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Pretty Toddler Gets Caught In A Husky Pool Party, Hilarity Ensues

There’ s happy ― and then there’ s three-huskies-in-a-pool delighted.

An adorable video captured a toddler having possibly the best time of her life while splashing around with a trio of delighted dogs.

The pigtailed girl seems unable to contain her excitement because the equally excited dogs gather around for a chance to get sprayed simply by her watering hose.

The video appears to have originated on an Instagram account  that’ s listed as being based in Shizuoka, Japan. In the video’ s comment section, the vests seen for the dogs are identified as cooling vests.

Since the July 18 upload, it’ t been viewed nearly half a million times.

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Jeremy Lin’s ‘Space Jam 3’ Cartoons Spoof Is Out Of This World

“ Space Jam 2” may still be a fantasy  for now, but at least we have “ Room Jam 3! ”

Wait, what? But it’ s true! Brooklyn Nets safeguard Jeremy Lin has teamed up  with YouTuber Ryan Higa for a take on the classic Loony Songs meets the NBA movie — this time with an anime twist.

The short movie includes classic anime characters, a daunting team of villains,   a quick reference to Pokemon Go, and, naturally , that iconic, arm-stretching, buzzer-beater complete. Sorry, no Bugs Bunny or even Bill Murray.

Can Jeremy Lin help the Tune Squad   “ AnimeNiacs” persevere upon basketball’ s wackiest stage? Watch the video to find out.  

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Trevor Noah: Obama’s Smile Looks Like Your dog is ‘About To Go Insane’

Trevor Noah is definitely confident that President Barack Obama will be remembered long after his phrase officially ends in January.   Otherwise for his policies, then for your frequent touching of his own face.

“ The particular Daily Show” host noticed the particular president’ s hands-on approach upon Wednesday during his speech in the Democratic National Convention.

Before the speech, there was a short film discussing the major events associated with Obama’ s two terms within office.   The video left its mark on Noah, but not in the manner Democratic Party officials might such as.

“ You recognize after watching that video… just how much more than any other president in this country’ s history Barack Obama offers touched his face, ” Noah said.

A brief look at HuffPost photo libraries exposed Noah is right: Obama does contact his face a lot, as this gallery shows.

Noah also saw some other issues on the president’ s face, apart from his own fingers, during the DNC conversation.

“ You observe that smile? ” Noah said. “ That’ s not pleasure. That’ s the laugh of somebody who’ s about to go insane. ”

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Desire Job Alert: This Museum Can be Hiring A ‘Beer Historian’

If you’ ve ever headed to the bar after a long trip to work and thought, “ Ugh, I wish beer could just be the job, ” you may be in luck.

The Smithsonian Institution’ s National Museum of American History in Washington, G. C. is seeking a “ beer historian” to conduct research for a “ new initiative on American brewing history. ”

While the job is sure to pique the interest of ale lovers, curator Paula Johnson says it’ s important to remember that there’ s a lot more to the job compared to drinking.

“ It would be hard to research brewing history without the occasional tasting, ” the lady told The Huffington Post within an email. “ But we are not looking for a beer taster— we are trying to hire an experienced historian with a specialization in business, brewing, food or social history. ”

And the official job posting  can make it clear that there are a few more qualifications outside of an unadulterated enthusiasm for beer:

The successful candidate will have proved experience in scholarly research,
organizing and conducting oral background interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival components. The candidate will work with users of the curatorial staff on selections work and develop content for the wide variety of programs and applications, which includes digital formats. Candidates with an superior degree in American business, making, food, cultural, or similar specialty area within history are encouraged to apply. Should be able to travel, work independently along with within a team environment, to meet deadlines, and to communicate effectively with co-office workers and the public.

So what does a beer historian actually do?

“ The job will involve making a plan and conducting research, carrying out a lot of writing for various digital and print media, doing a great deal of public speaking, collecting of objects and documents, working with staff to develop community programs, and a lot of other museum-related responsibilities, ” Johnson said.

The researcher will also be spending time “ out in the field, ” conference people involved in the brewing industry in different regions around the country, conducting interviews and gathering materials for the collection.

The three-year gig is funded by Brewers Association, a trade group representing craft and home machines in the United States, but Johnson says the fact that funding won’ t affect the outcome of the research in any way.

“ There are no strings connected and the museum alone has full control over the content, the position, research plus related programming, ” she said. “ This is the same standard the Smithsonian upholds with all of our donors, be they private, corporate plus association donors.

If you can make the cut, you’ lmost all make more than $64, 000 annually with benefits, and more importantly, you’ ll have the bragging rights mounted on one of the coolest-sounding jobs ever.

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Bernie Burns Trump On Twitter Making use of Just 2 Simple Words

Play with Bernie Sanders and you risk getting berned.

Whenever Donald Trump tweeted insults in the Independent Senator from Vermont throughout his Democratic National Convention speech Monday, his social media team replied in style.

This used just two simple terms to shut the GOP’ ersus presidential candidate down.

“ Never tweet, ” read a post directed at the former reality TV personality, who’ g earlier slammed Sanders for having “ totally sold out” to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The post immediately went viral and had garnered almost 120, 000 “ likes” by earlier Tuesday. Trump’ s original twitter update, below, gained fewer than 38, 000.  

Trump has been glued to his Twitter account during the first day of the DNC in Philadelphia.   But instead of constructively criticizing his rivals and their policies, he naturally fired off a series of degrading twitter posts.

He once again called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. ) “ Pocahontas, ”   a derogatory term he likes to use to question her claim that this wounderful woman has Cherokee ancestors. Meanwhile, Trump claimed to know more about Sen. Cory Booker (D-N. J. )  “ than he knows about himself. ”

Sanders’ Twitter takedown of Trump has echoes of Clinton’ s comments in 06 to a social media attack by the girl White House rival. She used just three words to stop his trolling:

Editor’ s note:   Donald Trump regularly  incites political violence   and is a  serial liar ,   rampant xenophobe ,   racist ,   misogynist   and  birther   who has repeatedly pledged to prohibit all Muslims — 1 . 6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U. S.

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Sigourney Weaver Tells Comic-Con Crowd ‘Aliens’ Sequel Very Possible

SAN DIEGO — Sigourney Weaver is confident she will end up being reprising her role as Ripley in an “ Aliens” sequel, the lady told a crowd at Comic-Con upon Saturday.

Weaver, who was nominated for an Oscar on her role in 1986’ s “ Aliens, ” discussed the possibility of time for the role during a panel partying the film’ s 30th wedding anniversary.

The actress confirmed that a script has been written by “ District 9” director Neill Blomkamp, whom she worked with on 2015’ s “ Chappie. ”

F our months [after shooting], I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans every thing they are looking for plus innovates, within a lot of ways, ” she said.

Weaver has been skeptical about previous follow up attempts:   “ I had certainly not wanted to do a fifth [movie]. I didn’ t want to go to Earth because I thought Earth was boring. ”

She hinted to the crowd that will actor Michael Biehn, who played Cpl.   Dwayne Hicks, may also be involved in this sequel, but didn’ t offer details of how that may work since his character passed away in the opening scene of 1992’ s “ Alien 3. ”

The prospective film would mark Weaver’ ersus fifth in the “ Alien” franchise and the first since 1997’ ersus “ Alien: Resurrection. ”

“ It’ s a  excellent story and it’ s satisfying to me to give this woman a good ending, ”   Weaver said, according to Entertainment Weekly.  

Nothing is set in stone, and Weaver said the celebrations involved have other projects around the docket to complete.

“ I am hoping when we finish individuals jobs we will circle back and start to do it, ” she said with Comic-Con.

An additional issue, according to EW, is the need to wait for Ridley Scott to finish “ Alien: Covenant, ” a prequel to the original 1979 “ Alien” film that is also a sequel in order to his 2012 film “ Prometheus. ”  

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Amusing Con Cosplayers Reveal What Switches into Their Amazing Costumes

Movie studios and TV systems use the San Diego Comic-Con to promote new items, but attendees like Bethany Jones use the four-day event to truly end up being themselves ― and that often means wearing costume.

“ I wish I could dress up all the time, ” Jones, 21, told HuffPost. “ There’ s something freeing about it. ”

Jones has a collection of 15 costumes, and is wearing a different one each day during the Con.  

On Fri, she dressed up as a twi’ lek Jedi, an obscure Star Battles character with green skin plus long horns. On Saturday, she plans to dress up as Black Panther.

The Jedi costume has long been a dream of hers, one that took a year to put together. The payoff is seeing other people’ s reaction.

“ One woman clapped with me and said, ‘ You have dedication, ’ ” Jones mentioned. “ The woman at 7-11 desired to take my photo. ”  

Some costumed Con attendees purchase their particular costumes. Others, like Liz Edwards, a registered nurse from Rancho Cucamonga, make them from scratch.

Edwards made a stormtrooper outfit using armor she commissioned from a professional.

“ There’ s bragging rights, ” she explained. “ You have to make adjustments though. The armor is made for a man and the crotch rides a little reduced. ”

A choice of costume is a very personal thing plus some attendees worry others won’ to know who they are.

Steve and Pat, a cosplaying couple from Dallas, were afraid that dressing up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone might mistake millennials who don’ t keep in mind the series.

“ We are shocked, ” Pat said. “ The younger ones consider the movie, and the really little ones think about the vitamins. ”

Dressing up as the Flintstones wasn’ t Steve’ s first selection.

“ I wanted to be a dragon, but it would have taken a year to put that costume collectively, ” he said. “ I needed my wife to be the mother of dragons from ‘ Game of Thrones. ’ ”

Pat said no .

“ I told him I’ m a little old for your, ” she said. “ That’ s a job for a 21-year-old, not really a 55-year-old. ”

As you might expect, Pokemon costumes are more popular than recent years, but dressing up as one had unintentional consequences for a cosplayer from Carson, California, who called herself Julia Pikachu.

“ People are throwing plastic balls at me, ” she laughed.

Check out other costumed cosplayers at the Con below.

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The style At The RNC Was Almost Since Over The Top As The Speeches

It’ s wasn’ t all about the politics.   Amid the whirlwind that was the  2016 Republican National Meeting, some delegates showed their genuine passion for fashion.

Donning outrageously over-the-top costumes and GOP-themed paraphernalia, the delegates’ quirky attire provided a necessary distraction from the often fear-mongering, plus sometimes plagiarized, rhetoric being spouted from the stage.

Check out some of their most weird and wonderful styles below:

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Devastated Boy Runs Away After Mom Deletes Pokemon Go

No one should ever arrive between a boy and his Pokemon, lest they open the entrance for utter despair.

Stephanie McIntyre witnessed just that when her mom decided to remove the Pokemon Go app from her 10-year-old brother’ s telephone. Needless to say, he did not respond nicely.

The cruel and unusual punishment compelled her little sibling to do the only thing one can do whenever barred from the things they like: run away from home and never, ever seem back.

McIntyre recorded the dramatic outburst upon Snapchat, filming as she plus her mother searched the streets for the distraught boy.

The boy was so done, he apparently took all of his clothes and football medals with him ― everything you need whenever starting a new life by your lonesome.

And when McIntyre asked her little brother whenever he’ ll coming home, his reply was firm: “ Never ever. ”

Though McIntyre said on Fb that the boy really only “ ran away” to his grandparents’ house (and is safe), there’ s one thing we can all learn from this particular drama:   Never underestimate the fury of a trainer split away from his beloved Pokemon.

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M. J. Abrams Admits To Major ‘Star Wars’ Opening Crawl Error

Along with “ Star Wars: Episode VII, ” the force has woke up. Unfortunately,   it didn’ capital t do so in time for grammar class.

Since its release last December, “ The particular Force Awakens” has gone on to make rave reviews and some of the most absurd box-office numbers of all time. But it’ s not perfect, which movie director J. J. Abrams confirmed to The particular Huffington Post.

Abrams already admitted to the error of having Chewbacca walk right previous Leia following Han Solo’ s i9000 death. But there’ s one more mistake that, while seemingly little, is light-years more egregious ―  and it’ s in one of the the majority of iconic moments from the film.

The “ Superstar Wars” opening crawl is the synonymous imagery that pops in your head whenever thinking about the franchise. All the “ Star Wars” films have included it (even though there are reports from the upcoming “ Rogue One” apparently dropping the crawl). It’ h the first thing the audience sees. You would like to get it right.

Unfortunately, the “ Force Awakens” opening crawl has been mired within controversy. MIRED!

The paragraph in question, that was noticed by a content editor from Mic, reads:

With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa network marketing leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is eager to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring serenity and justice to the galaxy.

The issue is with the name “ Luke” within the phrase, “ She is desperate to find her brother Luke. ” The name doesn’ t have any commas around it, making it information that’ s essential to the sentence. But the only reason it’ d be essential is if Leia had several brother and Luke’ s name had to be specified.

Yeah, that’ s pretty heavy.

If Luke was Leia’ s only sibling, as we all believe, there would be commas around the name because it’ t nonessential, i. e.,   the sentence has the same meaning with out it.

The comma exclusion implies that Leia has more brothers ― perhaps some missing sibling we haven’ t fulfilled. The revelation quickly went viral as the internet had a bigger crisis than the Death Star.

Does this mean Vader had another kid?   Holy Nerf Herder…  

HuffPost recently spoke with  Abrams about his new film, “ Star Trek Beyond, ” and during the call, the director cleared up the opening crawl secret:

“ I think its intention is pretty clear, and am take full responsibility for any punctuation errors, ” said Abrams.

Sorry, conspiracy advocates. This is not the answer you’ re looking for. Leia has only one brother. It had been just a good old-fashioned typo.

Now we can concentrate on more important things, like: Who photo first? Who are Rey’ s mothers and fathers? And will  Chewbacca Mom actually play Chewbacca’ s mom?

Fingers crossed.

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