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A short And Spooky History Of The Word ‘Boo’

Upon Halloween, one word reigns supreme: Boo.

Usually lodged at an unsuspecting target, the short ― and, coincidentally, quite sweet-sounding ― utterance is meant in order to scare. “ Boo! ” your own friend Karen might shriek after sneaking up on you at a club.

But a lot more than that, “ boo” is supposed to be the sound a ghost makes. Anyone who’ s worn a sloppily draped bedsheet and attempted to imitate the dearly departed come back to haunt us has done one of two things: flailed their arms wildly and/or sputtered an elongated, “ Boooooo. ”

So where really does the word “ boo” come from?

According to Merriam-Webster Book, “ boo” comes from the Middle English “ bo, ” which was utilized in writing as early as the 1500s.   It  “ was used as an interjection that was meant to either shock or frighten, ” Merriam-Webster’ s Kory Stamper explained to The Huffington Post. An early example of “ bo” in print can be seen in a tale in regards to a smith who made a woman designed for himself:

What, evyll hayle! sayd he / Wylt not thou yonge be? / Speke today, let me se, / And state ones bo! ” (Lo, bad health, said he / Will you not young be? / Speak now, let me see / plus say “ bo”! )

―  “ The tale of the smyth and his dame, ”   1565

“ Sort of fitting for Halloween night, ” Stamper noted.

Several writers and professionals, including Slate editor Forrest Wickman, claim an early use of “ boo” in print dates back to the 18th century, in Gilbert Crokatt’ s 1738 tome Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display’ d.   Stamper sent us the following quote from the book:  

Boo is a word used in the North of Scotland to frighten crying kids.


At some time along the way, “ boo” ― or even, more accurately, “ bo” plus boh” ― became attached to ghosts. Stamper references historical records from your early 1800s showing that spirits (or, let’ s be true, people pretending to be ghosts) used variants of the word. Even farther back than that, a 1672 poem by Robert Wild reads, “ The Pope’ s Raw-head-and-bloody-bones cry Boh Behind the door! ” evidence of the fact that  “ boo” ’ s etymological cousins were attributed to boogeymen and other monsters throughout the sixteenth and 17th centuries.

“ So while the globe wasn’ t spectral right away, it certainly was still spooky, ” Stamper added.

Is there something innately scary sounding about the word  “ boo, ” although? “ We derived the word by phonetically spelling the common sound that people made when they wanted to surprise or even frighten someone, ” Stamper said. That common monosyllabic sound, the Oxford English Dictionary says, results from a “ combination of a consonant and a vowel especially fitted to produce a loud and startling sound. ”  

“ The combination of the voiced, plosive b- and the roaring -oo sounds makes boo  a really startling word, ”   Wickman writes  over at Slate. “ A few linguists argue that the ‘ ooh’ or ‘ oh’ sounds could be pronounced at a higher volume than other vowel sounds, such as the ‘ ee’ in ‘ wheel. ’ ” This makes particular sense when considering the prevalence of “ boo” -related scare sounds in other languages.

“ Boo” has other uses; most often, as a verb or noun that will expresses disapproval. Think: “ This individual booed the home team, ” or “ he showered the group with ‘ boos. ’ ” But Stamper guesses that the “ frighten” sense of the interjection predates the heckling one, which possibly originated in the 1800s. (One of our own favorite “ boo” theories is the fact that ghosts only haunt people they will don’ t like,   hence they boo people from the the grave. )

After that there’ s the romantic “ boo” ― think: “ Greg and I have been on three dates, I guess he’ s my new boo. ” ― dating back to the 1980s as, OED surmises, a modification of the French “ beau. ”

But nothing beats the O. G. “ boo, ” forevermore the sound a costumed wraith makes on Halloween. Honoring the holiday, we’ ll leave you after some Latin joke that sums in the beauty of “ boo”:

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‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Song Gets The Halloween Pumpkin Remix It Needed

Playing pumpkins causes this YouTuber feel good!

Dan Newbie puts the Halloween twist on the “ Ghostbusters” theme song in his new video.

He magically transform the pumpkins into musical instruments, which he then “ plays” alongside an assortment of other devices.  

The edited result? It’ s simply spooktacular!

Check it out within the clip above, and see how this compares to the original below:

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Week To Week News Quiz 10/28/16

Even as we enter the endgame for the election period, take a moment to savor the finer items in life and relax with our 7 days to Week News Quiz.

Here are a few random but real hints: Keep the money, the business of America is business, it generates hellish destruction, and he’s going to shopping at Ikea, too. Email address details are below the quiz.

1 . On Fri, what did the FBI declare?

the. It is filing new charges against the recently acquitted Western ranchers in the Oregon wildlife refuge case

b. It is checking out Donald Trump’s foundation for money washing

chemical. It is endorsing Jill Stein designed for president

g. It is reviewing more emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private server

2 . Who else said this week that “we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump”?

a. Newt Gingrich

b. Dr . Laura Schlessinger

c. Rudy Giuliani

m. Donald Trump

3. On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ordered a halt to what controversial exercise?

the. Waterboarding

n. Forcing soldiers to repay improperly granted enlistment bonuses in California

c. The practice of saluting the president and members of Congress

d. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

4. With exactly two weeks to look before election day, how did Donald Trump spend Tuesday?

a. Assisting veterans retain their enlistment bonuses

b. Hiring a new director for his get-out-the-vote effort

d. Firing his new director meant for his get-out-the-vote effort

d. Holding a promotional event for his new hotel

5. What is Satan 2?

a. The new, improved, more health-conscious devil recently revealed by the Vatican’s theologists

b. A new Russian missile that is “capable of wiping out there … Texas or France” according to Russian state media

c. Donald Trump’s brand new nickname for Tim Kaine; you can guess who is Satan 1

d. The new Tesla

6. What political figure is the Clinton team reportedly considering for a cabinet position?

a. Former Texas Governor Ron Perry

b. First Lady Michelle Obama

c. Vice Leader Joe Biden

d. Supreme Court Associate Proper rights Ruth Bader Ginsburg

7. Who stated that CNN and Fox News had been “bad for democracy”?

a. The New York Times ‘ executive editor

b. Donald Trump

c. Dan Rather

d. Former Sibel News CEO Roger Ailes

8. Who also did the police escort off the stage during a debate between U. H. Senate candidates in Maryland?

a. An anti-Trump protestor who ran on-stage and unfurled a banner criticizing the TPP trade deal

b. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who was filming a scene for his new movie, Americanize This

c. The Green Party candidate, who did not poll enough to be in the argument but who walked on-stage in any case

m. Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who got lost and wandered on-stage accidentally

9. What is the most recent comment by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to draw attention?

a. He says God told him to stop swearing

b. He told a Methodist women’s group that he had a mission to create a good empire

c. He called Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend a “nasty woman”

d. He said this individual wanted to “get married again” towards the United States

10. Where is Pope Francis going on Monday?

a. To Aleppo to rescue children stranded by Russian air attacks

b. To his native Argentina so he can cast their vote in parliamentary elections presently there

c. To Sweden to kick off a commemoration of the Protestant Revolution that split the Roman Catholic church

d. To the Philippines to monitor President Duterte’s language

BONUS. Upon Friday, what issue did the particular U. S. Supreme Court agree with take up?

a. Transgender student bathroom rights

b. Citizens United

c. Appeals from the sentences given to the Western ranchers in the Oregon wildlife refuge situation

d. Voter intimidation accusations by the Democratic Party against the Republican Party


1 . d.

2 . d.

3. b.

4. d.

5. b.

6. c (leaked reports from the campaign are that Biden is being considered for secretary of state).

7. a.

8. c.

9. a.

10. c.


One more question: Want the reside news quiz experience? Join us Monday, November 7 in Bay area for our next live (and lively) Week to Week political roundtable with a news quiz and a interpersonal hour at The Commonwealth Club of California. Panelists include the San Francisco Chronicle ’s Chemical. W. Nevius and the East Bay Times ’ Dan Borenstein.

Explanations of the hints: Keep the money: he called off the controversial attempts to get soldiers to settle bonuses that had been paid to them incorrectly; the business of The united states is business: some critics have suggested that the range between his political campaign and his company empire is fuzzy; it produces hellish destruction: Satan 2 is a weapon; and he’s going to shopping at Ikea, too: the pope’s going to Sweden.

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Real-Life Exorcist Says It’s OK To Celebrate Halloween

Halloween has become a bit of a painful spot for Christians who believe the vacation invites evil spirits. Some flat-out refuse to participate, and one group of creationists is even urging followers to hand out fake dollar bills that tell  trick-or-treaters they’ re going to hell.

But at least one expert in evil spirits says there’ s nothing to consider.  

Father Vincent Lampert, a Vatican-trained exorcist, told Catholic Online that it’ s fine to celebrate Halloween night.

“ Ultimately I don’ t think there’ s anything wrong with the kids putting on a costume, dressing up being a cowboy or Cinderella, and going through the neighborhood and asking for candy; that’ s all good clean fun, ” Lampert told the website.  

The one caveat? The faithful shouldn’ t glorify evil or practice witchcraft, even as a tale, he said.

“ (T)hat would be the danger associated with Halloween that somehow God is certainly lost in all of this, the spiritual connotation is lost and then individuals end up glorifying evil, ” this individual was quoted as saying.  

Lampert’ h comments weren’ t inconsistent along with Catholic teaching; to date, the Vatican has not taken a formal placement for or against Halloween.  

While anthropologists trace the origins of Halloween to Samhain, a Celtic collect celebration that dates back some two, 000 years, the Catholic Chapel lays claim to at least some areas of the holiday.  

All Saint’ s Day was established in the 7th century like a celebration of the saints. Originally in May, the holiday was eventually moved to Nov. 1 with another celebration,   All Hallows’ Eve, taking place the night time before.  

The change of date furthermore caused the holiday to overlap along with Samhain. It’ s believed that  some of the Samhain traditions remained even while some of the celebrants turned to Christianity. That will amalgamation eventually helped to shape the modern Halloween.  

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Anheuser-Busch Delivers A Bunch Of Beer In A Self-Driving Truck

There’ s a lot of human error within beer.

Your buddy’ s home brew is never as good as he says it is. The marketplace is awash with  bad beverage choices. And for the love associated with hops, Chad, stop leaving half-empties on the coffee table.

Then there’ s the problem of delivering your suds from farm to table. It’ s i9000 been a banner year regarding beer truck rollovers, meaning pallets of your favorite cold ones are usually kissing the pavement before the kiss your lips. Not good.

Luckily, our friendly robotic overlords are about to take control of the problem.   Anheuser-Busch claims it finished the world’ s first commercial shipment of beer in a self-driving truck, partnering with Uber’ ersus startup Otto to deliver 2, 1000 cases of Budweiser about 120 miles in Colorado from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.

“ This was not only a traditional moment for technology-wise, but also a historical moment business-wise: It was the very first ever, as far as I know, paid commercial self-driving delivery, ” Lior Ron, co-founder of San Franciscso-based Otto, told Forbes.

The truck had a professional drivers on board to correct any errors ― though the companies boast that he by no means had to. But the real win here was navigating Interstate 25 designed for 120 miles without ruining the particular precious cargo, like so many human being drivers have done.

Anheuser-Busch and Otto ― which was bought by ride-hailing large Uber for a reported $680 mil in August ― stated in the press release that they wanted to deploy the technology across the brewer’ s fleet to reduce human error and give drivers a rest.

And so they probably need it.   Anheuser-Busch records 453 million miles annually, Forbes reports, and delivers 1 . 2 million shipments.

A full fleet of self-driving industrial vehicles may still be a way away. Robots eventually will drive a lot more safely than humans ― 94 percent of collisions are due to human error, after all ― but self-driving and “ autopilot” features are still getting their kinks exercised.

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You could Get Inked After Seeing This Tattoo Artist’s Masterful Work

From tiny tattoos to white ink tattoos, we’ re the first to admit we enjoy an artistic ink job. An  Instagram-famous tattoo shop in Korea called Sol Art takes artistic tattoos to a whole new level along with incredibly detailed work.

Sol Art’ s Instagram account displays examples of tattoos that somehow manage to pack in a lot of colors and shading into really small, delicate tattoos.   Just understand this rendition of Van Gogh’ s i9000 “ Starry Night” here:

A photo posted by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

This teeny tiny floral is perfectly shaded:

A photo posted by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

This Hokusai-style wave is so tiny and yet so on-point:

A photo posted by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

Still not convinced? Maybe this particular itty bitty dog will close off the deal for you.

A photo posted by Sol Art (@soltattoo) upon

Or possibly you’ re more of a kitty person:

A photo posted by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

No more do tiny tattoos need to be minimalist. You can pack in a whole palette of colours and shades to make a true printer ink masterpiece. We’ re definitely sensation inspired. Are you?

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Tom Hanks Joins Alec Baldwin Within Ridiculing Donald Trump On ‘SNL’

“ Saturday Night Live” has given Donald Trump another thing to whine about.

The GOP nominee  blasted Alec Baldwin’ s portrayal of him on the show last weekend.   So who knows how he’ ll respond to this weekend’ s hilarious spoof segment, which parodied the third plus final presidential debate.

With Tom Hanks actively playing the part of moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News, the cast lost no time in ridiculing the brash businessman’ s performance.

Cue references to their “ Bad Hombres” and “ Nasty Woman” gaffes, Kate McKinnon as his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton completing her “ Trump Bingo” board and the entire planet erupting in laughter after Baldwin as Trump said “ no one has more respect for women than I actually do. ”

Baldwin as Trump even had time for you to poke fun at his younger brother, Stephen Baldwin, who recently said he didn’ t think his sibling’ s impression from the former reality TV personality was amusing.

” I’ m the one with the heavy hitters, ” said Baldwin as Trump. “ I have Sarah Palin, I’ ve got Chachi, and get this particular, I even got the best Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin. ”

Watch the entire spoof debate in the clip above.

Editor’ s note: Jesse Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar , rampant xenophobe , racist , misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1 . 6 billion associates of an entire religion — from entering the U. S.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Protection + articlesList=580c6cb4e4b02444efa3df87, 580b2674e4b02444efa3a99a, 580b1abde4b02444efa3a918, 580b5d2ee4b02444efa3afe9

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Gorilla Escapes Zoo Enclosure, Celebrates Short Freedom Chugging Sugary Syrup

When 400-pound gorilla Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure on the London Zoo on Oct. thirteen, we can only imagine how scared some people were. The zoo was put on lockdown and armed authorities showed up, ready to contend with any mayhem.

But Kumbuka wasn’ t looking for any trouble. Evidently, he was looking for delicious fruity viscous, thick treacle, according to a Wednesday blog post by institution’ s zoological director Brian Field.

“ Staff raised the security alarm that triggered our standard get away response, while Kumbuka briefly investigated the zookeeper area next door to his den, where he opened plus drank five litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash, ” Field had written. (“ Squash” is British British for a type of water-diluted fruit focus. )

It is a gorilla after our own hearts. In fact , fellow primate and Huffington Publish reporter Andy Campbell can recount a similar experience from his own years as a child.

“ My friend was really strict about the sweets so I snuck downstairs one night plus chugged half a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’ s, ” he or she said. “ Never did it once again. ”

Field’ s blog post also served to clear up some of the details of Kumbuka’ t escape. Much-publicized footage showed Kumbuka banging against the glass around his enclosure in response to rude zoo site visitors who were taunting him.   The particular Daily Mail reported that Kumbuka smashed through that glass to escape. But Field wrote that’ s i9000 not what actually happened:

Kumbuka was called into his private night quarters for his supper at around 5. 10 l. m. on Thursday 13th Oct. As a big silverback male using a matching appetite, he eats separately from the females – otherwise they will wouldn’ t get a look in.

Unfortunately the door in order to his den had not been properly secured and a secondary security door had not yet been locked.

We’ ve since founded that Kumbuka made an opportunistic escape from his unlocked living area into the staff-only service corridor in which a zookeeper was working.

Thanks to the incredibly close connection and relationship shared by the zookeeper and Kumbuka, the zookeeper could continually reassure Kumbuka, talking to him calmly and in the same light-hearted strengthen he would always use, as he removed themself from the area.

Zoo staff contained Kumbuka in the staff-only corridor, that is where the primate partook of his fruity indulgence, according to Field. Then they tranquilized him and transported your pet back to his den.

The amount of concentrated syrup Kumbuka consumed could have potentially triggered some serious digestive troubles, primatologist Phyllis Lee told the BBC. Field, however , made no mention of the silverback experiencing any ill effects, and Lee told the BBC that the gorilla would likely spill a lot of the syrup in the process.

Yet while Kumbuka’ s escape had been apparently not the terrifying damage that some outlets reported, the video of zoo-goers apparently harassing Kumbuka has raised real criticisms from the way humans treat animals within captivity.

Pet advocacy group Born Free stated the footage of visitors “ shrieking and shouting” at Kumbuka served to show how little “ educational” value zoos actually have.

And renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough condemned the particular visitors in a Monday interview along with Piers Morgan, saying that animals such as great apes should not be subjected to the entire lack of privacy that zoos power upon them.

“ If the people were respectful that might be something, ” he said, “ but sometimes visitors to zoos aren’ t respectful and they start shrieking or waving their arms in order to get the poor gorilla to do something and you may think, ‘ Oh they’ lso are just animals. ’ They are not just animals, they are related to us. ”  

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Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Has A Twin That Will Make You Believe In The Upside Down

Just when you thought it was time to let Barb from “ Stranger Things” rest within peace, the internet discovered that there’ h a woman in the world who, at 1 point in her life, appeared exactly like the fictional character. Oh yea, and her name is also Barb.  

Take a look:  

View post on imgur. com

The resemblance is definitely uncanny, and it kind of makes us wonder whether the hit Netflix collection is totally fictional.

Posted by a Reddit user, the image shows us  “ Stranger Things” Barb side-by-side with the poster’ ersus co-worker Barb (circa the ‘ 80s), who is still alive plus well, unlike her fictional doppelgä nger.

“ She’ s a red-headed old woman, super nice, and a great nurse! ” the Reddit consumer wrote.   “ She stated she was freaked out when watching the show, because she saw herself. I would be too! ”  

Real-life Barb’ s co-worker actually offered up a plot concept: “ All I can say is she is a nurse by day, Demogorgon by night. Season 2 plot confirmed? ”  

Duffer brothers, you listening?

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Exactly what Each State Wants To Learn, Based on Google Autofill

In this day and internet-obsessed age, there’ s virtually nothing you can’ t learn from the almighty Google.

From writing a ré sumé   to surviving the zombie apocalypse, the search engine is always there with sometimes helpful, often entertaining answers.   But what you want to learn may depend on where you live, as uncovered by Estately.  

Real estate blog used Google Trends plus Google Autocomplete to find out which how-to questions were asked more frequently within each state over the past five years. The results were sometimes predictable, and frequently downright absurd.

It makes sense that people in Ak, the Last Frontier, were more likely to Search engines “ How to fish, ” but it’ s a little perplexing how the good folks in Kansas are often Googling, “ How to find Kansas? ”

And while Brand new Jerseyans seem concerned with the future of our country and are figuring out how to quit Donald Trump, Texans appear to be looking for a way out by asking, “ Learn how to sell your soul? ”

Want to know what people within your state have been trying to learn? Find out within the map by Estately above.

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