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The particular fascinating origins behind everyday icons [video]

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You know that strange “B” type symbol that represents Bluetooth connectivity? There’s actually a story behind that. It’s a combination of two Danish runes, referring to Harald Blåtand (which translates to Bluetooth), a Danish viking king who united Denmark and Norway.

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Pope upsets German rabbit breeders

The president of a German rabbit breeding group has taken issue with the Pope over his comment that will Catholics don’t have to ‘breed like rabbits’.

Man Clogs Toilet With Potatoes

Looking to unclog their potato-stuffed toilet, a Delaware Region, Pennsylvania man decided to try and get help by pulling his house building’s fire alarm. The man, that has not yet been identified, taken the alarm at 7: 48 a. m. Sunday at the Oakwood Apartments along the 8700 block of West Chester Pike in Upper Darby, police tell NBC10.

Puppy Bowl tops this week’s animal roundup

Pups are putting on their game paws on within the 11th annual Puppy Bowl. Consist of animal news, red pandas bask in the snow, a baby rhino comes into the world, and polar bear with puppeteers gives Londoners a scare. Gavino Garay reports.

‘The Big Race’, Mercedes Benz Extremely Bowl Ad Puts an Cartoon Spin on the Classic Fable ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’

Slow and steady, my a…

Mercedes Benz‘ s new Super Bowl ad places an animated spin on Aesop’ s classic fable of “ The Tortoise and The Hare” where the sluggish tortoise casts aside “ slow and steady” and is victorious the race against the obnoxiously cocky hare by way of a their all new 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S coupe.

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WATCH: Beauty pageant runner-up attacks winner, smashes crown

It was an unsightly scene at the Miss Amazon elegance pageant in Brazil Friday night.

Nobody Has Claimed Suspicious Box Of just one, 000 Condoms Found At NYC Bus Station

NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a suspicious bundle left behind a concrete barrier of the New York City bus station didn’t include any explosives but did have some unexpected contents — 1, 000 individually packaged condoms for both males and females.

A spokesman for that Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police said Saturday that a canine unit was called Fri evening to the George Washington Link Bus Station. Spokesman Joe Pentangelo says investigators with the help of the dogs checked out a silver messenger-style satchel that was left in the under-construction New york depot. He says they cleared the particular bag of any explosives then looked inside to find condoms associated with multiple brands and styles.

He says no one has come forward to claim the bag and its contents.

Every time you shuffle a deck of cards you are making history…

Every time you shuffle decking of cards you are making history by creating a new unique order of cards that has never existed prior to. If all the approximately 6 billion dollars people on Earth began shuffling decking of playing cards one time per 2nd for the next 100 billion years we would not even come close to satisfying all possible card combinations.

30+ Of The Most Creative T-Shirt Designs Actually

The t-shirt has become possibly the single most wide-spread garment of our century, but there are still millions of creative ways to play with this particular simple clothing design. This post is certainly dedicated to simple but awesome t-shirt designs that use the t-shirt’ h canvas in a creative or clever way.

After the increase of numerous sites that print art on t-shirts, the amount of awesome t-shirts out there has skyrocketed. If you’ ve seen a shirt that should be here, feel free to add it and vote for your favorites!