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Titanic’s last lunch menu, from Cash Boat, goes for $88, 000

FILE - This undated file photo provided by Lion Heart Autographs shows the Titanic’s last lunch menu. The menu — saved by a passenger who climbed aboard the so-called “Money Boat” before the ocean liner went down — was sold at an auction Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015. (Lion Heart Autographs via AP, File) NEW YORK (AP) — The Titanic' s final lunch menu, saved by a first-class passenger who climbed aboard an important lifeboat whose crew was said to have been bribed to row away instead of rescue more people, sold at auction for $88, 000 in Wednesday.

Get away Pendleton raccoon, drunk sailor tale too good to be true

Scott Smith
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 30 (UPI) — An incredible story of a U. S i9000. Navy sailor who, leaving a local bar very intoxicated, got previous his car’s Breathalyzer ignition locking mechanism by using a sober raccoon as a bellows turned out to be false.

California couple hosting ‘Weddings Crashers’ designed wedding, invites strangers to attend

Motivated by the popular movie “Wedding Crashers”, a Florida couple is actually asking strangers to crash their wedding next month.

Proceed, Porkins! – Heaven Is Full Associated with Rebels

Go, Porkins! by Monsterobots

When you get back from flying a successful mission contrary to the Empire it’s time to treat yoself, but when you die on that objective you find out the treats are never ending on the other side. Porkins always cherished the sweet stuff, with Tatooine taffy and Endorian eclairs getting his absolute favorites, and since he fought for the good side in that war among the stars this individual earned a sugar sweet the grave. Luke was always going on regarding some mysterious feeling he phone calls the Force, but what great is a feeling if you can’t chew it, taste it or swallow it? Now poor Porkins may be gone, but the syrupy sweet memory of his goofy smile and monto in the face of death star live on!

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Lakewood ranch couple invites strangers to crash their wedding

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Inspired by popular movie “Wedding Crashers”, a Florida couple is actually asking other people to crash their wedding the following month.

16-Year-Old Invents Stroller-Wheelchair So Disabled Mother Can Wheel Her Baby Outside

Sharina Jones was shot when she was five years old and lost the use of her legs. Thirty years afterwards, when she was expecting the girl first child, she began to question how she would manage a stroller while in a wheelchair. By possibility, Alden Kain, a Detroit high-school student enrolled in a special design class, was paired up with Jones plus tasked to invent a wheelchair stroller. After six months of hard work, his prototype was a success.

“ It was great to meet her and talk to her as to what she wants and doesn’t need, ” Kain explained to The The state of michigan Catholic. “ Talking to her was a big help, figuring out the workability from the device, where to put a diaper bag, whether or not she could unhook the stroller and how she can maneuver around in the chair. ” In a separate interview with Today, he added, “ It was extremely exciting plus rewarding to see Sharina using it. ”

More info: eng-sci. udmercy. edu | thinkbeyondthechair. org | Amazon (h/t: huffingtonpost)

Sharina Jones was worried just how she’ d manage a stroller while in a wheelchair, so this 16-year-old came up with a solution


Jones lost the use of her legs when she was shot as a child


Kain’ s design let Jones take her baby outside on her wheelchair


The device connects to a wheelchair and uses a normal baby car seat


“ It was incredibly exciting and rewarding to see Sharina using it”


See how the stroller attachment works in the video below:

In 1992 an inflatable bouncy fortress took flight….

In 1992 an inflatable bouncy castle required flight with 5 children inside. To save them, a 21 year-old man grabbed one of the trailing basics, climbed up to the castle 15 meters in the air and pulled each kid out, before losing his grip and falling through the canvas roofing of a dodgems tent. He […]

The metallic smell of money is actually your own body…

The metallic smell of money is actually your body oils breaking down in the presence of iron or copper. You can see this by using a document towel to pick up a penny smelling it – no odor. Then stroke your sweaty/oily fingers on it plus notice the strong metallic odor. Cash doesn’ t smell, you […]

Guy Thought He Was Attacked By A Hippopotamus

A man attacked in downtown Madison Friday night told police he thought he had already been assaulted by a hippopotamus.

Goat ‘arrested’ at Tim Hortons has been possibly kidnapped

Goat at Martensville Tim Hortons

Goliath the goat who had been “arrested” at Tim Hortons continues to be returned safely to his proprietors. But it appears he had help in their escape and was possibly abducted.