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E-cigarettes Are Bad For Your Lungs

According to a recent study from The American Physiological Society, e-cigarettes are bad for your health. Scientists found out, that Acrolein was detected both in the E-cig water (unburnt/vaporized), and in the vapor. Someone said this indicates that some of the negative effects are probably independent of vaporizing temperature. A study on the effects of cigarette […]

Anty Gin – World’s First Gin Made Using Ants

True to its name, ‘Anty Gin’ is literally made from red wood ants. British distiller Will Lowe collects thousands of ants from the jungles of Kent and prepares the particular gin at his lab-style distillery in Cambridge. The bizarre concoction is the world’s first gin to be made from insects, so naturally, this doesn’t come cheap. Each 70cl bottle costs £200 ($313), and possesses the essence of 62 ants.

The idea for Anty Gin came about when Danish company Nordic Food Lab contacted Lowe, who makes custom gins for a living. “We were approached by a company from Copenhagen called Nordic Meals Lab who explore the culinary qualities of insects and claim for the eating of them in traditional western cuisine. They asked us to come up with a gin where the typical citrus flavor came not from lemon or lime peel, but from ants. ” Lowe said.


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Kim Leaves Terrapin Farmers Shell-Shocked

The North Korean leader rants at “incompetent” farmers breeding terrapin and lobsters he is said to really want for a lavish feast.

Japan’s Macho Cafe Is Like Hooters for girls

Women within Tokyo, Japan, recently got the opportunity to enjoy a visual treat on their very own Hooters-style café. The pop-up venue, called Macho Café, featured muscled men clad in limited vests, serving food to noticeably flustered female customers.

According to Macho Café’s official site, the owners asked themselves an extremely puzzling question” “why are there coffee shops, bookstores that offer coffee from carefully chosen beans, but no cafes that offer carefully selected macho men? ” So they decided to rectify the situation by offering “finest quality premium roast” handpicked bodybuilders to their female customers.


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Is this insane in the brain?

SOUNDS like a potty idea: giving schoolkids drugs to stimulate their imaginations. But Hobart’ s Museum associated with Old and New Art considers it’ s “ brave plus creative”.

Guy Who Follows His Girlfriend All over the world Goes To India

The famous Russian photographer who had been following his girlfriend around the world has gone to India and taken #followmeto to the next level. This time Osmann’ ersus now fiancée Natalia Zakharova is dressed up in stunning Indianized costumes and presented in front of historic locations in Delhi, Udaipur, Varanasi, Jaipur, and more.

“ During our initial trip, Murad was keen on using photos and nothing else grasped his attention. At one time I wanted to show your pet the old town part, grabbed his arm and dragged him ahead and, as you can understand, it did not stop him from taking a image even then, ” writes Zakharova on Facebook. The couple is currently engaged to be married.

More info: muradosmann | Facebook | Amazon | Instagram | Tweets (h/t: mashable)







Murad Osmann’ ersus book of stunning travel photos can be found on Amazon.

Disney Really Wants You To Stop Using Selfie Sticks On Its Rides

Disney is cracking down on the use of selfie sticks on rides on the company’s theme parks, with reviews of new signs being put into place at certain attractions in both the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World within Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim.

Here’s one of the new signs at Big Oklahoma city Mountain Rail Road in the Magic Kingdom:

While selfie sticks are allowed in the parks, their use on trips has become an issue in recent years. Social media can be awash in both images of people utilizing the devices on rides, as well as complaints from their fellow riders:

Recording, reports surfaced that Disney had been instructing operators on certain attractions to remind riders to put their selfie sticks. While the organization has never allowed people to stick items outside of rides, the surging recognition of selfie sticks was apparently becoming a safety issue.

This week, however , the company started posting the new signs as “a continuation of our communication efforts at a few key attractions, ” Disney said in an email to the Orlando, florida Sentinel.

An image on Twitter shows a sign being installed outside Big Thunder Hill Railroad at Disneyland over the weekend:

The Sentinel reports that similar indications have been posted at Space Hill in Disneyland.

ThrillGeek reports that Universal Galleries Orlando has gone a step further, setting up metal detectors at three of the very thrilling rides to ensure there are no loose objects at all, including selfie sticks.

The theme parks join a growing number of visitor sites restricting the use of selfie sticks. Some museums, for instance, have banned the selfie-snapping device.

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A parking garage in Miami Beach was described as having a “stunning” design…

Lincoln_Road_at_night_cropped A parking garage in Miami Beach was described as having a “ stunning” design and has hosted weddings, wines tastings, and dinner parties.

Still cannot believe the Japanese dissed Marmite? Consider natto

Get some Japanese people who have never heard of Marmite to try it and see how grossed out it makes all of them. Then put the footage on YouTube to talk about the joke with anyone who is interested. How amusing.

Terrifying noises heard in the sky

Videos from around the world have captured scary ‘ trumpet’ noises coming from the skies. Even NASA is unsure what. Hear it for yourself.