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' Wanksy' artist draws penises around potholes to attract council' h attention

A mysterious artist who calls himself ‘Wansky’ continues to be spray-painting penises around potholes in order to attract attention from his local council.

Pothole penises send council a message

Fed up with your local council not fixing potholes in the road? Draw a penis around it and see what happens.

Doorbell row leads to throttling and detain

An elderly US man continues to be arrested after he grabbed their neighbour’s neck during an argument over the fact that his doorbell rang whenever hers did.

Lifeless man convicted for stealing

A Greek court has convicted a dead man of stealing electricity from a power company – although he had died weeks earlier.

This Crazy Caterpillar Has Tentacles That will Erupt When You Yell at It


On my recent travels through the Peruvian Amazon, I come upon the craziest caterpillar that I have ever seen, and subsequently screamed at it for hours.

Why did I shout at it? Well, its unusual behavior toward sound was why I noticed it in the first place. I had simply climbed to the top of a canopy tower overlooking the rainforest when I called to my group below me — suddenly a flash of movement at eye-level caught the attention.

On a close by tree branch hung a caterpillar with four strange tentacle-like appendages protruding from its abdomen. I might not have noticed this small brown insect had it not been for its unusual movement: noises would lead it to fire its tentacles in randomized directions, then slowly twirl back into a spring-like “ready” position to await its next alarm. This reaction to noise was so distinct that once my group became a member of me around the creature, we proceeded to take turns yelling at it and filming its contorting responses for over an hour.

cat 1

Following a little research, I found that this caterpillar is in the moth family Geometridae and is in the genus Nematocampa. Also known as “horned spanworms” or “filament bearers, ” these peculiar caterpillars are available in North America and the Neotropics.

David Wagner, in his field guide “Caterpillars of Eastern North America, inch notes:

It is difficult to imagine what the [Nematocampa] larva is mimicking, but the overall effect is not in contrast to a fallen brown flower along with exerted stamens. Alarmed caterpillars shunt hemolymph into filaments, enlarging them by as much as twice their resting size.

What Wagner seems to be proposing is that the larva motion is similar to the way flowers or other plant matter move in the wind flow: the behavior more effectively blends the caterpillar into its surroundings.

Other potential reasons this behavior may serve include:

  1. The particular tentacles extend when the caterpillar can be alarmed so that an attacking predator (such as a bird) has a higher probability of snagging a tentacle, as opposed to the main body, so that the caterpillar may drop away and escape with its life (similar to just how some lizards are able to lose their own tails).
  2. The setae, or “hairs, ” located at the tip of a long tentacle could be extremely sensitive vibration detectors that are able to sense predacious birds or insects which make nearby sounds.

cat 2

What do you think? Screaming in caterpillars doesn’t fall into most individuals job descriptions. But that’s precisely what I found myself doing a couple weeks ago in the Peruvian Amazon, all to bring the story of this bizarre organism for you! Leave a comment below plus let us know how you feel about this peculiar caterpillar found in Tambopata, Peru.

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In 1894 a priest saved a 4 year old boy from drowning…

In 1894 a priest saved a four year old boy from drowning. The particular child’ s name was Adolf Hitler.

Dotti, A Pixel-Art Smart LED Lighting That Works as a Clock, Dice, plus Social Media Notification Alert System

Dotti is a pixel-art smart LED light by Witti that works as a time clock, dice, and social media notification notify system. The device pairs with an app that can be used to modify its settings, fixed which social media accounts send notifications, and create custom images on the Dotti’ s eight by eight Led.

The Dotti can be obtained for a limited time in our Laughing Squid Store at 12% off its list price.

dotti 1

dotti 5

dotti 4

dotti 2

photos via Laughing Squid Store

Jetzt Optical Illusion Picture

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting Wednesday, which is apparently a very ay day of the week because of nowadays optical illusion . No seriously, we are talking about this particular really funny image of a set of nuns that all have very gorgeous attractive legs! Hubba Hubba! No we are kidding! The nuns are not concealing anything under their habits, but this great picture sure looks like these are, doesn’t it? We thought that this particular image would go far in cheering everyone up because its only Wednesday, and we are only fifty percent done with this week. Does anyone else think this week is a lot longer than normal?

nun opticasl illusion

Anyway, how about going to the reasonable to ride on the ferris steering wheel? Anyone want to? Well here is a excellent optical illusion all about a 3-D chalk drawing involving a ferris wheel! What do you all think of this drawing and the fact the the kiss couple matches up everyone else around the drawing? Was that deliberate or a happy coincidence that just happened to coincide with the drawing? Well whatever it is, we love it! Now we can say that today is just Wednesday, but these attractive nuns should hopefully make you feel better. Have a nice day!

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YouTuber pours molten aluminum into a watermelon

Ben Hooper
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April twenty nine (UPI) — A YouTube consumer who dumped molten aluminum right into a hole in a watermelon was stunned when the experiment created a piece of “art” rather than an explosion.

Tx trooper files suit over abuse for Snoop Dogg picture

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – The Texas state trooper who says he was reprimanded after posing for a photograph with rapper Snoop Dogg filed a civil fit on Wednesday over the punishment he felt was unjust.