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Man Offers Hugs At Trump And Sanders Rallies, Asks Which America We Want

Tobey maguire Nwadike wants to make America adore again.

The founder of the Free of charge Hugs Project offered — a person guessed it — free hugs at separate rallies for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in March, and filmed the results.

The particular receptions he received at the two rallies were a little, uh, various.

Some disturbing moments from the Janesville, Wisconsin Trump rally include a man telling Nwadike he doesn’t really want any drugs and a woman harmful to punch him if he’ s not pro-Trump. But not everybody there was hostile, Nwadike told The Huffington Post. He did receive some “ warm welcomes” and hugs, he said.   Plus, he added, he shot much of the footage from the Trump rally outside police barricades, in an area where Trump supporters were quarrelling with anti-Trump protesters. That means that lots of of the Trump supporters he approached were already riled up or were there specifically because they were looking for a fight.  

But overall, he said, the Trump move was starkly different from the Sanders rally, where he experienced “no animosity whatsoever” as he walked through a line of Sanders supporters he estimated had been around four miles long.

“When you watch that [footage], police warmly welcomed me, blacks welcomed me, whites welcomed me personally, ” he said.

At the Trump rally, Nwadike said he observed “three African-Americans thrown out for absolutely no reason. ” And one teen anti-Trump protester appears in the video shortly after she was pepper-sprayed by somebody witnesses identified as a Trump supporter. The 15-year-old girl alleged that the man in the crowd groped her, and when an altercation ensued and she apparently pushed or punched the man, a third person sprayed her hard.  

Nwadike says he wants people who see the video to think about the kind of world they want to live in.

“I want people to really look at it and say, ‘What version of America do we want to highlight? ‘” he said. “Do you want a world filled with adore or a world with pre-judgment and hate speech? ”

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British woman swims for hours trying to catch up to cruise ship

A 65-year-old British woman was rescued in the Atlantic Ocean near Madeira on Saturday, after spending hours trying to swim back to her cruise ship.

British woman swims for hours trying to achieve cruise ship

A 65-year-old Uk woman was rescued from the Ocean Ocean near Madeira on Sunday, after spending hours trying to swim back to her cruise ship.

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Researchers have identified a universal No face

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Groin strike was consensual, Australian law enforcement inspector says

A law enforcement inspector in Australia has defending striking a junior officer in the groin, saying he thought the behavior was consensual and part of the pair’s friendly relationship.

The actual Heck Are Eye Boogers Plus Why Do You Have Them?

Exactly what are eye boogers and why perform we get them?

SciShow, a crowdfunded YouTube science channel, took on this crusty problem in an episode posted online this past weekend.  

Ends up the “sand” or “sleep” in the corner of your eyes each morning is made up of a whole bunch of nasty things: mucus, dead epidermis cells, oil, dust and bacteria,   host Michael Aranda points out in the clip above.

And while this junk is always hanging around your eye, blinking flushes it away. Since you blink much less when you sleep, it accumulates so when you wake up, you’ve got some eyes boogers.

Check out the full explanation in the clip over.  

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