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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Went Down During That Oscars Gaffe

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel  shared his take on the Best Image gaffe  during   Monday’ s broadcast of “ Due to jimmy kimmel Live!. ”  

The comedian described the moment that “ La La Land” was mistakenly announced as the champion of the 2017 award instead of “ Moonlight” as “ the weirdest TV finale since ‘ Dropped. ’ ”

Kimmel also explained how he or she was due to end the display sitting in the audience next to actor Matt Damon. But amid “ mass confusion, ” he took to the stage and stood there “ like an idiot feeling harmful to these guys, but also trying really hard to not laugh, to be honest. ”

Check out his entire description in the clip above.

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Watch A Firefighter Bust Through An Frozen Lake To Save Trapped Dog

People are applauding the bravery of a Boston firefighter who on Thursday night saved the life of a dog that will had fallen into an iced-over pond.

Passerby Emily Andrea Robertson used her smartphone to film the dramatic rescue of the dog, named Maggie.

“ I actually almost didn’ t walk the way I did on the pond but I’ m glad I did! ” Robertson wrote on Facebook. “ I saw Maggie had broken through the glaciers and her owner, William had been shouting for her. Ran over and took off my boots and prepared to go in if she went under (I know it’ s not as well deep over there because I’ ve been wading there) but the ice broke pretty quickly underfoot so I decided to call 911. ”

Boston Fire Department spokesman Steven MacDonald told the Boston Globe that the preliminary call indicated that a person acquired fallen into the water, and that this became clear when firefighters appeared that a dog was actually at risk. It’ s unclear if the call MacDonald was referring to was the one made by Robertson.

Nonetheless, a firefighter decked away in a survival suit used the hook to break the ice surrounding Maggie and carried her to safety, Patch reports.

Robertson also posted some post-rescue images of Maggie. MacDonald told the Globe that the dog appeared “ fine” after the ordeal.

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Someone Recut ‘La La Land’ Like a David Lynch Movie, And It’s Terrifying

“ La La Land” isn’ big t so dreamy any more.

The Oscar-nominated musical receives a dark makeover in this spoof trailer, which imagines how the movie would’ ve turned out experienced it been directed by Brian Lynch.

You know, the filmmaker behind such macabre masterpieces as “ Mulholland Drive, ” “ Blue Velvet” and  “ Eraserhead. ”

Those endearing whistles from Ryan Gosling’ s character Sebastian suddenly audio real sinister as his like story with Emma Stone’ s character Mia takes an unexpected twist.

Mashable’ s YouTube channel CineFix posted the haunting clip online Wed.  

Check out the full “ trailer” above.

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Billboard Proclaiming Role Of ‘Real’ Men And Women Sows A Sexist Mystery

A billboard in North Carolina declares a very strong opinion on “ real” men and women ― and it has many people talking about gender roles and loved ones households.

The billboard along a Winston-Salem freeway reads in large print, with no other context: “ Real males provide. Real women appreciate it. ”

An private group leased the billboard  regarding at least 30 days, The Associated Press reported.

Bill Whiteheart, president of the marketing company that owns the billboard, told CNN the group that  bought the $2, 000 ad space  wants to stay anonymous.  

“ We’ lso are not supportive of or in opposition to the message, ” Whiteheart informed CNN.   “ We’ re just the messenger. ”

The billboard’ s message, however , has offended some local residents. Boutique owner Molly Elegance has created a Facebook event scheduled for Sunday morning to protest the billboard.

“ I take it as a extremely deliberate jab at women who also demand equality and demand to be seen as equals and those who are singing, ” Grace told local news station WXII-12. “ To me, it’ s also a very blatant statement about wanting to silence women and inform them to accept the way that things are usually. ”

But not everyone thinks the sign is offensive. In fact , Grace’ h Facebook event page has become a platform for debate on what the sign actually means.

Some argue that the sign devalues women who are breadwinners  for their families and single women who give themselves. Others say the sign appears to be a derogatory statement against  men who don’ t give their families.  

“ I would assume if you a new husband that loves you and appreciates you and showed it enough to hold your family and kids, that you would appreciate it, ” resident Nathan Walin told WHNT News 19. “ I don’ t know why that would be offensive.

Heated discussions on the Facebook event page often touch on the lifestyle choices of single mothers, stay-at-home mothers and single working females. Grace clarified on Facebook that Sunday’ s protest is about the particular sign’ s “ choice of words. ”

“ The sentiment that has upset SO many people… is the notion that these roles, to the billboard at least, are limited by their own assigned gender, ”   Grace  wrote  on the Facebook event page.

Whiteheart, who owns the billboard, said an statement about the billboard would be coming. He or she didn’ t elaborate,   based on AP.

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Musician Accused Of Getting Onstage Enema Throughout Cancer Benefit

A Houston musician is usually under fire for reportedly offering himself an enema during a functionality and then emptying his bowels onstage.

However , the artist tells The Huffington Blog post that’ s a bunch of crap. He or she admits to getting an enema, but says the material that spewed on the stage was just a protein shake in a leaky bag.

The scatological scandal took place Friday at Avant Garden  during a cancer benefit for a nearby artist. One of the bands scheduled to execute was Sonic Rabbit Hole, a two-piece noise rock act which includes elements of performance art.

Singer Michael Clemmons said he and his partner, who has not really been identified, decided an onstage enema would be the perfect statement against the venue, where they’ ve acquired issues in the past.

“ It didn’ t possess anything to do with the person with cancer, ” Clemmons told HuffPost. “ It was a statement towards the venue that ‘ You’ lso are not avant-garde. ’ ”

During the performance, Clemmons took a bag filled with the particular protein shake, pulled down their pants and, with the help of his bandmate, administered it into his nether regions.

“ We’ re were going to do an endurance piece, ” he explained. “ I’ d possess the enema, do some light calisthenics and find out how long I’ d last before I had to go and then run to the restroom. ”

Alas,   both the bag and hose pipe leaked, causing the contents to spill out onto the stage just before it could go into Clemmons’ keister.

But  Avant Garden owner Mariana Lemesoff tells a different story: It was poop that covered her stage, not proteins shake.

“ My bartender was sickness behind the bar, ” the girl told HuffPost. “ Plus, it was indecent exposure. They made functionality art look bad. ”

Lemesoff went into more detail for local station KPRC.

“ It was disgusting, it was a wellness hazard, ”   she said. “ Everybody at that point was really surprised and then he proceeded to defecate on the stage and splatter waste everywhere. ”

Lemesoff said the girl staff spent hours cleaning up after Clemmons, and says there was fecal matter covering the bathroom floor and splattered against the wall.

“ My staff stayed and cleaned up their particular disgusting mess until four in the morning, ” she told the Houston Press.  

Clemmons said he did evacuate himself in the bathroom, but made sure to get rid of afterwards.

He also says he planned to clean up any clutter, but didn’ t get the possibility because the owner was angry.

“ My art is about ‘ so what can you get away with and why? ’ ” he said. “ I don’ t know how to rewrite it the right way, but I do our art and I don’ t bargain. ”

To demonstrate his art, Clemmons provided this video to Huffington Post of an earlier performance. Hint: He’ s the one in the cage.

Meanwhile, Friday’ s incident is raising such a smell in Houston that Clemmons can be calling himself “ one of the most loved and hated people in America, ” the statement that seems a teensy-weensy bit hyperbolic.

“ Some people want to sign me because of it, ” he mentioned.

Lemesoff told KTRK TV that the performance was an  act of vandalism that “ conveyed no artistic expression, and was particularly inappropriate for a charity event.

She said the venue was  forced to near, which meant the fundraiser didn’ t make as much money since intended.

A GoFundMe account has been setup to make up those funds and it has raised $1, 285 towards a goal of $100, 000.

Clemmons believes his “ pooformance” actually helped increase more money for the charity than anyone expected, since the original goal from the event was $1, 000.

Lemesoff confirmed the $1, 000 goal in order to HuffPost and says the GoFundMe page has raised more than that, but said people lost profit tips, sales of painting in the onsite art gallery and time in cleaning the mess.

Despite his newfound notoriety, Clemmons plans to bag similar shows.

“ I’ m not a one-trick-pony, ” he or she said. “ You’ ll in no way see Michael Clemmons with an enema bag again. ”

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The particular Tiny Donald Trump Meme Just Got Taken To The Next Level

Introducing #TinyTrump: The shifting picture sequel.

Internet users collectively LOL’ ed a week ago when Photoshopped images  of a miniaturized version of President Donald Trump going about his daily business went viral.

YouTube channel Evil Ice Cream Pictures has now taken the meme to another level by giving the concept a video makeover.  

“ We saw all those stills associated with Tiny Trump and were like that’ s cool but why not do it in motion, a. k. a. next level meme it, ” the YouTubers posted upon Sunday. “ Wait, we could accomplish that. So we did. ”

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Jesse Cassidy Slurs His Words And Falls Off Stage During Functionality

Saturday was a rough night for David Cassidy, who dropped off stage during a performance in Agoura, California.

TMZ posted a  fan-shot movie of the former “ Partridge Family” star,   who repeatedly slurred his words as both spoke and sang, told the crowd long, rambling stories, and frequently did not remember the lyrics to his songs. The 66-year-old was also seen falling backward off the stage with his guitar buckled around his body.

Another fan-shot video captured the singer hitting himself in the face with a microphone after he struggled to remove it from its stand.  

Cassidy announced earlier this month that he was retiring after 50 years in show business, which he reiterated to the crowd at Saturday’ ersus show.

The particular singer previously admitted he challenges with alcoholism, and has been arrested for driving under the influence multiple times.  

Request for comment made to Cassidy’ s rep has yet to be returned at this time.  

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Somebody Dumped 1, 000 Tiny Chicks In A Field And Left Them To Die

Animal welfare workers in eastern England are investigating after someone heartlessly discontinued around 1, 000 day-old chicks in a field.

An inspector for your Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals   (RSPCA) said he’ deb “ never seen anything like it” when he was called by concerned passersby on Friday to the “ sea of yellow” birds that had been dumped near Peterborough.

“ The chicks are just about a day old and are really tiny and quite delicate, ” the inspector, Justin Stubbs, stated via a statement.  

Sadly, this individual revealed that some of the birds had been either already dead or in such bad health by the time of their discovery that they had to be put down.

“ Fortunately, most of the chicks did not appear to be struggling, ” he added.

With temperatures dipping, members of the public helped gather the birds into boxes so that they could huddle up for warmth.

RSPCA officials said they believed the chicks came from a nearby commercial chick producer and were departed from “ by a third-party. ”

The producer is helping the agency with its investigation and afterwards came to collect the surviving birds and took them back to their own unit, officials said.

“ These tiny birds wouldn’ t have got survived long out on their own from such a young age and in such unpredictable weather conditions, ” added Stubbs. “ For someone to dump these susceptible chicks is unbelievable. ”

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Scarier Than ‘Psycho’: Twitter Erupts Over Trump’s ‘Bats**t’ Press Conference

President Donald Trump’ s combative news conference on Thursday obtained a YUGE reaction on social media marketing,   and the reviews weren’ t exactly glowing.  

Here’ s a sampling:  

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Man With Car Sex Fetish Allegedly Steals 4 Cars For Pleasure Ride

He’ s auto control!

A Michigan man awaiting trial on charges that he used a county-owned vehicle with regard to sexual gratification has now been falsely accused of stealing four cars for a joy ride. Police don’ to believe he sexually gratified themselves in the more recent incident.

Jordan Haskins, of Saginaw, was jailed on Valentine’ s i9000 Day on 7 felony charges related to a Feb. 6 incident where he allegedly required the cars from an auto dealership in Thomson Township on some outrageous rides.

“ This person got some vehicles from the body shop and drove around the back lot area, damaging the vehicles and jumping over hills, ” Thomas Township Police Sgt. Al Fong told MLive. com. “ It had been a joy ride. ”

Haskins has been charged with five counts of unlawfully driving away an automobile, one count malicious destruction of residence and one count breaking and entering into a building with intent to commit theft. He is being held within the Saginaw County Jail on $40, 000 bond.

Haskins was already facing  charges in relation to a November occurrence that was slightly kinkier.

Investigators stated the 26-year-old Haskins stole the county-owned vehicle and damaged it in order to engage in a sexual fetish called “ cranking. ”

Haskins allegedly told police he likes to pull spark plug wires through cars to make the vehicle run rough, and says the sound helps your pet climax, according to MLive.

He was also caught twice in 2010 for allegedly entering the Saginaw County Mosquito Control to masturbate inside cars, and when in 2011 for breaking into a brake shop in a similar incident.

Sexologist Susan Prevent, Ph. D. told the Impartial in an unrelated article that  [t]he ‘ vroom’ of the engine reminds [men] of their own libidos being revved upward by this hot woman. ”

Haskins’ particular kink became a public issue in 2014 when he ran for the Michigan State Legislature as a Republican.   He had not been elected, but told reporters throughout the campaign he was trying to learn through his mistakes.

His other political activity has included  speaking out against an anti-LGBT-discrimination bill presented by the Saginaw City Council. In 2014, he or she characterized himself on Facebook because “ lead the effort to fend off the homosexual movement. ”  

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