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Alarm For Your Right? Chinese Police Frighten Zombies From Subway

Zombies of China, consider her warned.

The holiday isn’t extremely popular there, but as the tradition is garnering interest, transport police in the southern city of Guangzhou are usually asking people dressed for the holiday to stay off of public transit pertaining to fear other passengers may anxiety.

The BBC reports:

“Passengers’ strange conduct may make some feel uneasy, trigger onlookers to panic and could simply lead to security risks, ” the force says in a statement submitted on its Sina Weibo microblog account. “Therefore the subway does not encourage such acts. ”

Police are usually requesting citizens to report people they see in costume in the trains.

For some people in China, Halloween night traditions are baffling, and it is regarded as a strange decision to dress up for that holiday.

However , others fear the added security measures far more compared to they fear costumed revelers, noting anxiety about ramped up initiatives to guard against those wearing ghoulish costumes.

Some Chinese retailers are usually reporting a rise in costume purchases as Halloween increases in reputation in the world’s most populous country, China Daily reports.

“[T]oday, Halloween is celebrated by people of all ages, and is generally seen as an good excuse for a fancy-dress party, having fun scaring friends and neighbors, even visiting haunted attractions — and it has become increasingly big business in Tiongkok, ” the newspaper reported.

Last year in Bejing, officials announced that people riding in costume could face police arrest as the holiday coincided with a main summit in the city, BBC reports.

In other parts of the world, officials will also be encouraging people to exercise discretion within selecting Halloween costumes. In France, a tweet posted by the Police Nationale 06 suggested costumes that appeared threatening were not ideal options for Halloween night.

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Many Blacks just nudge Wallabies in Twitter RWC final

Within the Rugby World Cup final of social media supremacy, the All Blacks have come out on top of the Wallabies by the smallest of margins.

Motorcyclist Pops Wheelie At 100 YOUR And It Doesn’t Go Well

A motorcyclist will be lucky to be alive after this individual tried to pop a wheelie in high speeds, but ended up eating pavement — and the whole thing had been caught on camera.  

The rider was traveling at greater than 100 mph, according to Jukin Mass media, which provided the painful-to-watch cut:


While the daredevil was wearing a head protection, he was clad only inside a T-shirt and shorts — but somehow made it through with only some road rash.  

The motorcycle was less fortunate. Jukin reviews that it was completely totaled.


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Prolonged Northland moggy mum gets worldwide attention

A Northland cat’s maternal instinct has caught the interest of international media, after the lady tried to sneak into a vet clinic to retrieve her “kidnapped” babies.

Closes FaceTime To Keep Long-Distance Love Still living

Long-distance relationships are difficult. Especially if you’re a seal, plus you’re in love with another seal exactly who happens to be 160 miles away.

Fortunately for these seals, technology is a lovely thing. They now use FaceTime to keep their long-distance relationship solid.

Sija and Babyface are 2 smitten seals who were separated for getting too frisky, according to the New York Write-up.   They met back in 3 years ago, when Sija was transferred to exactly the same sanctuary in England as Babyface. These people “sealed the deal” and developed a pup, even though 37-year-old Babyface was almost too old in order to procreate, according to ABC AU.  

With Babyface’s wellness in mind, sanctuary workers put 10-year-old Sija on a birth control pill plus hoped it wouldn’t happen again. Somehow,   they were still in a position to have a second pup together.   Love knows no bounds, all things considered.  

Unfortunately for them, this was as well risky for Babyface, so Sija was sent to a separate, all-female housing at SEA LIFE, according to Mashable.  

  “ Sija has settled within really well with the other girls right here, but we thought it would be wonderful for her and Babyface to keep in touch so we’ ve arranged a video link, ” Displays Curator in Weymouth SEA LIFE Fiona Cruz told Mashable.  

Both closes are responding well to the FaceTime sessions, which the  staff refers to as SealTime.  

What’s next? Netflix n’ Seal?

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‘Warlock’ slapped with restraining order within new Salem witch trial

A judge in Salem, Ma, has granted a self-proclaimed witch’s request for a restraining order to keep a self-proclaimed warlock and business rival from harassing her.

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Posts Their Year-In-Space Playlist

Here’s a brand new spin on Desert Island Disks: What tunes would you take in case you were going to spend a year within space?  

International Space Station Commander  Scott Kelly,   now more than 200 days into their #YearInSpace  mission, has just shared their Spotify playlist, and it hits on a wide range of genres.  

“My taste in music varies as will my mood, ” he had written in a news release from Spotify.   “Whether I am contemplative, energetic, tired or hopeful, music has a way of connecting, relaxing and motivating me personally. Some weekend mornings, I drift to the cupola with my coffee and listen as I reflect on this particular journey, looking down at the beautiful world on which most of us live. ”

Kelly said his 28-song list includes the songs your dog is listened to most since leaving World in March.  

“Some possess personal meaning to me and others really are a compilation of melodies, rhythm and lyrics I simply enjoy, ” he wrote.   “I listen to these songs on this playlist in this particular order because they loosely capture the idea of a year in space from beginning to end for me. ”

Here’s record, which runs 2 hours and 5 minutes:  

Kelly, who has spent more time living in space than any other United states,   said music is often playing throughout the workday on the ISS, with different tunes in different modules, and he listens to music in his private crew quarters as well.  

“When residing in a place isolated from the rest of the world like here aboard the International Space Station, (music)  becomes better, ” he wrote.   “I imagine music will be equally as essential to future space travelers as we go further beyond our global sphere. “ 


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South African golfer Jacques Kruyswijk police a golf ball to the groin

Golf can be a cruel game, yet this was something else.

A lot more strange sightings above Kaikoura

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a drone, microlight, helicopter or balloon?

Tiny Hamster Halloween Party Is Frightfully Adorbs


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Suddenly bobbing for apples seems so lame. Why weren’t we invited to Tiny Hamster’s Halloween party?  

It had a pizza rat costume and lots of other fuzzy fun.

Maybe next year.



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