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Vegetarians Are Not Happy About The UK’s Brand new Animal Fat-Filled Money

Strict vegetarians in the United Kingdom might find their currency options becoming more restricted.

The Bank of England said on Twitter Weekend that the new plastic £ five note, which entered circulation in September, contains “ trace” amounts of animal fat in the form of tallow.

Tallow is typically rendered through cattle or sheep — even though it can also come from pigs or horses — and is used in products like soaps and candles. In this case, tallow is present in the notes’ small plastic pellets.

An online petition is  demanding that the bank stop making use of tallow  in the bill’ s production, noting it could be a problem for a lot of vegetarians, including those, like Jains and some Hindus,   who avoid meat for religious reasons.   As of Tuesday, the petition acquired more than 65, 000 signatures.

Some Hindu leaders in the U. K.   are planning to discuss banning the new notes from temples, the BBC reports.

The Bank of Britain is touting the new notes, which feature former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as being stronger, longer lasting and more secure than paper money. These people plan to roll out a polymer 1-pound note, featuring author Jane Austen, in 2017 and a new 20-pound note featuring artist JMW Turner by 2020.

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Black-friday Got Really Out Of Hand At A Coleman Store Near Seattle

When customers have to plough through open boxes on the floor as if we were looking at caught in a flood, you know the Black Friday sale has gone on tilt.

Images any Seattle-area Nike factory store present in Tulalip, Washington, went viral for this marvelous total mess left by individuals.

Larry Junk told Q13 News that the life was “ like an earthquake equalized the place. ”

“ It’ s a huge maintain and it seems like every inch inside floor was covered in product line, ” he said.

Video Downer posted on My website shows the extent of the disarray, featuring a few customers having to climb up over the goods just to move more or less.  

Others shared images of what exactly PIX 11 News called “ the aftermath of a  sandal and shoebox hurricane. ”

#blackfriday #nike

A video posted basically Tristan (Tran) (@iamtvoo) on

Novembre 2016 #blackfriday from #washington #state #usa #american #dream #nike #justdoit #seattle

A image posted by Guillaume Le (@le_lamer) on

It' s like a zombie annihilationcataclysm, catastrophe, decimation, devastation, end of the world, holocaust. I feel bad for the people who need to deal with this up. #BlackFriday #NikeOutletStore

A photo printed by Wannie Rodriguez (@wanniemation) towards

A store manager told BuzzFeed that approximately 70, 000 shoppers passed through the doors around 8 p. m. Thursday and then 10 p. m. Friday.

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Dog With Human Hands Eating Peanut Butter Is What You Need Right Now

Look, it’ s i9000 been a rough month. It’ s been a rough year .

So why don’ t a person take a couple minutes off and watch this nice video of a dog eating peanut butter with individual hands?

If you' re like me, you can use a laugh after this past week. So , here' s a ridiculous Opal video from a couple of months ago which i never posted. I' ve chosen not to edit out my giggling because I think #laughteriscontagious

A video posted by AJ ~ rescuer. foster. advocate. (@ourpitstop) on

(Note: While peanut butter is a common treat for dog owners to give their pets, be aware that canines should avoid any peanut butter containing Xylitol, a potentially lethal ingredient. Choose creamy peanut butter to minimize choking risks and be aware of potential peanut allergies. )

As it ends up, Opal, the pit bull in the video, is up for adoption through  New Jersey group FernDog Rescue Basis. The person who posted the video, Instagram user ourpitstop, is currently fostering her. Strangely enough, Opal’ s human arms and hands are not visible in other pictures or videos.

Opal has some special medical needs  and Fern Dogs describe the girl as a “ happy-go-lucky, silly, resistant, loving girl who makes everyone smile with her antics. ”

When you' re away for the weekend and your pet sitter sends you photos like this. #thebest

A photo posted by AJ ~ rescuer. foster. advocate. (@ourpitstop) on

The girl definitely made us smile.

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Performer Turns Random Dog Poops Into Donald Trump Art Installation

A graphic designer in Miami Seaside has designs on turning Jesse Trump’ s last name into a new euphemism for “ poop. ”

The way he’ s doing it will strike many as crappy: He’ s putting Trump’ s face and, occasionally, his quotes on pieces of dog poop he sees around his South Beach neighborhood.

Every day, the artist, who passes the name “ Allan Adler” to prevent detection, walks around looking for bits of dog crap suitable for his reasons.  

“ I don’ to want it too old, ” this individual told The Huffington Post.  

Once he finds a piece of feces that fits his purposes, Adler sticks a toothpick with Trump’ s face glued to it in to the doggy defecation. Sometimes, he adds one of Trump’ s infamous rates, “ such as ‘ grab the girl by the pussy’ or ‘ I like soldiers who weren’ t taken. ’ ”  

Then he photographs the particular Trumped-up dog poop and articles it on Facebook at “ Pieces Of Trump. ”

The end result not only is really a commentary on people who don’ capital t bother to clean up after their own pets, but also a subtle suggestion on what kind of president Adler believes Trump will be.  

Spoiler notify: Adler doesn’ t think he’ ll be a good one.  

“ He’ s a piece of clips, ” Adler explained. “ Whenever Trump won, I was depressed, but my friends said, ‘ Don’ t be. Now is the time to get your voice noticed. ’ ”  

And his method of doing that is through dog poop.  

“ He’ s said a lot of crappy things and I nevertheless can’ t understand how someone who’ s said things like this could obtain elected, ” Adler said.  

Adler first started doodoo-ing their poop protests November 15. He’s averaged one a day since then.

The “ installation, ” as he calls them, are easy since “ there is actually dog poop everywhere here ― it’ s a big problem right here. ”

Still, Adler is seeing benefits from the project.

“ It’ s been restorative for me, ” he said. “ I can laugh about the situation and I’ m not super depressed. It’ s hilarious because you know everyone who is picking one up is a Trump supporter. ”

There have been a few embarrassing moments too.

“ I haven’ to been caught put his face on the poop, but I’ ve been caught taking photos of them and I get weird looks, ” Adler laughed.

Adler has two big goals for his lowbrow protest.

First, he’ deb like to make Trump’ s last-name into an alternative for defecation, like “ That’ s a bunch of Trump” or “ I almost walked in that Trump. ”

Second,   he hopes to join “ SNL” and the “ Hamilton” cast as the subject associated with Trump twitter storm.

“ I am worried about hate mail, but it would be funny in the event that Trump commented on it, ” Adler said. “ It’ s possible he could get unhinged about it. ”

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Usain Bolt Runs Rings Around Wayne Corden In Olympic Rap Fight

Don’ t even try to compete with Usain Bolt  out on the track, or in a rap battle.

The Olympic sprint legend took on “ The Late Late Show” sponsor James Corden in a lyrical war of words for Wednesday night’ s broadcast.  

And the insults obtained real funny, real fast.

Corden began brightly by busting out some amusing lines.   “ After all those people races you won in Brazilian, you’ re about to lose to some man standing still.

But after a few back and forths, the Jamaican athlete finally warmed up enough to question Corden regarding his sex life.

There was then only one thing left for him to do. Drop the mic.


Check out the full battle in the clip above.

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That could Not Be Aloe Vera You’re Applying, Report Says

First, there were reports of wood pulp in  grated cheese. And today, this.  

A new Bloomberg News report increases doubts about store-brand aloe vera after tests it commissioned on items bought at Walmart, CVS and Focus on reportedly found no trace of the claimed prime ingredient ― aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Instead, the products were said to have contained cheaper maltodextrin, the sugar used as a food additive that Bloomberg said can replicate aloe.

Three gels identified as failing Bloomberg’ h tests are Walmart’ s Equate Aloe After Sun Gel with pure aloe vera; CVS’ Aftersun Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel; and  Target’ ersus Up & Up Aloe Vera Gel with pure aloe vera.

Walgreens’ Alcohol-Free Aloe Vera Body Gel was reportedly discovered to contain one of aloe’ s three chemical makers, malic acid. Acemannan and glucose were not found, which Bloomberg said means the presence of aloe could neither be verified nor ruled out.

The report comes months after a class-action lawsuit was filed contrary to the Texas-based company that manufactures aloe vera products for Walgreens, Walmart and Target.   That company, Fruit of the Earth, responded to Bloomberg’ s article by calling it absolutely false.

The business argued in a statement to The Huffington Post that acemannan doesn’ big t equate to aloe, but said its tests nevertheless show Fruit from the Earth products do contain the chemical maker. The company said it would reveal its test results in the class-action litigation.

“ The true test of whether the item contains aloe is to trace the particular aloe ingredient from the aloe leaves, through processing, and to the manufacturer’ s use of the aloe ingredient in the finished product, ” the company mentioned.

As for the existence of maltodextrin, Fruit of the World said a production step “ uses maltodextrin to aid in the spray drying process. ”

Walmart and CVS look like taking their supplier’ s phrase. A Walmart spokesman said within an email to HuffPost that the dealer would continue to sell the product.   A spokeswoman for Target dropped comment, citing the litigation.

Aloe vera,   which contains vitamins, anti-inflammatory enzymes, essential fatty acids and minerals, has a range of health benefits. Acemannan has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and appears to promote cell growth, studies have shown.

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Viral video encourages girls to do engineering

Toy company Goldie Blox, which describe the goal as “to get ladies building”, produce construction toys aimed at girls.


Its new advertisement, uploaded to YouTube upon November 17, has gone viral upon social media, already accumulating over 4 million views.


In the ad, three girls are fed up by the pink-and-purple princesses they find on TV.


Instead of choosing stereotypical toys, they get to function, and construct an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine out of the very pink plus purple tea sets and down boas the ad rails towards.

Similar utilises a rewritten version from the Beastie Boys’ song ‘Girls’, the original of which promotes sexist stereotypes:


“Girls to do the dishes/Girls to clean up my room/Girls to complete the laundry/Girls and in the bathroom/Girls, that’s all I really want can be girls. ”


However , the altered version played in the ad reflects the feminist dreams of Goldie Blox.


“Girls build a spaceship/Girls code the new app/Girls that grow up knowing/That they could engineer that/Girls, that’s all we really need is girls/To bring us up to date it’s girls/Our opportunity is girls/Don’t underestimate girls. ”


Women continue to be underrepresented in the areas of engineering and science in both tertiary study and the workforce globally.  However, as of 2016, more women design adult toys than men.


A 2012 research on women in engineering nationwide concluded that progress toward greater participation in engineering by women offers stalled.


Women constituted only 9. 8 per cent from the engineering labour force and 16. 6 per cent of degree completions in entry level university engineering programs.

eighty, 000 Reindeer Have Starved To Death In Siberia Because Of Melting Sea Ice

When it comes to climate change iconography, there’ s perhaps no image more recognizable than that of a lone polar bear marooned on a burning sheet of ice.

But as the impacts of the continually warming Earth are sensed by more species, new representational images are emerging: that of emaciated puffins washing up dead on Alaska’ s shores; American pikas climbing high into the mountains in search of colder climes; snow-loving wolverines looking dropped amidst greenery; and now dead reindeer, starved to death and hidden deep in frozen Siberian snow.  

Russia’ s Yamal Peninsula, positioned in northwestern Siberia, has been described as the most efficient reindeer-herding region in the world. The pets are well-suited for the freezing temperatures and thick snow. Hundreds of thousands of reindeer are said to roam the location, and are herded by the indigenous Nenets people, who are among the Arctic’ h last truly nomadic reindeer herders.  

Yet climate change is posing a serious threat to these animals and the residential areas that rely on them, according to a study published last week in the journal Biology Letters. Global warming has claimed the particular lives of at least 80, 1000 reindeer on the Yamal Peninsula during the past decade, the scientists said. As well as the risks are only projected to increase within the coming years.

In November 2013, 61, 500 reindeer — or almost one-quarter of the local population — starved to death on the peninsula. Experts said it was the largest regional fatality event of reindeer ever documented.

And a bulk death event in 2006 saw an additional 20, 000 reindeer perish from starvation, the scientists stated. In both cases, the animals appeared to have died due to abnormally heavy layers of snow and ice in their habitat, which made it impossible for them to entry the lichen and other vegetation where they survive.

Without anything to eat, the deer died en masse.

Reindeer may use their feet to chip through thin layers of ice, but researchers said that the ice within 2006 and 2013 was significantly thicker and harder than the animals could penetrate.

But why specifically did this happen?

The impenetrable snow was obviously a result of retreating sea ice in the adjoining Barents and Kara Seas, according to the researchers.  

Brought on by unusually warm temperatures, the melting ice produced high levels of evaporation and humidity, which in turn prompted weighty bouts of rain that soaked the snowy ground below (a phenomenon scientists refer to as ROS, or “ rain-on-snow” events). The ROS events were followed by an abrupt dip in temperature that triggered the snow to freeze.

In November 2013, for instance, temps plunged to  -40 degrees F after a 24-hour rainstorm. Bruce C. Forbes, a researcher at Finland’ s University of Lapland and the study’ s lead author, told The Washington Post that the rain had “ saturated the entire snowfall column from top to bottom. ” The result was obviously a “ solid block of glaciers, frozen to the ground. ”  

When the ice began to thaw the next spring, “ the [indigenous] herders who had dropped most or all of their animals to starvation were functionally stranded within the tundra, ” the scientists wrote. “ With no draft reindeer to haul their camps, they resorted to full-time subsistence fishing and borrowed breeding stock to rebuild their herds, a multiyear process. ”

The lives of indigenous Nenets people, an ancient nomadic culture, are closely intertwined with their reindeer herds.  

Nenets use reindeer hide for their clothes, meat for food, and bone tissues for tools. Nenets herders shift seasonally with their reindeer, traveling along migration routes that have existed for years and years.  

“ The reindeer is our house, our food, our warmth plus our transportation, ” herder Sergei Hudi told the website Survival.  

R ains are predicted to become a lot more frequent and intense in the Yamal Peninsula as Siberia continues to warm, Forbes said. And these weather changes will likely trigger more rain-on-snow occasions,   threatening not merely local reindeer populations, but the Nenets herders and communities that depend on the animals to survive.

There are fears that will another mass famine could be just around the corner. The  Arctic Sea ice extent  in October was the lowest of any October ever recorded, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Level in the Kara Sea remained “ especially low” as of early November, the center said.  

The International Union intended for Conservation of Nature considers reindeer to be  vulnerable. In Russia, reindeer populations have declined by more than 20 percent since 1990, the IUCN said last year.  

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Child Echidnas Are Called ‘Puggles’ And They Are Awesome

If you thought “ puggle” was the name for a combination between a beagle and a pug, well, actually you’ re right. But “ puggle” has another, lesser-known definition, and one that’ t arguably even cuter: a baby echidna.

Sydney’ s Taronga Zoo announced the birth of three short-beaked echidna puggles on Friday, the first puggles created at the facility in 29 years. Echidnas are one of two mammals — the other being the platypus — that lay eggs, and these puggles hatched in August.

After the younger hatch, echidna mothers carry them around for up to two months, until they start to develop spines. Then, the mothers keep the offspring in a dig and return to feed them every single three to six days.

“ All three mothers are doing an amazing job and tending to their puggles as required, ” zookeeper Suzie Lemon said in a statement.   “ We now have one mum, Spike, who is therefore attentive that she returns to feed her baby every 2nd day. ”

Echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters, live in the wild in Australia plus New Guinea. Though the short-beaked echidna is “ relatively abundant” in Australia, people typically don’ t seem them in the wild because they are tranquil, solitary and reclusive, according to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.

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Jesse Trump Supporters Protest Starbucks By providing It Their Money

Days after a Florida man claimed a Starbucks barista declined him service because he’ m supported President-elect  Donald Trump, Trump lovers nationwide have launched a campaign to show Starbucks they won’ t stand for that sort of splendour.

Bizarrely, they’ re showing their disdain getting drinks at Starbucks.

The idea behind the #TrumpCup movement is for customers to tell Starbucks baristas their name is “ Trump” so that employees are obligated to write the word on the cup and then shout out “ Trump! ” when the drink is ready.

CNN notes that the idea isn’ t anything new, but the hashtag blew up on social media marketing on Friday after Twitter consumer “ Baked Alaska” posted guidelines that went viral. He said to “ take video” if the barista refuses to accept that your name is certainly Trump.

Some discerning social media users noted that it seemed unusual to protest Starbucks by motivating people to purchase drinks there.

Others responded that the purpose wasn’ t in order to boycott Starbucks, just to annoy workers who presumably don’ t want to comply.

Whilst it’ s true that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz expressed frustration in Trump’ s victory, it’ s unclear why people are assuming every employee of a major nationwide chain shares his views.

If you absolutely can’ t restrain yourself from telling your barista that your name will be “ Trump, ” at least suggestion well.

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