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A Pop Chart Lab Art Print Making use of Famous Figures From Movies, TELEVISION, Music, and Books to Demonstrate the Parts of Speech

A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech


“ A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech” is a new art print by Pop Graph Lab that uses famous statistics from movies, television shows, music, and books to illustrate the different parts of speech. Signed and numbered images are available to purchase online.

A pop-cultural grammar be unfaithful sheet, this chart brings together popular figures from cinema, television, music, and literature to help illustrate the particular parts of speech—let Walter White pack in concrete/abstract nouns; allow Dr . Exactly who take you on a tour via prepositions of time; watch (carefully) because Gizmo the Mogwai takes you on a transformative tour through adverbs.

With an all-hand-illustrated cast that includes ET, Robocop, Holly Golightly, Glaciers Cube, and Nic Cage (hey, he’s in everything, isn’t he? ), this media-spanning lexical primer goes to infinitives– and beyond!

A Pop Culture Primer On Parts Of Speech

images via Pop Chart Lab

submitted via Having a laugh Squid Tips

Excellent Dane Gets Comfy, Squishes Good-Humored Human In The Process

It’s always fine to kick back and relax, however for this big pooch, it comes in the expense of his poor human’s comfort.

In a video published to Facebook, a Great Dane chooses to unwind by lying out on the particular couch on top of his human, totally squishing the man who’s just seeking to watch some TV. From the looks of it, the pooch is probably unacquainted with his own size.

The clip, which was uploaded earlier this month, has gone viral with more than a whopping 40 million views and more than a million gives. Because nothing’s more delightful than watching a Great Dane who think he’s a lap dog.

Watch the giant dog toss and turn with his good-humored human smooshed under him. The pup is definitely trying to find the perfect position, regardless of whether it could pleasant for his owner.

We never thought something could look both really cute and really uncomfortable, but we were wrong!

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Georgia Confederate flag parade ends in fender-bender

Alexandra Herrera
DALTON, Ga., June twenty nine (UPI) — A parade of Confederate flags in Dalton, Ga., ended in a fender-bender and a viral video.

Professional Wil Wheaton Talks About His Panic attacks to Assure Teens With Mental Illnesses That They Aren’t Alone

Actor, producer and writer Wil Wheaton lately opened up to Project UROK to talk about his daily struggle with Generalized Panic attacks and Chronic Depression in order to assist others, particularly teenagers, understand their very own mental health issues and assure all of them that they’ re not alone.

And I want to say it was a week and a half, or something similar to that, probably close to 2 weeks, once i started treatment, my wife and I were simply having a walk in the neighborhood, and am realized that it was a really beautiful time. And it was warm, and there was this wonderful little bit of a breeze, and birds sounded really

beautiful, plus flowers smelled really great, and our wife’ s hand felt great in myhand, and we’ re walking, and I just started to cry. And she was like, what’ s incorrect? I was like, I just realized that I actually don’ t feel bad. I just realized, that I’ m not really existing, I’ m living. Like that normal for me was changing. … And it was the beginning of this journey that continues, of learning how to live life with depression, rather than living living through depression.

Project UROK is a non-profit dedicated to using user-submitted videos to help teens work through the struggle of mental illness.

Task UROK is a nonprofit organization started in 2014 by Jenny Jaffe. Our mission is to create amusing, meaningful videos for teenagers experiencing mental health issues, made by people who have already been there before. In doing so, we are going to provide not only practical assistance, but additionally a sense of belonging, a sense of comfort, and also a sense of hope

Gal Infected With AIDS At Medical center To Get 770, 000 RMB Payout

girl infected with aids at hospital to get 770 thousand rmb

A girl with congenital heart disease who was infected with AIDS after receiving blood during surgical procedure at the Union Hospital of Fujian University of Medicine is to receive a one-off payment totaling 770, 500 RMB. Born in 2009, Maomao was diagnosed with her condition aged simply 8 months, and soon after underwent surgery. Although seemingly successful, the girl tested positive for HIV within 2014. Investigations found a formerly HIV-negative blood donor testing optimistic, whose blood was given to Maomao and two others. Netizens says the sum is nowhere close to sufficient to offset future medical costs.

Source: Netease

“Girl Infected With AIDS At Medical center To Get 770, 000 RMB Payout”

Originally published on chinaSMACK — Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China

Teen Delivering Pizza Saves Choking Man, Goes From ‘Pizza Boy’ To ‘Pizza Man’

This pizzas delivery boy ended up serving a slice of heroism while on the work.

Anson Lemmer, a 19-year-old through Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was on his last pizza delivery order of the night, on June 15, whenever he arrived at a customer’s home and found an unresponsive guy lying on the ground outside, according to the Posting Independent.

The teen sprung into action and performed CPR, ultimately conserving the man, who began walking around soon after, 9News reported. Lemmer then called his parents to share his eventful day.

“I called my parents and said ‘This has been the craziest pizza delivery ever. I actually left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man, ‘” Lemmer told the Post 3rd party. “They were proud of me. Completely unexpected thing. ”

The 19-year-old said that when he pulled up to the house that day, the situation had been dire.

“There was something really wrong, his eyes had folded up into his head and was unresponsive, ” the teen told 9News, describing the scene. “One of his friends was at the phone calling 911, and the some other was attempting CPR, but right away he asked me if I knew how to do CPR at all. inch

The now-pizza delivery “man” happened to have learned how to execute CPR when he was young, the Post Independent reported. EMTs arrived at the scene shortly after and took over for Lemmer after the guy started breathing. The man was delivered to the hospital following the incident.

Although saving lives isn’t exactly in a pizza delivery guy’s job explanation, the teen said he was happy to do it.

“They all shook my hand and tipped me pretty much, and I got to take home a pizzas so that was all right, ” Lemmer told 9News.

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Cult of personality: Turkmen leader will get park tribute on birthday

ASHGABAT (Reuters) – Turkmenistan, which rights groups view as one of the most repressive countries in the world, celebrated Chief executive Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov’s 58th birthday on Monday by opening a park in the capital Ashgabat bearing call him by his name.

Franz Von Werra, a Nazi POW who was transfered to Canada in order to deter his multiple…

Franz Von Werra, a Nazi POW who was transfered to Canada in order to deter his multiple escapes plus recaptures, escaped again in less than a month, traveling through the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Italy to become the only Western held POW to return in order to combat. On 25 October 1941 Von Werra took off in Bf […]

The father and son survived the Megatsunami (1700′ wave) by riding…

A father and son survived a Megatsunami (1700′ wave) by riding out the influx in their Alaskan fishing boat.

Innovative Portraits Of Artist’s Hands Exploring Different Art Forms

An artist in Jakarta, Indonesia who goes by ‘ Ponypork’ on Instagram has been showing us his experiments with different artistic styles and media in an interesting method – by showing us his hands actually creating his artwork.

You can follow his artistic adventures with the #whatmyhandsdoing hashtag on Instagram, where other performers have started to contribute similar photos as well.

More info: Instagram (h/t: designtaxi)