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Over and above Bowie, other notable wills and what they contained

David Bowie’s wish to have his ashes scattered inside a Buddhist ritual in Bali is the latest in a series of distinctive provisions in celebrities’ wills.

Rabbit Blown Onto Roof In Storm Rescued By Heroic Firefighters

While everyone knows the old trope about cats getting trapped in trees, it’ s less often that you ear about a rabbit stuck on a roof.

But firefighters in Northern Ireland dealt with just such a case on Friday, when winds from Storm Gertrude threw Bumper the bunny’ s hutch into the air, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

“ The wind captured the hutch and sent it flying into the air and it has catapulted the rabbit out of the hutch plus onto the roof, ” Omagh Open fire Station district commander David Doherty  told BT. com.

Bumper — renamed “ Gertrude” to commemorate the event — was out of the hutch when it crashed against the side of the house. But the bunny was still stuck on the roof.

Fortunately, firefighters were shortly on the scene with multiple ladders and a reach pole. The recovery took less than 40 minutes, based on Mashable.

While we don’ big t know the specifics of Bumper/Gertrude’ ersus living situation, this is a good time to remind everyone that pet rabbits are usually safer and happier when they reside inside.

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Keep gets a handle on starting car doors

A light-pawed bear in the United States unlocked a car plus hopped in to forage for food.

Experts Have Calculated How Much Time We Spend Slacking Off at Work

Infant Nessie Tea Gadget Is Born, In order to Delight Of Nessie Fans Just about everywhere

Every once in a while, we discover a kitchen gadget associated with legendary proportions.

Such is the case with Baby Nessie, the attractive Loch Ness Monster  lookalike whom brews your tea in the many adorably genius way possible:

Simply stick loose-leaf tea into Baby Nessie’s adorable silicone body, and send the girl to the depths of your mug for any brew so strong, you might turn into a lake-dwelling cryptid  yourself.

The device,   which is the daughter from the equally precious  Nessie soup spoon,   retails on SOHO Design Shop  for about $15.

H/T Gizmodo

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Israeli vulture detained in Lebanon on suspicion of being a spy

A vulture that flew within Lebanon has been accused of spying.

Vampires at the Edwardian Ball 2016

Vampire, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian styled Balls, embellished with elegance, where the illusions of alternate realities are created, find of events that I love to attend. Now the Edwardian Ball within San Francisco has been added to my checklist. I have been around the world and attended a lot of such events on my fang making adventures. They include, secret Masque Balls of Venice Carnival, The Memnoch Ball (in 1995 celebrating the release of Anne Rice’s film Interview with the Vampire) within New Orleans to the amazing Gala Nocturna in Belgium. All of these occasions inspire the Endless Night Vampire Ball I organize every year within New Orleans. I know what goes into producing these elegant events on a much larger scale, and this was among the best I have experienced in my travels.


The organization was quite professional, and the costumes were immensely creative. The audience’s participation associated with costume and spirit, seemed as though it was a collaboration with the creation itself. The little details, from creatively designed faux money for video games, to the performances on stage, finally lead off with the beautiful former Freemason Temple, today called the Regency Ballroom. This venue was the perfect environment which induced an atmosphere that transported us, the audience — to another time and reality. Within the crowd was a collection of Silicon Area techies, steampunks, costume lovers and Burning Man audience. With songs from bygone eras, from golf swing to Jazz and to what you would be prepared to hear in Paris during the Belle Epoque era.


The Edwardian Ball has just recognized its 16th annual event. Both nights were sold out with a complete attendance of over 4000! The theme was World’s Faire, ideal for an Edwardian Era theme occasion, which you get to dance amongst people who are transported to the turn of the 20th century in spirit and atmosphere. The performances were endless, along with new surprises, eye candy plus new delights, around every part.


Playing with an actual steam whistle, and taking a wander through the halls of the Regency during one of my brief breaks through fang making, I found to be incredible. The lower level consisted of the suppliers market, while the main floor hosted the main stage, accompanied a stunning golf ball room. Within the top floors the particular VIP section took place in a historical Freemason temple, which any conspiracy theory theorist could indulge in.


The best part for me was making fangs for this kind of great audience. They were enthusiastic and all in good spirits. There is today a good Vampire World budding within the Bay area… I could tell each individual would bring a new spirit to a ever evolving Vampire World. Edwardian Vampires? Perfect! Absolutely! Vampires are time travelers, hailing from every era in human history. I loved meeting my fellow vendors from around the world, people travelling as far as Italy, Bali and Israel to vend their wares. Mysteriously, some of them dropped in love with my fangs and grew to become members of my fanged family immediately. Making fangs in many different places such as Burning Man, Edwardian Ball, Hellfest in France and the darkest corners of the world has helped me build such an interesting family of fang customers.


The Edwardian Ball gave me inspiration and a new spirit, which I fully embrace. I am a critic of every detail when it comes to producing historical themed events, and the Edwardian Ball didn’t let me down.

The next Edwardian Ball will be a special edition at the Fonda Theatre in LA on Feb 27 2016…

I am definitely going to return next year and bring a lot more people into the Vampire World…

Appreciate, Loyalty and Rock & Move!

Vampire Fang Photos simply by Father Sebastiaan and Marco Sanchez

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Auckland ‘Tinder warning’ is public revenge on ‘love rat’

An unlucky-in-love Auckland woman has taken towards the streets for revenge – naming her ex-Tinder lover via a leaflet and poster campaign.

Small Object Lesson: No, There Are Not really 100 Eskimo Words for " Snow"

Lies. It was every lies.

Director Forces Censors To Watch 10-Hour Movie Of Paint Drying

British film director Steve Lyne’s latest film won’t win many awards, except maybe from people who hate film censorship planks.

The movie, “Paint Drying, ” is a 10-hour opus of paint drying on a brick wall that was invented as a way of sticking to the people hired to determine whether a film is appropriate for all ages.

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