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Somewhere among the all the C-3POs, there’s a good Oscar statue

First there was clearly a panda hidden among snowmen, then a cat among some owls, now an Oscar statue is definitely hiding amid C-3POs.

Lakewood ranch Python Challenge Nets 106 Snakes During Monthlong Hunt

Greater than 1, 000 hunters armed with pillowcases and their bare hands removed 106 invasive Burmese pythons through the Florida Everglades, the largest of which has been 15 feet long.

The results from the monthlong 2016 Python Challenge had been announced Saturday by state wildlife officials, with a landscaper from Nj-new jersey taking two of the top money prizes.

Daniel Moniz, 22, of Brick Township managed to bag thirteen pythons, the most by any individual, and also the longest by any individual, measuring thirteen feet.

The longest snake captured, which was fifteen feet long, was a group work pulled off by Bill Booth, Duane Clark, Dusty Crum and Craig Nicks. That same group captured the most collective pythons with 33.

The annual hunt targeted the invasive species because of its detrimental effects on the local ecosystem. The particular snakes are capable of growing up to twenty six feet long and prove to be a highly regarded predator of the natural wildlife, including alligators and deer.

Hunting Burmese pythons was what brought Moniz down to Florida after growing up getting snakes in the Garden State.

That’s not to say he had ever caught a python before. His largest catch before the Everglades trip was a 6-foot black rat snake, he told The Huffington Post.

“I’ve caught a few venomous snakes before, which may have been smaller but equally as dangerous, ” Moniz said by email Sunday.

Inquired if there were any particularly rattling moments during his hunt, this individual boldly replied: “I never really felt fear as I was hunting snakes. ”

“My biggest fear was probably scaring my mom too much — especially the pictures of our bloody face, ” he said.

Those pictures were taken after he was chomped on with a 13-footer.

Whilst Moniz was wrestling the snake, the monster reptile was able to kitchen sink its teeth into his quarter and neck. Once he pried it off him, it obtained another bite of his adjustable rate mortgage.

Fortunately for Moniz, he said none of the bites were main, and he didn’t seek medical help.

On his blog he documented the dramatic fight, as well as the rest of his adventures while riding around on a bicycle with pillowcases. One such incident was his wrestling what he or she described as a 12-foot “ creature female” that put up a tough battle before being successfully bagged.

“This python even managed to ankle-cuff myself, making it hard to move! Definitely an event, that’ s for sure! ” this individual wrote.

Here' s the video footage of today' s catch. Sorry it' s poor quality, somewhere during the add it must have gotten over-compressed.

Posted by Daniel Eugene Moniz on  Sunday, February 14, 2016

The competition started on Jan. 16 and ended Feb. 14. All contestants were needed to complete a course on how to identify, find, and safely and humanely capture the snakes, according to the Florida Seafood and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“ Our staff worked hard to offer these valuable training opportunities throughout south Florida, ” Nick Wiley, FWC executive director, said in the release. “ We attribute much of the success to these expanded training opportunities. ”

This year’s challenge proved to be a monumental success, factory-like 2013 Python Challenge removed 68 Burmese pythons.

“ We are capable to see so many people contribute to this important effort to conserve Florida’ s natural treasure, the Everglades ecosystem, ” said FWC Commissioner Ron Bergeron. “ We need to keep this momentum going now that the competition is over. ”

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California authorities lead on wild run after by pony dressed a unicorn

California authorities probably thought they were seeing things when a unicorn hoofed it through town, giving them run after.

Middlebury Bans Energy Drink Sales, Citing Link To ‘High-Risk Sex’

Vermont’ s Middlebury College announced this week that the campus will stop selling energy drinks on March 7 —  but the rationale behind the move has some increasing eyebrows.

Myles Kamisher-Koch, a student who interns with all the college’s Dining Services, is behind the decision, reports student publication The Middlebury Campus. Kamisher-Koch argued at a meeting of administrators, students plus faculty that beverages like Reddish Bull and 5-Hour energy advertise a “ culture of stress” and encourage bad academic routines.

Dan Detora, executive director of eating hall services, told NBC that will consuming energy drinks can have potentially serious health consequences. College officials also told the outlet the drinks have been   linked to unsafe behavior like alcohol abuse and “high-risk sexual activity. ”  A minimum of two students told The Middlebury Campus that this link also worries them.  

But it’ s very probable administrators  —  and these students —  are confusing causation with relationship. While multiple studies link energy drinks to “ risky behavior, ” there’ s little evidence that these drinks  cause   people to engage in high-risk behavior. It could simply be that learners drawn to risky behaviors are also drawn to energy drinks.

“It appears the kids who are seriously into drinking energy drinks are more likely to be the ones who are inclined towards taking risks, ” Kathleen Burns, an addiction researcher who directed a 2008 study on the subject, informed The New York Times.

And some students are asking the decision.

“There are more important things for them to address, ” Arnav Adhikari, a senior who else works at a cafe on campus, told NBC News.   “And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity? ”

Adhikari also suggested the statements of energy drinks being too unhealthy were a bit hypocritical, since Dining Services still sells plenty of deep-fried food.

Whatever the case, energy drinks aren’ t prohibited altogether. Students are still allowed to consume them —  they just have to purchase them somewhere else.

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View Dirt Bikers Get A Bit As well Close To Nature

Basically dirt biking dangerous enough?

Two bikers captured their incredibly close contact with a bear on helmet camera.

The duo were driving down a monitor near Lake Ingozero in northwestern Russia when the beast suddenly bounded into their path.

These people slowed down as it sprinted across plus ran off into nearby forest. It appeared oblivious to the cyclists.

Really unclear exactly when the footage has been filmed, but  similar video emerged from Thailand  last week.

A motorcyclist was forced to swerve as an Asiatic dark bear ran out into the road near the eastern associated with Nakhon Ratchasima .

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Foreign pines drop giant nuts

Forget drop bears.

ALL OF US woman bites rare pearl while dining

A US girl bit down on a rare pearl while eating a meal of clams in a Italian restaurant.

This person Walks In Snow To Create Amazing Giant Murals

When Simon Beck walks in the snow, he simply leaves tracks to remember.

Beck creates huge murals as he trudges through the white-colored stuff in his snowshoes.

“It started as a bit of fun, but steadily,   it’s taken over my life, ” he says in the video above posted by Great Big Story.

For one of his bigger works, Beck says he might invest two hours measuring his piece and 8 hours walking. That is certainly about 40, 000 steps regarding him.

Beck says on his Fb page that his designs are based “on the world of geometry or even ‘crop circles. ‘”

He can make about 30 snow drawings each year, with the Alps serving as their main canvas,   according to a previous report.  

At least whenever this guy walks in circles, he really gets somewhere.

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Indianapolis Jones car from the Temple associated with Doom found in New Plymouth’s Americarna

A massive Indiana Jones fan now owns the car used in one of his favourite movies.

Hensioners and the power of therapy pets

A few little chooks are making big changes in the lives of aged patients, helping them fight major depression and dementia.