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This particular Politically Ambitious Toddler Wants To Become the Next U. S. ‘Pretisizzle’

Election day is really a mere 68 days away, and it’ s quite clear which the top contenders are.

However ,   an underdog presidential candidate is stealing hearts across America: 1-year-old Amalah Mix.

In this amusing new campaign ad, Amalah shows why the U. S.   needs a toddler “ Pretisizzle. ” It’ s about as convincing as it is adorable.

Amalah for President!

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Stephen Colbert Thanks Anthony Weiner For Making His Job Much Easier

Stephen Colbert mocked former Rep.   Anthony Weiner (D-N. Y. ) more than his latest scandal in a pun-tastic penis-themed monologue on Monday.

“ The particular Late Show” host ridiculed Weiner, who  was again caught sexting a woman who wasn’ t their wife,   the New York Post reported. The beleaguered politician is now separating from his wife Huma Abedin, a top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“ August is a notoriously slow news month, and yes it can be hard for me to find things to talk about, ” said Colbert. “ Fortunately, something popped up: Anthony Weiner. ”  

Check it out in the video above.

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South west Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Getting After Engine Turmoil

A midair scare forced a Southwest Airlines flight carrying 104 people to make an emergency landing Saturday after experiencing some major motor trouble.

Passengers flying to Orlando, Florida, through New Orleans were screaming plus praying after hearing what seemed like an explosion around 9: 30 a. m., KOCO-TV reported.

Photos taken out of traveler windows show the damage to Flight 3472’ s left engine.

“ I thought it was an attack and that the plane was going to drop, ” passenger Julie Stephens informed WESH-TV.

“ There was some smoke and then absolutely nothing, ” Tami Richards, who was going to Disney World with her hubby and three young children, told KOCO-TV. “ I saw parts flapping within the wind because it was right outdoors my window. ”

Passengers fitted themselves along with air masks as the pilots worked well to stabilize the two-engine aircraft. They then were informed that they’ d be making an emergency landing in Pensacola, Florida.

The flight landed without additional incident and there were no accidents reported among the 99 passengers plus five crew members on board, South west said in a statement.

The passengers praised the particular flight’ s crew for keeping great under such pressure.

“ I mean, we couldn’ t have had a better crew, and yes it was thanks to that pilot that we’ re all alive, ” Richards said.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Organization later shared a photo of the torn-up engine on their Twitter account.

“ The best safety device is always a well-trained pilot, ” their posting read.

Zachary Martin, who said his father was aboard the flight, decided.

“ Thank you for conserving my father’ s life nowadays, ” he tweeted back to the particular pilots’ union.

The National Transportation Security Board is now investigating the incident.  

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Castaways Rescued After Writing Out Huge ‘SOS’ In The Sand

Two boaters marooned on a desert Pacific Tropical isle were rescued after they wrote a gigantic “ SOS” plea intended for help in the sand.

Linus and Sabina Jack, who are both in their 50s, were stranded on the uninhabited Micronesian island of East Fayu to get more than seven days before being ended up saving Friday, reports the BBC.

They’ d left from Weno Island on board a good 18-foot boat on Aug. 17, with “ limited supplies and no emergency equipment, ” according to a U. S. Coast Guard statement.

They were scheduled to arrive on nearby Becken Island the following day. But they never ever reached their destination.

The full circumstances behind their stranding have not yet been revealed, nor have their nationalities.

However the U. S. Coast Guard’ h command center in Guam exposed that it  initiated a search operation for the pair on Aug. nineteen after receiving notification their ship was missing.

Aircraft crews plus patrol boats combed a total part of 16, 571 square miles before a passing ship noticed flashing lights coming from the island on Wednesday.

The U. T. Navy scrambled a P-8A Poseidon aircraft to investigate the sighting, and airmen situated the pair after spotting their own makeshift sign on the beach.

A Coast Guard boat picked them upward Friday and transferred them to  Nomwin Atoll, from in which the U. S. Embassy of Kolonia says they are now “ awaiting a ship to take them house. ”

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This High School Senior’s ‘Mulan’ I. M. Picture Brings Honor To All of us

A hero has emerged from the high school class of 2017, with a school I. D. photo that’ s a complete masterpiece.

06 Kyra Dela Chica, a mature at Aloha High School in Beaverton, Oregon, posed for some of the most gorgeous I. D. card pictures ever seen. To do so,   she channeled one of the most memorable characters from Disney’ s “ Mulan”: the matchmaker.

With a few strokes of makeup and a well-rehearsed facial expression, her transformation had been complete ― and the greatest I actually. D. picture in history was born.


Dela Chica tweeted the particular hysterical photos and they completely blew up, getting more than 94, 1000 retweets and 175, 000 loves.   “ This is the start of the good senior year, ” the particular hugely popular tweet reads.

Dela Chica informed BuzzFeed that the I. D. card photographer was skeptical of her getup, but said it was great as long as the administration was okay with it.  

“ I replied with, ‘ The admins said if I’ m okay with showing my face like this to hundreds of individuals then go on ahead. And if it’ s really THAT bad I can always retake it, ’ ” she said.

Retake it? She should get it framed.


A photo posted by june kyra d. c (@junekyraaa) on

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Jesse Trump Motorboating Rudy Giuliani In Drag — Look At It, Dammit!

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert dug up an old movie of Rudy Giuliani in drag, chatting with a very flirtatious Donald Trump.

At one time, this may have been seen as a humanizing comedy bit, showing that two well-known American personalities have a sense of humor about themselves.

Cut to a decade later, and what we have is definitely Rudy Giuliani in drag becoming motorboated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The internet never forgets.

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Substantial Snakeskin Found Near River Where 10-Foot Snake Was Recently Discovered

An elusive 10-foot-long snake dubbed “ Wessie” is giving a Maine community the shakes for the 2nd time in two months.   But not most people are convinced the creature is actually real.

Police have announced the find of a giant snakeskin near a Westbrook river park on Saturday.   The skin was reported to police around 3 p. m. along Presumpscot River, near a vessel launch area in Riverbank recreation area, Westbrook police said in a Fb post.

It is close to the area where, in June,   two local officers reported seeing a roughly 10-foot-long snake eat a large mammal and swim away.

The particular creature, which evaded capture, continued to supposedly brag about its life on the lam in a parody Twitter account.

But because of a lack of photo proof of the snake and the intact situation and curious placement of the skin within the police photo, some have suggested that it’ s all the hoax.

Rob Christian, a herpetologist and the president of the Maine Herpetological Society in Millinocket, sides with this view. He called the snakeskin all-around unusual.

“ Snakes don’ t shed away in the open like that, ” he told The Huffington Post Sunday. “ Getting a full shed like that, even under ideal conditions, is really uncommon. ”

Christian, who said he’ s voiced with local police about the discovery, noted that when snakes shed their skin in the wild they rub up against rocks and rough plant life to help peel away the old epidermis.

“ You’ re going to find the snakeskin wrapped around branches, ” he stated. “ You wouldn’ t get a regular shed out in the open like this, especially a large snake like that. ”

This individual was also suspicious of the stretched-out placement of the skin.

“ Typically when you get a large snake, over four feet long, [the shed skin is]  getting rolled upward into a ball, ” he said. “ Most of the time what people will do is definitely they’ ll stretch it out and let it dry out. ” That’ s what he believes occurred here.

It’ s not clear who took the particular photo ― the police or the individual who found the skin ― or if the skin was moved or touched before the picture was taken.   Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If this turns out to be a con, who would plant a snakeskin along the water? It could be a simple prank. But Alfredia and the herpetological society point to local animal rights activists who have been petitioning for stricter state rules designed for owning, breeding and selling creatures.

The newest set of rules,   which condition wildlife officials approved Wednesday, crack down on illegal ownership in particular. The change caused some reptile collectors ― including researchers ― to show concern that their animals would be banned or become harder to obtain, The Kennebec Journal reported.

Christian believes the story of “ Wessie” popped up with inquisitive timing, just as discussion and debate of these rules was getting warmed. He feels the story may have urged people to vote a certain way out associated with fear, since the elusive snake had been suspected to be someone’ s illegal pet that either escaped or even was set free. He additional that the kind of snake that produced the skin is likely not venomous or even dangerous to humans, however.

He said a local animal rights group was behind the alleged plant; the group cannot be immediately reached for remark.

Hoax or not, police are asking park and river guests to “ remain alert, maintain a safe distance from any wildlife, and statement any sightings of the snake towards the Westbrook Police Department, ” someone said in their Facebook post.

They added that the skin has been collected and would be analyzed to determine what type of snake shed this and “ what risks this kind of snake poses to public security. ”

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Space Virtual Reality Will Soon Let You Experience Orbiting Earth

If you’ ve actually wondered how it actually seems to fly above Earth and look down at the amazing planet we call home, you’ ll soon be able to do that from the comfort of your living room.

Summary 1, the world’ s very first virtual reality cube satellite, plans in order to beam high-definition live images associated with Earth and space to a VR headset near you next year.

“ We’ re likely to offer virtual reality content, live to people from space. Anyone will have a chance to sit down and put on any VR headset and be immediately immersed in the majestic beauty of space, ” stated SpaceVR founder and CEO Ryan Holmes. “ You’ ll have the ability to see the Earth against the stars, and I’ m sure that will give it a depth to the experience. ”

Holmes told The Huffington Post how the concept for SpaceVR relates to something referred to as Overview Effect.

“ I came across this documentary known as “ Overview” about astronauts going into space and how, when they see the Planet, they experience an almost biological alter in themselves, and how they perceive the world and their place in it. ”

“ They all come back changed and all have this amazing perspective shift, ” this individual said. “ It was really obvious to me after reading the book version, I realized that, if the person with average skills could experience this, all across the world, then we would live in a fundamentally different society. ”

In the video below, Sherlock holmes expands on the concept of what SpaceVR will bring to the public:

The first step in getting this particular remarkable satellite camera system into space involves SpaceVR sending Review 1 to NanoRacks in Houston, Texas, which routinely serves experts, space agencies and educators by packaging and preparing small satellite payloads for launch and delivery to the International Space Station.

Overview 1 is going to be transported on board a SpaceX deliver that regularly delivers cargo from Earth to the ISS.

“ NanoRacks will put it inside a box with other satellites, and this box has eight spring-loaded slot machines. The box will be placed on the skyrocket which will be launched to the space train station. The ISS astronauts will then make use of a robot arm to grab the box and can activate the spring-loaded launchers, that will shoot Overview 1 [pictured below] into orbit, ” said Holmes.  

The countdown is upon for a scheduled launch in 06 2017.

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‘The Daily Show’ Analyzes Third-Party Applicants (So You Don’t Have To)

Trevor Noah believes the fight between Hilary Clinton plus Donald Trump is similar to “ Batman v Superman” in at least one method.

Both the campaign and the movie have “ left America very disappointed, ”   he said on Thursday night’ s “ The Daily Display. ”

Noah, a native of South Africa, is still getting the hang of the American political system, and admits the two-party system has him flummoxed.

“ When it comes to every thing except presidential candidates, Americans possess the most choices, ” he mentioned, adding that he can walk into any supermarket in America and choose from 400 different kinds of yogurt.

“ Yes, when it comes to selecting America’ s next leader for the following four years, you’ re stuck with two choices: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, ” he stated. “ Or to put in yogurt conditions: vanilla and Sriracha baboon and can. ”

“ The Daily Show” staffers Hasan Minhaj, Desi Lydic and Adam Lowitt joined Noah to explain the particular possible other choices facing voters: Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Celebration nominee Dr . Jill Stein plus independent Evan McMullin.

Each correspondent made their particular case, but Lydic made have made the best case when she explained Stein’ s appeal.

“ If Hillary and Bernie had sex and someone watched it, it would be Dr . Jill Stein, ” she said.  

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Nachos Hut’s Musical Pizza Box Transforms Dinner Into A Full-On Rave

A cardboard nachos box that doubles as a DISC JOCKEY unit may not be the greatest tech advancement ever, but it’ s certainly the cheesiest.

Pizza Hut has just introduced the DJ device, which looks like a typical cardboard pizza box ― until you open it up to find touch-sensitive decks, a mixer and other controllable control keys, according to Engadget. com.

The pizza beatbox, created with the help of Novalia, a London-based electronics company,   connects to a personal computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Button symbols on the box control playback plus mixing and can even increase and decrease the particular pitch of a track.

Pretending to spin one of the fake dvds on the box even gives wannabe pizza DJs a whack “ spinning” sound, according to Mashable. possuindo.

It’ s unclear how effectively the works when it is dripping with pepperoni grease stains.

The DJ pizza boxes is going to be available in only five of Lasagna Hut’ s 350 United Kingdom stores.   Aspiring pizza DJs could possibly get hints where to go by following the chain’ s U. K. Twitter feed.  

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