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Gorgeous Pup Won’t Let A Manicure Happen Without Her

Some pets make it doggone near impossible to get near their own nails.

However there’ s Honey.

The canine companion associated with Vine star Amymarie Gaertner seems to ask, no, need   that someone deal with her precious nails.

If you aren’ t blessed having a dog as manicure-ready as Sweetie, the ASPCA has some tips on having your pet comfortable with nail clippers.   While there’s no need for fancy  dog manicures, keeping your pup’ ersus nails trimmed is important because it assists prevents problems like painful broken nails or nails so long that they actually grow into a dog’ h paw.

H/T Mashable

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21 Struggles Only Die-Hard ‘Hamilton’ Fans Know To Be True

The “Hamilton” obsession is real and here to stay. If you’ve believed the soundtrack, you probably already know. And when you’ve seen the show, you certainly know (and also congratulations on being the luckiest human ever). But if you’re anything like most of the Ham fam, you enter the lottery every single day because you refuse to throw away your own shot at tickets.  

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Avocados Are Named After Testicles, And We Officially Know Nothing

We know a lot about avocados, but we never knew regarding their  private   past.  

Turns out the word avocado comes from the Aztec word  āhuacatl,   which means  “testicle, ” according to the above video from SciShow.

Don’t believe all of us? Check the dictionary… and check out how these babies dangle off trees.  

Mmm, guacamole  never tasted creamier.

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Coastline Guard Berates ‘Bubble Man’ Right after Second Ridiculous Rescue At Ocean

After violating an order from the U. T. Coast Guard, an ultra-marathoner needed to be rescued — yet again — from his hamster-wheel-like floatation pod just one day into what was supposed to be a five-month ocean trek.

Ray “Reza” Baluchi, 44, of Florida, set off in his makeshift “hydropod” on Saturday from Pompano Beach, Florida, determined to complete a several, 500-mile ocean run  to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba plus back to Florida.

Instead, Baluchi, also known as “Bubble Guy, ”  requested help after a Coastline Guard crew spotted the man great bizarre, less-than-sea-worthy contraption off the coastline of Jupiter, Florida, some 50 miles north of where he began.  

After Baluchi announced his  “ocean run” earlier in April,   the Coast Guard released an order outlining specific security precautions  for the voyage,   such as the use of an escort vessel. But Baluchi failed to meet them.  

“ This was an inherently unsafe voyage try that put the lives of Mister. Baluchi and other mariners in danger, ” Cpt. Austin Gould, commander of Coast Guard Sector Miami, mentioned in a statement. “This proposed adventure unnecessarily risked the lives associated with Mr. Baluchi, the maritime community, and our Coast Guard women and men. ”

Intended for his voyage, Baluchi was armed only with a GPS, satellite phone and video camera, and planned to “survive on protein bars, tuna, sea water purified through a filter, Gatorade and chewing gum for ocean sickness, ” according to his website.

Both in the release and on Twitter, the Coastline Guard all but berated Baluchi intended for his selfishness, which it states continues to come at the “enormous” expenditure of taxpayers. Ironically, as Baluchi proudly claims on his website, the particular attempted “life threatening journey on sea” was for charity.

Baluchi’s 2014 attempt to “run” the Bermuda Triangle finished in similar defeat when the Coast Guard found him 70 nautical miles east of St . Augustine, exhausted and “asking for instructions to Bermuda. ” That save, the Coast Guard said, price taxpayers more than $140, 000, although Baluchi hoped the adventure would “raise money for children in need and… inspire those that have lost hope for a better future. ”

Baluchi cannot be reached for comment Wednesday. His publicist Candace Rojas, nevertheless , told the Sun Sentinel   that Baluchi was “disappointed about having to end” his journey, but “will definitely try again. ”  As for the Coast Guard warning, Rojas told the outlet that Baluchi had secured a support vessel in order to accompany him, but ultimately elected to make the trip by himself.  

Rojas additional that her understanding of the Coast Guard order was that it was a recommendation, not a mandate. But below federal law, violation of a Coast Guard order could result in criminal penalties, including up to 7 years in prison and $40, 000 within fines.

Baluchi is no first-time risk-taker.   Within 2007, he ran around the edge of the United States, covering more than 11, 700 miles in 202 days.

Davis Hyslop, the businessman and one of Baluchi’s followers, told CNN in 2012 that his friend, an Iranian immigrant, merely doesn’t listen to anyone.   “He has these outsized ambitions that he sets his mind to, ” Hyslop said. “He’s a success apart from anyone’s expectations. It’s almost biblical. But you gotta be a little insane to undertake such an endeavor, right? ” 

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The retrospective of Darryn Lyons' weird career as mayor

The Geelong mayor’s short-lived reign has been peppered with flamboyant moments plus outrageous colour schemes.

Hastings grabs top spot as Lotto’s luckiest stores revealed

Individuals looking for a slice of $22 mil up for grabs this weekend might want to visit Hawke’s Bay.

This may Just Be The Worst Slide On the planet

Nothing compares to the innocent joy of zooming straight down a slide. Too bad this child didn’t get to experience it.

A hilarious video clip from Jukin Media shows just a little girl and her mom at the top of a very fun-looking slide. But when mom releases her to slide down, she just inches down in a snail’s pace. The unexpected outcome is undeniably LOL-worthy.

Boo to this slide!  

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Get away of octopus Inky makes a splash worldwide

Inky’s great get away is continuing to make headlines around the entire world.

Siri has genius responses when you ask this questions about Game of Thrones

Brothers convince sister the zombie decimation has started

Anyone who’s had their wisdom teeth out will know the drugs the dentist provides you with are pretty potent.