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Donald Trump Lets Bygones Be Bygones In New Year’s Tweet (Just Kidding! )

President-elect Donald Trump is putting the “ dip” in diplomacy, if his New Year’ s Eve tweet is any kind of indication.

The Donald has decided to ring in the New Year with a heartfelt twitter update wishing good tidings to all.

Just kidding! That could have been the respectful thing for that soon-to-be leader of the free planet to do. Instead, he posted a bitter pill.  

Most political figures are savvy enough to just problem a blanket “ Happy New Year” without calling out the haters.

Also Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, whom threatened to throw corrupt authorities out of a plane earlier this year, found a way to simply wish people “ Happy New Year” without any passive-aggressive digs.

The very first line of Duterte’ s tweet beneath roughly translates as:  

“ Happy New Year to all associated with you, from me, my family and servants in the government. ”


Meanwhile, Trump’ s twisted tweet ― submitted at 5: 17 a. meters. ― sent a message that he will never be letting go of 2016’ s i9000 slights for the greater goal of running the country in 2017.

At least that’ s i9000 how it was interpreted by many.

(h/t: RawStory)

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These 15 Viral Beauty Tricks Made 2016 Even Weirder

Yes, 2016 was weird. And it had the beauty trends to match. Luckily, nothing lasts forever, even if those 100 coats of nail polish videos felt like they might.

As the year comes to an end, there’s no better time to revisit the trends that inspired a whole lot of head scratching, wonderment and just as many YouTube tutorials. 

Check them out below and stay weird, beauty lovers. 

1. Succulent nails

Feeling just like summer today #arozona#succulent#xerographica#succulentnails#succulentnailart#nails#naildesigns#nailart#nailswag#nailstagram#botanicalart#succulove#succulentcity#leafandclay#featuresucculentart#succulentmani

A photo posted by Arozona (@arozona) on

Because the only thing more painfully hip than nail art is succulent nail art.

2. KFC’s chicken-flavored nail polish.

Edible, chicken-flavored and oh so weird. 

3. The V-Steam.

This Gwyneth Paltrow-approved treatment involves a tube that blows hot steam onto your vagina that allegedly “balances female hormone levels” (dubious). We’re not so sure about paying upward of $50 to give our vaginas steam “facials,” but who are we to judge!

4. Hologram lips. 

"Omg these #SigmaBeauty #LipSwitch glosses are my new fav! So happy my video picks up the colour shifting, holographic, chameleon goodness!" @chloemorello Hurry, only a few quantities left! Shop now at the #linkinbio. // #SigmaBeauty

A video posted by (@sigmabeauty) on

OK, this one, that requires just one $14 lip gloss, is just as cool as it is weird. 

5. Lisa Frank hair. 

Because rainbows make everyone smile. #lyssdidmyhair #rainbowhair #hairvideo #allthecolors #lisafrankhair

A video posted by Connecticut Hairstylist (@lysseon) on

The Lisa Frank obsession this year prompted a clothing line, coloring books and this mesmerizing, psychedelic trend in hair dye. Rainbow hair isn’t necessarily weird, but the fact that it’s inspired by 90s-era school stationary is a little unusual. 

6. Crystal lips. 

Amethyst Geode . #lipart #amethyst . . . . #lotd #motd #lips #lipstick #lipstickjunkie #creativemakeup #makeupart #makeupartist #mua #nycmua #promua #pout #purple #crystals #makeupjunkie #slave2beauty #lovewhatido #wakeupandmakeup #lipstutorial #nyc #photoshoot #jewelryaddict #instabeauty #instamakeup #beyoubyjoh

A photo posted by Johannah (@beyou.byjoh) on

They’re made using “heavy glitter, base color and clear gloss” and they are so intense. 

7. 100 layers videos.

Starting with “polish mountain,” beauty vloggers spent hours of their lives in 2016 demonstrating what 100 layers of mascara, foundation and liquid lipstick look like (to name a few). Jenna Marbles took it about 500 steps further when she did them all, plus hairspray and false lashes, because why not?

8. The edible chocolate manicure. 

EDIBLE CHOCOLATE NAILS! I went a bit crazy in my latest video but you guys are awesome and seem to like it anyway ❤️. Link is in my bio .

A photo posted by Jessie – Nailed It NZ (@naileditnz) on

OK, this mani made with icing may have been a joke, but that didn’t make it any less weird (or fun to watch).

9. Nutella hair dye.

#nutellachocolate & #milkshake #caramel #haircolortransformation by salon abed & samer @abedallahitani @samermishreff @abedandsamerbeautysalon book your appointments now for the latest trendy looks. Life is not perfect but we make sure that your hair can be! #hairvideo #haircolor #hairdo #hudabeauty #hairextension #hairstyles #haircolor #abedallahitani #hairfashion #hairclip #hairdubai #hairegypt #hairlondon #haircanada #france #italy #bahrain #america#styleartists#abedallahitani #samermishreff #abedandsamerbeautysalon

A video posted by Abed (@abedallahitani) on

As if we needed another reason to idolize Nutella: it allegedly lightens hair (we are highly skeptical) in addition to being the most delightful snack on the planet. Have we mentioned we’re skeptical? Of course, pretending to use Nutella as a hair dye would be pretty weird too.

10. Cheeto Curls. 

YouTuber Grav3yardgirl actually achieved some enviable ringlets from wrapping her hair in puffy Cheetos, but we’d still advise against trying this one at home. 

11. Penis-imprinted highlighters.

Back in stock Deep Throat, and king Dong highlighters. Press link on top #highlighters #highlighter #makeup #cosmetics #dick #kimk #penis #lipstick #bsc #mac #blush

A photo posted by bsc (@bsccosmetics) on

Makeup brand Bitch Slap Cosmetics crafted these genitalia-themed highlighters that no one ever asked for.

12. Neck contouring.

So… Will this be a new trend? What do you guys think? #neckcontour ( @mwhairstyles) #fdbeauty

A video posted by Female Daily Network (@femaledailynetwork) on

Maybe useful for a red carpet you’re planning to walk down backward? Otherwise, this one just seems difficult to maneuver and a waste of time. 

13. Boob masks.

heart-shaped beauty masks… for your tiddies… i couldnt help myself #OHmyBusty #amiprettyyet #beauty #skincare #beautycare #beautymask #pretty #puresmile #japan #cosme #skin #chest #decollete #pastie #pale #girly #heartshaped

A photo posted by Deanna ディアナ (@deannacosplay) on

You know those sheet masks you put on your face? Well, these are those but for boobs. They even have nipple cutouts. Reminder: Your boobs are perfect the way they are, sheet mask or otherwise. 

14. Glow-in-the-dark hair.

I can't sleep at night because it's too bright @hairbesties_ Have you seen the Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair video on my YouTube channel? Link on my bio #Neonmania #NeonHairBattle @kenraprofessional @arianasin @angelicasalek

A photo posted by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang) on

Celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang created this high-octane dye job that legit glows in the dark. Black lights have never been more needed.

15. Vagasil as a primer. 

Vagisil treats yeast infections, sure, but its ingredients do wonders for filling in your fine lines and acting as a great base for makeup, according to a bunch of beauty bloggers. 

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Professional Kumail Nanjiari Chronicles Flier Who else De-Pants Until He Deplanes

There’ s i9000 an unspoken decorum in aircraft cabins that keeps all people relatively comfortable. Some individuals, however , don’ t think the rules of typical courtesy apply to them.

Comedian  Kumail Nanjiani, costar of the HBO series “ Silicon Valley, ” was recently sitting down near one such deplorable, who made a decision that a 5 1/2-hour flight will be the appropriate time to strip down to your own skivvies and spread eagle.

“ I was on a plane a couple of days ago, ” Nanjiani tweeted Wednesday. “ A guy took off his jeans and lounged about in his boxers with his feet up on the wall. ”

The culprit, Nanjiani later clarified, was seated at the front of the plane, “ so if you walked onto the airplane, you would be greeted by this rebellious fleshy V. ”

The man reportedly took his pants off within the first 20 minutes of the air travel and had his feet up for four hours before a flight worker asked him to put his bare legs back on the ground.

After a “ 40-second stare down” between the man and the attendant, the man complied, according to Nanjiani.

But only for a flash.

Nanjiani declared that, after five minutes, the man thrust one foot back up against the wall, “ like a fist raised against an unjust sky. ”

Pants (or lack thereof) aside, Nanjiani also claimed that this man was impolite to airline staff.

The man stood in front of the door during pre-boarding for 30 minutes plus, at one point, said, “ I can’ t wait to get in there and get my pants away from, ” as people in wheelchairs rolled around him, Nanjiani tweeted.

The professional also said that the man slammed their fist on the armrest if he or she failed to get the flight attendant’ s attention during the flight.

During his tweet thunderstorm, Nanjiani called attention to the colored lights that can be seen near the man’ s boxer-clad crotch, which produced some of his Twitter followers believe he or she was on a Virgin Airlines airline flight.

However , these people weren’ t on a Virgin plane and those lights weren’ t through the plane. The light  ― which usually, according to Nanjiani’ s video evidence, flashed various colors ― had been from the man’ s USB phone chrgr.

“ Ppl think it’ s Virgin. It’ s not! His USB phone chrgr made disco lights the whole time, bathing his thighs in whites, blues, greens, ” the professional explained.

Unfortunately for Nanjiani and his fellow passengers, this story failed to have a happy ending, and justice was never served.  

The bare-thighed guy waited until the plane had already started its descent to stand, “ in defiance of decency & lighted seatbelt signs, ” and put his pants back upon.

Nanjiani was understandably perplexed when he saw that the pantless criminal suffered no consequences after driving people to deal with his “ hairy thigh V. ”  

The actor did find a small irony within the whole ordeal, particularly in the man’ s choice of movie.

When other comedy writer Dan Harmon asked yourself (tweeted) whether this pants-defying guy was a villain or hero, Nanjiani was quick to explain the unwritten rules of air travel.

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Chapel Mistakes Tupac Shakur’s ‘Hail Mary’ For Catholic Prayer

Let’ s pray this doesn’ t happen again.

There was mass confusion at a Christmas service in Sri Lanka once the program featured the words to Tupac Shakur’ s 1997 song, “ Hail Mary, ” instead of the conventional Catholic prayer, according to multiple reports.

The service took place on December 11 within Colombo, but pictures of the plan went viral during the Christmas vacation.  

Since the Guardian notes, both the “ Are Mary” prayer and Tupac Shakur’ s rap song ask Mother Mary to intercede on behalf of sinners, but they differ greatly on the details.

The plea, which is based on two passages from St . Luke’ s Gospel, goes like this:

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit associated with thy womb, Jesus. Holy Jane, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.  

Shakur’ s version is more specific, with lines like,  

I ain’ t a monster, but don’ t push me
Revenge is much like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy
Image paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted
Peeped the weakness in the rap online game and sewed it.

Andrew Choksy attended the service plus recognized the Shakur song instantly.

“ A lot of people were in shock as whether it was a joke or someone would actually rap the music, ” he told Mashable. “ A few of the older ladies in front of us could not stop looking at the imprinted booklet. ”

Organizers discovered the mistake prior to the service began and asked for the particular books back,   according to Father Da Silva of  the particular Archdiocese of Colombo, which wear the event.

“ The page is at the middle of the booklet, ” De uma Silva told CNN. “ When people looked at this page, they saw it before the start of the show. Two people saw it and alerted us to it. ”

Da Silva said the printer was a young boy who downloaded the wrong version.

“ We are very sorry to say that this happened, ” he mentioned.

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Tweeters Mock Donald Trump’s ‘Lazy Screencap’ Christmas Message

Twitter users couldn’ t resist poking fun at Donald Trump’ s  Christmas tweet over the weekend.

The president-elect wished his supporters “ Merry Christmas” on Weekend morning with what appeared to be a  picture of just himself walking past a Christmas tree, with his closed fist raised and clenched:

He followed it up five hrs with this message:

While some tweeters thanked PEOTUS for his festive wishes, several poured scorn on the image.  

One dubbed it a “ lazy screencap” and dozens of others questioned why his wife, Melania Trump, and other family members weren’ capital t included in the shot.  

Why the hell would certainly your Christmas picture be you, alone, making a tiny fist? ” asked one user.   Here are some of the most popular replies we’ ve seen so far:

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=585f7d3ae4b0d9a594588ed2, 585f6fd9e4b0de3a08f59210, 585f9ab6e4b0de3a08f5943a

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Folks are Tweeting All The Bizarre Ways Their Pets Celebrate The Holidays

How do animals celebrate the holiday season? Mostly by messing with your stuff and waiting for food to hit the ground, according to people sharing their experiences on Twitter.

The  #HowPetsCelebrateTheHolidays  hashtag is filled with cute animals hoping for that turkey to fall off the plate or making wrapping presents even more complicated than it already is. There are even a few cats who seem mostly OK with the hats they’ ve been forced to wear.

Here are some of the favorite posts that we’ ve seen so far:

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Bob Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Disclose The Most Adventurous Places They’ve Got Sex

People just can’ t stop discussing Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’ s sex scene(s) in their brand new movie “ Passengers. ”

During a recent job interview with the two on Friday, Australian radio show hosts from “ KIIS Summer Fling” brought up the particular scene as a way to ask the stars about their personal sex lives.  

“ What’ s the most adventurous place you’ ve had sex, possibly of you? ” host Sophie Monk asked.  

“ Airplane, ” Pratt answered, before throwing in a joke about the logistics of doing such a matter. “ I hung from the ceiling by my feet, like a softball bat. ”  

Lawrence insisted that she was much more cautious about doing this kind of thing, telling the radio show “ I don’ t really have everything, I like being safe. ”  

The 26-year-old added, “ That’ s exactly what really turns me on,   feeling safe. ”

In order to deal with the intercourse scene in the movie ― her first “ real” on-screen sex scene ever ― Lawrence revealed that she prepared for it simply by drinking lots of alcohol.  

“ I got really, really drunk. However that led to more anxiety while i got home because I was such as, ‘ What have I done? I don’ t know, ’ ” the actress said within an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this past year.  

The girl continued, saying, “ And he has been married. And it was going to be our first time kissing a married guy, and guilt is the worst feeling in your stomach. And I knew it was my job, but I couldn’ t tell my stomach that. ”  

“ Passengers” is in theaters everywhere now.  

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Large Panda Playtime Doesn’t End Nicely For Snowman

Toronto Zoo’ s giant panda, Da Mao, is known for his love of snow. He requires full advantage of Toronto’ s winter months by  slipping and sliding  down snowy hills and  making the most of his freshly powdered habitat.

This year, his keepers constructed him a snowy companion  ―  but the friendship didn’ t last long.

According to a YouTube video’ s description, zookeepers built the snowman for Da Mao “ for enrichment. ” But what starts off as play quickly ends in destruction.

“ Watch as he performs with, or rather disassembles, their particular creation, ” the zoo had written.

Eight-year-old De uma Mao is one of two pandas at the Toronto Zoo.   Many remaining wild pandas live in temperate mountain ranges in China, but Da Mao has adapted well to the cold climate of Toronto.

Good news regarding Da Mao. Bad news intended for snowmen.

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Whitened House Staff Pranks President Obama With Creepy Snowmen

Some people are creeped out by clowns, but Barack Obama gets the willies from snowmen.

The White House staff used that information to play a devilish prank on the president last week.

A few weeks ago, Obama admitted to People magazine that he’ s not a fan of the decorative snowmen set up in the White Home during the holiday season.

“ There’ s an entire kind of Chucky element to them, ” he said, referring to the popular horror film character.   “ They’ re a little scary. ”

First lady Michelle Obama then joked about putting one of the snowmen in their bedroom, to which the president replied,   “ I might move. If I see one of those snowmen in my bedroom, I’ m moving. ”  

That hasn’ t occurred, but the comment did inspire the particular White House staff to see just how creeped out Obama was simply by those snowmen.

White House photographer Pete Souza  explained the prank on his Instagram page,   supplying some visual aids.  

Waiting for some snow.

A photo published by Pete Souza (@petesouza) upon

Staffers noticed there was a family of snowmen in the Rose Garden near the Oval Office.

“ After that we realized the snowmen had been too heavy to easily lift, ” Souza wrote on Instagram. “ But finally this morning before the Chief executive came to the office, some helpful staff members ― I won’ t say who ― moved all the snowmen so each one was peeking via a different window into the Oval. This particular photo was taken this afternoon because the President signed end-of-the-year bills. ”

Sometimes you gotta have fun. For the past three weeks, there have been four snowmen on display in the Rose Garden (see photograph in earlier post). We' ve been joking that we should proceed the snowmen a few feet closer to the Oval Office every day to see if anyone noticed. Then we recognized the snowmen were too heavy in order to easily lift. But finally today before the President came to the office, a few helpful staff–I won' t state who–moved all the snowmen so each one was peeking through a different window into the Oval. This photo was taken this afternoon as the President signed end-of-the-year bills.

A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on

Once Obama understood the moves pulled by his staff, he got in for the fun.

Another snowman from yesterday. Yes he enjoyed the prank. Observe previous post for the backstory.

A photo posted by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on

The prank was meant in good joy, but some Twitter users wondered when Obama might really be stalked by creepy people from cold-weather weather.

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The best way to Track Santa Claus As He Flies Around The World On Christmas Eve

Santa Claus is usually coming to town on Saturday, plus p arents and children can keep track of his progress by logging on to the North American Aerospace Protection Command’ s dedicated NORADSanta. org website.

From 2: 01 a. meters. EST, videos will show Kris Kringle preparing for his busiest night of the year. O nce he takes to the skies in the sleigh, NORAD’ s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube . com accounts will document his route, as will the various “ NORAD Tracks Santa” apps, Windows Phone’ s Cortana and OnStar.

From 6 a. m. EST, hundreds of volunteer operators at NORAD’ s Peterson Atmosphere Force Base HQ in Colorado springs municipal airport, Colorado,   will also expose Santa’ s location to interested callers by answering a toll-free 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) number and replying to email messages sent to noradtrackssanta@outlook. com.  

It’ s the 61st year in a row that children have been able to contact the center, whose principal mission is usually monitoring air threats against the Oughout. S. and Canada, in order to check on Santa’ s progress.

And the number of youngsters calling is still growing. “ Last year was a great year for us, ” command spokesman Preston Schlachter told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “ We had more than 141, 000 phone calls. ”

According to NORAD, the tradition started in 1955 when a business misprinted the telephone number advertising a Santa claus hotline and i nstead directed kids to the agency’ h predecessor, the  Continental Air Defense Command Operations Middle.  

Rather than just ring away, however , good-natured staffers ended up taking calls and the festive custom has continued ever since.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=583cfd13e4b04b66c01b9c3e, 585500dce4b03904470908ea, 5679a068e4b014efe0d70d78

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