’ had been realizing the level of stimulation and interest these cats received in comparison to the majority of house cats, mine included, ” she said. “ I see the cats for about an hour before work and a few hours in the evenings throughout the week, but I can’ big t say I’ m actively playing together for very long. It made me personally realize the level of enrichment these pet cats were receiving on a daily basis. In some ways they could be viewed as having fuller lives than most cats living in more traditional homes. ”

That’ s one reason why Arslanian would like to see more animal shelters and rescue groups be open to adopting out pet cats to businesses, not just traditional homes.

“ Businesses could be vetted as are most adopters, and assessed to ensure the business plus cat are a good fit for just one another, ” she said, noting that of course not all cats possess personalities that would be suited to that atmosphere.

See a choice of Marttila’ s photos from the guide below.

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Thomas Reynolds Has A Very Normal Reaction To Fan’s Butt Tattoo

If Ryan Reynolds didn’ t know who his the majority of devoted fan was before, he sure does now.

On Thursday, the actor happened upon a tweet delivered by a die-hard “ Deadpool”   fan back in March. But it wasn’ t any old fanboy tweet.

The tweet integrated a picture of the name “ THOMAS REYNOLDS” tattooed on the fan’ ersus bare butt, printed in dark and red with  Comic Sans font.

That butt belongs to 18-year-old Dustin, who spoke with The Huffington Post on the condition that his last name, unlike his rear end,   be censored.

“ As some who’ s interested in pursuing acting as a career, Thomas Reynolds happens to be quite the inspiration of mine, ” Dustin informed HuffPost. “ I think he’ ersus an incredibly versatile and well-rounded actor or actress and I hope I can get to that point one day as well. Not to mention, he’ s just a great dude; he’ s i9000 selfless, passionate, and hilarious. ”

When Reynolds’ saw Dustin’ s booty-ful tribute on Thursday, he reacted the way any mature person would ― with horror.

This particular butt tattoo story began in early March when Dustin first suggested his idea.

Replying to one of Reynolds’ twitter posts, Dustin wrote, “ if you like this particular i’ ll tattoo your name on my butt. ”

True to his Sort Wilson character, Reynolds read the tweet and tapped the  “ like” button.

“ I honestly wasn’ t as well surprised that he liked my authentic tweet because I’ ve noticed that he likes fan’ s twitter posts sometimes, ” Dustin told HuffPost.

With the actor’ s blessing, Dustin had to reckon with the concept of a brand new tattoo and the people associated with Twitter didn’ t fail him.

“ After he liked my tweet people were tweeting me, not believing that I would actually do it, ” Dustin said. “ So naturally, I had formed to. ”

Dustin even reached out to his followers to choose what type of font need to forever mark his body. These people chose Comic Sans because “ it’ s the only way you can truly capture [Ryan Reynolds’] essence. ”  

Then Dustin took his ask for to tattoo artist Chris Bath at Cherry Hill Tattoo in Naples, Florida, and followed through with his pledge.

Dustin’ s Twitter picture, appropriately captioned “ your wish is the command, ” marks the end of this tattoo tale.

And if you’ re curious when Dustin regrets his decision in order to permanently mark his derriè re with Ryan Reynolds’ name, rest assured he’ s convinced he produced the right decision.

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Billy Bush’s Creepy Instagram Video Displays He Desperately Wants To Be Back In the news

Billy Bush apparently will do anything to get back on TV ― even humiliate himself with an Instagram video clip that can only be described as “ creepy. ”

The video posted on Wednesday displays the former “ Access Hollywood” and “ Today Show” personality getting a haircut while singing an odd ode to himself that seems to be a rewrite of “ Take a look at Me, I’ m Sandra Dee” from “ Grease. ”

Look at me, I’ m Billy B. / Trying to get back in the news / My hair is long and flat / And makes me look fat / And am can’ t be — I’ m Billy B.

Simple words don’ t do it proper rights.


Time for a haircut with my beloved @tommy_cyr.

The post shared by William Rose bush (@billybush) on

Bush was canned from “ The Today Show” in October after a 2005 hot-mic recording demonstrated him engaging in the vulgar conversation with then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The recording is notorious for Trump’ s comments that a star can do anything with a lady even “ grab them with the pussy. ”

A day after the recording became public, Bush apologized, saying  he was “ embarrassed and ashamed, ” and added, “ I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing together. I’ m very sorry. ”

It should be noted that while Bush dropped his $3. 5 million a year job because of the recording, Trump has been elected president a couple of weeks later.

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Oklahoma Police Chief Gives Himself A Ticket For Speeding

An Oklahoma police chief just gave himself a $300 ticket for speeding.

“ I am creating to inform everyone that I, Chief Burch, was breaking the law by speeding on 103rd St . N, ”   Chief Justin Burch wrote over the Sperry Police Department’s Facebook web page.

Sperry, which usually had a population of 1, 206 as of the 2010 census,   is located just north of Tulsa.

“ A resident made a complaint about it and am acknowledge that I was wrong in traveling at 75 and eighty mph, ” he wrote, incorporating:

“ I did have a reason for in a hurry, but my speeds were not reasonable. I am holding myself accountable just as anyone else would have to be. I have written myself a citation and will be paying it just like almost every other citizen. I regret my actions and I sincerely apologize. ”

KTUL, the local ABC station, said the person who complained caught the chief speeding on video and sent it in anonymously.   The station asked Burch if he would have created the ticket without the video evidence.  

“ You know, honestly, probably not, ” this individual said. “ But just like anyone else who did get captured, I need to be held accountable for our actions. ”

Burch said the ticket will cost him $300.  

The chief’ s Facebook post has received dozens of comments, including many that praised their honesty.

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The particular Eggplant Emoji Has Found The True Purpose As A Vibrator

The dependable  eggplant emoji will be staple of sexting ― plus arguably, one of the hardest working emojis in the game. (Try subbing in a banana or hot dog emoji instead; it’ s just not the same. ) 

Thanks to a brand new vibrator called the Emojibator, the emoji can be there for you in real life, too:  

A post shared simply by Emojibator (@emojibator) on

Here’ s a whole pack of ‘ em:

All natural, locally grown, euphoric eggplants.

A post shared by Emojibator (@emojibator) on

The cheeky, waterproof dildo includes 10 vibration settings. Additionally, it comes in a chili pepper-inspired design, if you can handle spicy:  

We obtained a spicy little treat for you personally.

A post shared by Emojibator (@emojibator) on

The particular emoji-emulating products cost $32  each.

Emojibator TOP DOG Jamie Jandler told The Huffington Post that when he first brainstormed the product, he thought of it a lot more of a joke than anything else.

“ I wanted to surprise people but then I realized that an eggplant emoji vibrator not just had the ability to get people speaking about sex, but the potential to destigmatize masturbation, especially in the U. S., ” he said.

As for which toy is more sought after, the eggplant may be the original emojibator, but the chili sex toy is rapidly eclipsing it in popularity.  

“ We’ ve actually heard more and more the chili pepper is the preferred stimulator, ” Jandler said. “ It’ s curved shape and versatile tip allow for increased pleasure. ”

Eggplant Friday will never be the same.

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