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Apartment Complex’s Demand That Tenants ‘Like’ It On Facebook Backfires

A Utah apartment complex that ordered its tenants to “ like” the house on Facebook is now backpedaling because the Internet lashes out against the weird requirement.

Tenants at City Park Apartments within Salt Lake City spoke out against the policy after finding a “Facebook addendum” taped to their doors final Thursday. Those who did not “like” the particular complex  within five days of signing their lease would be found in infringement of the agreement, KSL News reports.

Residents also had to let City Park Flats post pictures of them and their own guests on its Facebook web page, and were forbidden from posting any negative comments about the complex on any public forum or page.

“ I don’ t desire to be forced to be someone’ s friend and be threatened to break my rent because of that, ” tenant Jason Ring told KSL News. “ It’ s outrageous as far as I’ m concerned. ”

While residents were naturally angered, so were many social networking commenters.   Since issuing the particular addendum, City Park Apartments has racked up overwhelming negative evaluations on Yelp — where it currently boasts a one-star rating — as well as on ApartmentRatings. com. An unofficial Facebook page for the complex furthermore shows a 1 . 1-star ranking. Some Facebook and Yelp customers are going so far as to call the policy fascist.

A tenant lawyer who talked to KSL News said the particular addendum was likely illegal because it potentially discriminated against the elderly,   the poor and people who simply choose to not have a Facebook account.

The controversial addendum was intended to “provide some safety to [the apartment complex’s] inhabitants and its owners from usage of photos on its Facebook page through all community events, ” legislation Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore, representing City Park Apartments, told The Huffington Post in a statement on Tuesday.

The addendum that appeared on residents’ doors  “went beyond” what the complex intended and was not thoroughly reviewed before its release, the firm stated.

“At no time was any citizen in jeopardy of eviction or actions from City Park for failing to sign the addendum or even ‘friend’ City Park Apartments. Town Park has not implemented the addendum nor is it requiring its residents to execute it, ” the particular statement continued.

The complex also sent a letter to tenants on Tuesday to clarify that the addendum “went beyond the original intent, ” according to a copy obtained by HuffPost. City Park Community Manager Ana Raphael signed the letter.

“While we freely encourage residents to follow the property Fb page for announcements and suggestions, this is not mandatory and an absence of engagement on Facebook in no way impacts any residential lease agreement, ” the letter stated.

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View A Cheetah Sprint With A GoPro And Hang On For The Ride

We all know cheetahs are fast, right? But virtually hitching the ride on one can give you an even better idea of their acceleration.

A cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden had been outfitted recently with a GoPro, providing a cat’s-eye view as she sprints.

“We think this might be the first time this has already been accomplished with a cheetah, ” the zoo wrote in its May 26 YouTube post.  

It’s a swift and rough ride.

H/T Digg

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Gorilla Shot Dead After Grabbing 4-Year-Old Boy At Cincinnati Zoo

A 17-year-old western lowland gorilla was shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo right after he snatched up a 4-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure Saturday.

The gorilla, named Harambe, dragged the boy around and kept him for about 10 minutes, zoo authorities said at a press conference. The boy was taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, based on the Cincinnati Enquirer. He is listed in severe condition, Fox 19 reported.  

Zoo Director Thane Maynard said the youngster crawled through a barrier and some bushes at about 4 p. m. and fell into the enclosure.   The particular zoo’ s dangerous animal reaction team shot and killed Harambe after debating their tactics.

“The reason tranquilizing was not chosen is in an agitated situation — which the male was — it may take quite a while for the tranquilizer to take effect, ” Maynard said. “You don’ t hit him and he falls over, it might take a few minutes. ”

The child is at between the gorilla’s legs when the zoo’s response team took the photo,   according to Fox 19.   Maynard said the boy has been never at risk, though fire officials witnessed the gorilla “violently pulling and throwing the child, ” the particular station reported.

Harambe had turned 17 on Friday, the Enquirer reports. Gorillas   reach maturity with between 10 and 14 years of age and live to about 35, according to the World Wildlife Fund.   The zoo is closed while officials investigate.

UP-DATE: Earlier, officials documented that the boy was 3 years older.   He is 4.

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Heimlich Again Makes Name For Self By Using Heimlich To Save Woman

Dr . Henry Heimlich , the 96-year-old Cincinnati cosmetic surgeon credited with inventing the lifesaving technique named for him, used it for the first time this week to save a other senior center resident who was choking on a hamburger, a center spokesman said on Friday.

Heimlich , who have in multiple national television looks had demonstrated the ” Heimlich  Maneuver” to shift food from an airway, got never employed it in an emergency, said spokesman Ken Paley.

But on Monday, Heimlich was sitting at a communal table at Cincinnati’s Deupree House, a good upscale senior living center where he lives, and noticed fellow resident Patty Ris, 87, in distress while eating an open-faced burger.

He dashed out of his seat, put his arms around her and pushed on her abdomen below the rib cage, following his own instructions, that are displayed on posters required to be displayed in most restaurants in the United States, although some laws have been discontinued.

“After three compressions, this part of meat came out, and she just began breathing, her whole face changed, ” Heimlich said in a video interview shared by Paley, vice president of marketing for Episcopal Retirement Services, which operates Deupree Home.

“I kind of felt wonderful about it, just having saved that girl, ” Heimlich mentioned.

“I understood it was working all over the world. I just felt a satisfaction, ” said Heimlich , who has lived in the 120-apartment complex for six years and swims regularly for exercise.

Ris said she randomly selected it in the dining room on Monday because she is a new resident at Deupree.

“When I wrote my ‘thank you’ take note to him for saving my life, I said, ‘God put me personally in that seat next to you, Doctor Heimlich , due to the fact I was gone, I couldn’t inhale at all, ‘” Ris said within another video interview shared by Paley.

  (Reporting by Barbara Goldberg in New York; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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Oh, Baby! 6-Month-Old Florida Girl Is A Water Skiing Sensation

She can’ t walk or talk, but Zyla St . Onge certain can water ski!

The 6-month-old water baby was recently filmed zipping throughout a Florida lake on a set of water skis in what her mothers and fathers say sets a new world record for youngest water skier.

Keith and Lauren St . Onge, who both waterski professionally, watched with pride Sunday as their first-born was pulled 686 feet in a Winter Haven lake with a line of family and friends protectively standing by.

(Story continues below. )

“We practiced in our living room with all the skis and we kind of pulled the girl around, ” her mother told The Huffington Post Wednesday. “She would just look around and grin and wait for you to cheer for her. She just loves the attention. ”

Zyla’s competence topped the previous record-holder by just 2 days, Lauren said.

Though there doesn’t is very much any official record for that previously ride — both the Guinness Book of World Records and USA Water Ski told HuffPost they don’t track such feats — previous reports identify the skier as Parks Bonifay, who in 6 months and 29 days zoomed 100 feet across another Fl lake.

At the time of Saturday’s trek, Zyla was 6 months and 27 days old. She had also skied the previous day, but for less than 100 feet, her mother said.

“We’re just super excited, inch Lauren said. “People are caring it. We’ re just excited to get the sport out there. ”

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These Baby Animals Are Yawning, But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Yawning is a somewhat unexplained phenomenon in both animals and humans, despite the fact that we know that people, animals and even fetuses in the womb do it.  

When it comes to humans, specialists think yawning has something to do with the fact that  you’re tired, more particularly that yawning stimulates the body giving up cigarettes sleepy or bored. But for pets, experts suspect yawning serves a number of other purposes  —  including to assist some animals cool down  or even, for others,   as a means of interacting an  emotional connection or a threat.

But even though reasons for yawning might differ, research provide some pretty convincing evidence that yawns are contagious amongst people and amongst animals.   Dogs might even be able to “catch” yawns off their owners. But researchers still aren’ t able to say with assurance why the act is so appealing.

Go ahead and find out if these adorable baby animals allow you to open wide, too.

Video produced plus edited by Samantha Guff.

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Police Are Called To End Kids’ Soccer Exercise, But They Join In Instead

Police for Birmingham, Alabama, have got these much younger soccer players’ backs.

Officers came to the particular children’s defense after receiving range of calls to break up their activity on   a local tractor equipment company’s property. Instead of breaking the fun, the police decided to cut loose and furthermore join in.

Officer Jordan Burke filmed one of the impromptu match and posted an footage to Facebook.

“Please stop calling the pigs telling us to tell children to avoid playing outside, ” he wrote in the caption. “This will be the conclusion result every time. ” 

The video is now going viral.  

Burkie said the  Birmingham Police Dept regularly receives calls from a brick and mortar resident who demands that criminal court make the children, ages 6 to positively 10, leave the field.

But the 25-year-old officer refused to do that, saying workers at the tractor company don’t mind their lot being used as a makeshift soccer ground.

He actually wants to promote good police contact with local kids.

“They don’t have a nice playground here and the nearest play area is near the high school, which is a consider miles away. That is too far regarding young guys to walk, inch Burke told local Fox web-based WBRC. ” Ethically, I can’t tell children to stop collaborating in. ”

There is  “not much offered for them to do, ” Burke explained to Al. com. “There are a lot of burned-out buildings, and I’d rather all involved be playing soccer in a parking lot than playing in a burned-out business. ”

Sixth-grader Chuy Cardenas said he fantastic friends appreciated their new players, who now stop by to play little league whenever call volumes are very.

“It’s so very cool because they play with us and discuss with us about being good, ” likewise 10-year-old Alejendro Martinez.

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People Are Going Nuts Over Disturbingly Realistic Penis Lipsticks

OK, let’ s be very clear. These very phallic lipsticks aren’ t really a new thing.

They’ ve existed since at least   2013, based on Amazon . com reviews.   But after Instagram user prozac_morris posted a photo of these Thursday and BuzzFeed subsequently published about them, the veiny products are usually rearing their glittery heads all round the web.  

Uhhhhhhhh I love this

A photo posted with the Skinny Jewish (@prozac_morris) on

Which isn’ to really surprising. Like, get a load of these photos (sorry).


A photo posted simply by @trailerswiftt on


A photo posted by Mae Hall ⚡️ (@tismae) on

Judging by those Amazon reviews, the penis lipsticks —  created by a company called Mushroom —  are in fact pretty good quality. The one complaint individuals seem to have is that they sometimes obtain squished in transit. And no one wants a smashed penis.

While they seem like a perfect item for bachelorette celebrations or similar events,   we’ re kinda more interested in just to whip these out for everyday use, only when to see the reactions of scandalized passers-by.

But if you’ re too afraid of drawing undesirable attention, don’ t worry — like any lipstick, we suspect it is going to lose its shape soon enough. And if it maintains its rigid type for too long, maybe you should contact a doctor.


Купила бы себе #секс в косметичку? Внимание #вдамскойкомнате обеспечено! Кстати, не фотошоп! Такие помады существуют в реальности Например, #mushroomlipstick – #горячаяштучка прогуляйтесь по тэгу #penislipstick

A photo posted by Косметика • Макияж • Общение (@lagunova_beauty) on

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Kitty With Perpetually Surprised Face Survives Against All Odds

Internet, meet your new favorite cat.

The 4-year-old rescue cat named Kevin, a Russian blue, was born with hydrocephalus,   according to his Instagram web page. The condition, in which there’s a buildup of fluid inside the skull, has led to the kitten’s uniquely adorable, constantly surprised look.

The feline, who wasn’t anticipated to live past 6 months, has risen to Instagram fame, racking up over  14, 000 fans as of Fri afternoon.   His unique appear, coupled with his resilient attitude, makes it no surprise that he’s so popular.  

Just see that face!  

Mum can' t type a caption, she' s too busy laughing..

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

Though Kevin’s senses are usually impaired because of his condition, he or she still lives a happy lifetime and even has his own toy-filled perform area where he can safely plus comfortably frolic.  

Kevin’s human, a veterinary nurse named Tailah, told LoveMeow that the kitty was found departed from in a carpark and later surrendered to a clinic. The nurse simply fell in love with the kitten plus knew she “had to give him a chance. ” 

Taking part in @cuddleclones Thankful For My Pet Contest! #CCthankful14 | We are thankful to have Kev to brighten up my day- each and every day. I couldn' t imagine life without those people eyes to melt my coronary heart! ❤️

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

“I told myself that even if he passed away, I gave him all the loving I could, ” she told the outlet. “Four years later on and he’ s still my best little love bug. ”  

Kev apologises for not posting inside a while! We have been such busy bees ❤

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

With a face as cute as Kevin’s, it must be mighty difficult to avoid charming anyone and everyone you satisfy.  

To see more of Kevin great feline high jinks, check out the pictures below.  

Kev loves a good chin scratch

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

Spent the day at work with my mum nowadays! We had lunch together and then the girl clipped my nails and offered me my working tablet. Yuck! ❤

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

Kevin just realised he' s likely to be 2 soon! ❤

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) upon

Tunnel time!

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

To learn more about Kevin, visit his Instagram page here.  

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Northern Korean Dictator Kim Jong El Gets The Photoshop Makeover He Never Wanted

North Korea released a new official portrait associated with dictator Kim Jong Un a week ago — and it was highly uncommon in that it showed no indications of being touched up with Photoshop.

It didn’t remain that way for long.

The Internet soon took over, with reddit leading the way in a classic Photoshop battle giving the young dictator the makeover he never desired.

Here are some of the greatest:

“Is your mouth tiny and small? ”

View post on imgur. possuindo

There were several Kim Jong Trumps, likely in response to the presumed Republican nominee saying earlier this year that the younger dictator deserves “credit” for taking control over the nation after the death of their father, Kim Jong Il:    

Kim Jong-Trump

View blog post on imgur. com

View post on imgur. com

There were also some Potatoheads:  

View post on imgur. com

View post on imgur. com

Personas from games, comics and computer animation:  

View post upon imgur. com

Kim Jong-Uncharted

View post on imgur. com

Kim Jong Un Photoshop Battle – 5/12/16

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And so much more:  

Kim Jong Harvey?

Age Progression Software program Reveals Kim Jong Un in 30 Years


View blog post on imgur. com

And, of course , Kim Jong Kardashian:

See post on imgur. com


(h/t Mashable)

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